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July 5, 2001


Q:      I was wondering if you know if Michael Easton is attached or not.  Candiecick 

A:      Michael is single.  Here’s some additional info for you: 

 Born in California to Irish parents, Michael attended prep school in Ireland and England before studying English and history at the University of California and film at New York University.  A man of many talents, Michael was the writer/producer/director/editor of the award winning festival film "Daedalus is Dead, " and he appeared in "The Door" at the Tamarind Theater.  He has written several screenplays including a bio-pic, "Monty", about the late actor Montgomery Clift.  

           Michael enjoys acting, directing, writing, martial arts, gymnastics, and motorcycles and he is often called to do his own stunts.  When he's not traveling, Michael makes his home in Los Angeles, where he is working on his first novel. Besides his new role on PC, his most recent acting credits include "VR.5, " "Two", and "413 Hope St."   


Q:       I can't believe that the writers of AMC killed Gillian. I am so upset. They would have had her missing or injured or something so that she could come back.  And they could have found another heart donor for Laura. Gillian was such a core character on the show. I don't understand why ABC is saying that Gillian is staying unless they mean as a ghost because how can you come back from having been brain dead and having had your heart donated to somebody?  I'm just really upset with the show. Do you know anything about if she is coming back (alive) in the near future or if not do you know why she left (e.g., contract disputes, etc) ?  Smileyface 

A:      The fact is a person cannot come back to life once they are declared brain dead and the doctor turns off their life-support, plus having had their heart donated to someone else.  So the only way Gillian could stay around for awhile would be as a ghost.  She and Ryan were so close that their ties may bind her to him even beyond death.  

 [Note from Katrina:  Naomi is absolutely correct about the improbable return of the dead, no-heart, interred Gillian.  Soap Opera Digest has reported that Gillian is indeed well and truly dead, body-wise.  AMC had denied from the beginning that actress Esta TerBlanche was leaving and Esta’s camp will only say that Esta is “in negotiations” with a contract that ends in August.  NOT having a contract has not held back AMC before.  Cady McClain has been working without a contract for months now.  Since Gillian was told in heaven that if she performed a task, she could possibly return, we must presume that there will be strings attached and it will not be a matter of “our” Gillian’s body rising up out of the family crypt and coming back for Ryan.  Whether it’s in a new body or as a look alike or an extreme metaphysical event will depend on contract negotiations and there is not yet at outcome on those.  As Cameron, Esta and ABC have said (of course), “Just keep watching!”



Q:      Why was the role of Sam Rappaport recast?  I thought that the actor who originated the role was terrific.  Winstonj 

A:      In February, official word came down that Kale Browne's contract would not be renewed in March. At that time, they were not sure how they would do away with the character or what the future plans would be.  Your sentiments are shared by many other fans who were upset at the recasting of Sam Rappaport by actor, Laurence Lau, who is also five years younger than Kale.  To many of us, Laurence looks more like Will and Jen’s brother rather than their father. 

From Soap Opera Weekly:

‘It's a good thing Laurence Lau didn't get the part he originally screen-tested for on One Life to Live.  Otherwise, he'd be dead now - that is to say, his character would be six feet under.  About a year and a half ago, a friend of Lau's introduced him to Jill Farren Phelps, OLTL's then-executive producer. "We had this long talk, and she really liked me," Lau recalls. "Two months later, she called me back to screen-test for Colin MacIver.  It went really well, it was a real close call, but they decided to go with Ty Treadway instead." Treadway began airing in the spring of 2000, but MacIver ultimately became a victim of foul play a year later.  Meanwhile, Phelps moved to General Hospital, and Gary Tomlin assumed her position at OLTL.  "He reviewed that screen test," Lau says.  "He really liked the chemistry between Hillary B. Smith (Nora) and myself.  He gave me a call and asked if I was interested in coming back to New York and working on daytime.  Of course I was."           

Lau didn't know until he returned to New York from Los Angeles that he would be replacing popular Kale Browne in the role of Sam Rappaport.  "I thought I was going to rest for a brand-new character," Lau reveals.  "That's when I found out that they were trying to find somebody to play Kale's role because Kale was leaving the show.  I thought for a moment it could be awkward, since Kale's my friend. "(Lau and Browne worked together on Another World, playing in-laws Jamie Frame and Michael Hudson, respectively.)  "But Kale gave me a call when he found out,” Lau continues.  "He said, 'I'm so happy that it's you and I'm just thrilled for you.  If there's anything I can do just call me.”’


Q:      I was watching Tina and Cord and Asa and Renee’s wedding on Soap Net last week, and Vicki was talking about this daughter Christine, and how she would like to get to know her.  I knew Megan and Jessica were her daughters but have never heard her speak of a Christine.  Who is her father and where is she now?  Kimberly Craig 


A:      You’ve got me on this one, Kim.  I don’t recall ever hearing Vicki mention a daughter named Christine, and after checking several sources, could not come up with any information. The only children Vicki has had that most of us are aware of were Megan, born in 1963; Kevin, born in 1976; Joey, born in 1980, and Jessica, who was born in 1986.


