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Q:       Is it true that after Tainted Love, Port Charles will be cancelled? Candiecick

A:      Tainted Love, which is focusing on the younger generation of PC, will be aired for the next thirteen weeks and it is hoped that this will also bring younger viewers to their TVís during the summer months.  As of this writing, there has been no word of a cancellation.

Q:       Do you know why Michael Dietz was let go of his role as Joe Scanlon?  Candiecick 

A:        Michael Dietz, who played Joe Scanlon #1 in 1997, was downgraded from contract player to recurring status in 1999.  The only other information I have found is that Michael was fired quiet abruptly from PC and was then replaced with David...Gail

Q:       Is Jack really dead on Port Charles?  Becca

A:        Unlike many characters on the soaps who have died, only to be brought back to life by the writers, Jack died after having crashed his bike, and was later buried by his friends.  So it is doubtful we will be seeing him.  But then again you never know. 


Q:      When can we get some stat's on Laurence Lau?  Personal and other.  He is hot!  Terri Blevins 

A:      Laurence Lau was born in Long Beach CA in 1955, and has been married and divorced twice, to Linda McCullough from 82-83, and Karen Wallace. 

            He had a hard time getting started as an actor, so he sold newspapers on Fairfax Avenue in Hollywood, while throwing out one-line gags at customers. One customer asked, "Are you an actor?" and Lau asked, "Why? Are you an agent?" The man was indeed an agent, and later that day he lined up Lau's first professional acting job.           

Soap fans remember Lau as All My Children's Greg Nelson, a role he played from 1981 to 1986. He also appeared as James Frame on Another World from 1986 to 1990. Laurence had guest appearances on Eight is Enough; Happy Days; The Waltons; Frazier; Diagnosis: Murder; Brimstone; Martial Law; and three episodes of JAG. 

            Other than his newest role of Sam Rappaport on OLTL, he has starring roles on All My Children; The Best Little Girl in The World; Another World, and The Secret Garden.           

            There isnít a lot of additional information currently available.

Q:      1. Will Jake & Greenlee Get It On? 2. Will Jake & Greenlee Be The Next Hottest Couple? 3. Will Jake & Greenlee Give Into Their True Feelings? 4. Where Does Jake & Greenlee Stand With 1 Another? 5. Will There Be Wedding Bells In Jake & Greenlee's Future? 6. Will Greenlee Be The Next Girl Jake Marries? 7. Will Jake Be The Man Greenlee Marries? 8. Will Greenlee Be In Jake's Future? 9. Will Jake Be In Greenlee's Future? 10. Does Jake & Greenlee Have A Future Together?  Harold Orick 

A:      Harold, are you putting me on??  Seriously, I would need a crystal ball in order to foretell what will or wonít happen on the soaps.   

Q:      I am a little confused. I remember that several years ago Anna divulged that Faison's mother was her nanny growing up. Yet on AMC Gabriel is the son of her Nanny and her father. Are Anna and Faison related throughGabriel as their shared half brother? Or am I missing something?  Kim P. 

A:      Cesar Faison's mother was Nanny McTavish.  The last time we saw her was in 1992, when he killed her for betraying him.   She was a Caucasian woman at the time.  Just recently we saw a photograph of Annaís nanny, who was an African American woman.  Based on this and a lack of any other information, itís doubtful that Anna and Faison are related.  You can attribute your confusion to the writers inconsistencies.

Q:      Watching Robin reunited with her mother Anna, made me curious as to when was the last time they saw each other.  Do you know?  Camille Lightner,  New Orleans

A:      Anna was believed to have been blown up on a boat in 1992, along with Robert and Faison.  The last time Robin saw her mother was sometime after Anna and Robert married in 1991.  They spent their honeymoon in France and then returned to Port Charles, where the three of them moved into the old Webber house. 

Q:      Is Cameron Mathison back together with Jennifer Esposito or are they still broken up?  Becca

A:      I know Iím showing my age here, but I wasnít aware that they were even together in the first place.  As much as I searched, I could not find any information about them as a couple.  I would suggest that you go to the Cameron Mathison Fan Club Page.  Perhaps you can email Manny Arruda who will send your question to Cameron for his reply.  Donít get your hopes up, as you are asking for personal information.

The web address is www.cameronmathison.com  and Mannyís email is: manny@hughjassproductions.com


Q:      Why did Becky Herbst break up with ex fiance Johnny Lindesmith?          Becca 

A:      Another very personal question. Becky and her ex co-star Michael Saucedo are expecting a child and it was reported that they were to be married the beginning of June.

There is no information stating whether she broke off her engagement to Johnny Lindesmith, but considering she is marrying another man, and having his baby to boot, I would assume what you ask is true. Why would she stay engaged to one man while planning to marry another?  

Q:      Were Ingo Rademacher and Vanessa Marcil ever a couple?  Becca 

A:      No, but they did become very close friends on the set of GH. 

       While I was reading the scoop for General Hospital on this website it said Stavros wanted Lasha... did she mean Laura or was there someone else on the soap named Lasha?  MissMeth

A:      Both Stavros and Stefan refer to Laura as Lasha.  La Sha' is French.  "La" means The and "Sha" most commonly means Red or endearment.  So I would surmise that Lasha would mean something close to ďThe endeared oneĒ.  Thanks to Lasha Grey for this information.

Q:       I'm interested in knowing the name of the second actress who played Helena Cassadine(in 1996)  Anonymous 

A:      There are only two actresses who have played the role of Helena Cassadine and they were, Elizabeth Taylor in 1981, and Constance Towers from 1997 to the present. 


ďAsk NaomiĒ welcomes all questions from the readers.  I will continue to do my best to give you the correct information, but I canít promise that questions concerning the private lives of soap stars will be answered, as many times this information cannot be confirmed. 

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