Q:      Can you give me an in-depth look at the first 4 Nurses Balls? I want to know all about the story-lines and who performed.  Shawnee

 A:      1994- At this time Bobbie was going through a bad time in her marriage to Tony Jones.  She became bored and found herself attracted to Damian Smith.  Soon Tony caught the two of them in a passionate kiss.    When Bobbie lost her daughter BJ, it brought her back to reality and she became desperate to hold on to Tony.  She denied her feelings for Damian and begged Tony to forgive her, but by that time he was too angry to even consider it. Finally, when Damian stepped in to tango with Bobbie on-stage at the Nurses Ball, the obvious attraction between them sent Tony over the edge, and he took out his fury on Damian's  handsome face.

              1995-For Laura, returning to Port Charles meant she finally could establish a safe home for her children.  But Luke's involvement with mobster Sonny brought her dream to a crashing halt. Shortly before the ball, Laura had been flabbergasted when Lucky pulled out a gun to protect his family.  

Furious, she lit into Luke for placing them in danger and asked him to leave. But when it came time for Luke and Lucky's hip-hop dance performance at the ball, Laura couldn't resist showing up to catch their act. Seeing his beautiful wife, Luke approached her, but the tension between them was so thick, you could have cut it with a knife. Luke mistook Laura's appearance as a show of forgiveness and took her aside for a chat. But when the two still couldn't see eye to eye, she walked out.

            1996-Griefstricken over Stone's death and despondent over her own HIV-positive status, Robin clung to Jason as her lifeline. Jason, himself the victim of a brain-damage inducing car accident, had no memory of the past and was searching for a reason to go on. Robin provided it. Heartbroken at the thought of Robin speaking at the Nurses Ball about AIDS and the loss of Stone, Jason begged her not to do it, but Robin insisted. Despite his utter dislike for public appearances, Jason showed up at the ball to support her. Then, when she collapsed in tears after announcing that she was HIV-positive, Jason selflessly raced to the stage and carried her off in his arms. 

            1997- Fearing that Sonny would be pegged for Pierce Dorman's murder, Brenda secretly substituted her own hair sample for her lover's. Sonny was furious with Brenda for taking the risk, but touched that she cared enough to do it. Once over their spat, Sonny was thrilled to attend the Nurses Ball with Brenda on his arm. But their joyous night was to be short-lived. Detectives Garcia and Taggert discovered a bloody scalpel in Brenda's car and came to the ball to take her in for questioning. With Sonny otherwise occupied, Brenda had no one to defend her and was forced to spend the rest of the evening at PCPD headquarters.  


Q:       I was wondering why The Outback, Mac's restaurant closed down? I don't remember why.  Candiecick 

A:      No word as to when or if The Outback was closed down.  For some reason, the restaurant set is no longer used.  Besides this, Mac already had too much on his plate, trying to keep tabs on the whereabouts of his wife and Luke Spencer, and his career as Police Commissioner of PC, both of which are now a thing of the past. 

Q:      I love your site. Is Rebecca Herbst's real life pregnancy going to be written into the show?  Russell Williams 

A:      There is always the possibility that her pregnancy will be written into the storyline.   

During an interview on Feb. 7, 2000, when a fan asked:

‘Rebecca, what kind of story-line that you haven't done yet, would you like to do?  Becky replied: “ I would love to be pregnant on the show.  Because I love children so much……It would be a blast to pretend to be a mom.” 

            Now it looks like she’ll have the opportunity to do a lot more than pretend. 

 [Late Breaking News:  It has been reported that RH’s pregnancy will NOT be written into the storyline, so watch for big envelopes, loose clothes and sofas!]

Q:      Do you know what the dates are for Super Soap Weekend 2001?  Is there an active website with updates on which stars will be participating this year? Thank you, Beverly 

A:      The dates for the 2001 ABC Super Soap Weekend are November 3-4.  Although no attendees have been announced, it's been confirmed that Susan Lucci has agreed to headline this event again this year. 

You can check for updates at AllEarsNet    http://www.wdwig.com/m_supersoap.htm


 ****Del Winter wrote in with some information on a question posted in my last column:

 ‘Actually there was a third Helena.  She appeared very briefly in scenes with Luke on the Greek Island.  She had long black/gray hair and looked ill - I believe Stefan was drugging her at the time.  When she escaped Stefan's control and first appeared in Port Charles, she was played by Constance Towers.’ 

Anyone know the name of Helena #2??


 “Ask Naomi” welcomes all questions from the readers.  I will continue to do my best to give you the correct information, but I can’t promise that questions concerning the private lives of soap stars will be answered, as many times this information cannot be confirmed.  ALL QUESTIONS WILL INCLUDE THE NAME OF THE SENDER.  IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS, PLEASE SAY SO IN YOUR INITIAL EMAIL.  THANKS.

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