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July 19, 2001 


Q:      Naomi, I'm relatively new to AMC, so could you give me the details on Liza's Love Child?  BJL 

A:      You must be referring to the Liza/Adam/Jake storyline that started to take shape in 1998, but in order for you to fully appreciate this situation, let’s go back to 1995, when Liza made her return to Pine Valley with her sites set on getting back together with Tad Martin. 

            After Liza’s return to Pine Valley in 1995, she found an unlikely ally in her campaign to win back Tad, in Adam Chandler, WRCW’s station owner. She needed someone to help her make Tad jealous, and he needed someone to help him make his former wife, Brooke, jealous.  Much to Liza and Adam's mutual chagrin, the objects of their affection let the odd couple go ahead and get hitched in 1996.  

           By 1997, the marriage of convenience was in big trouble. Liza fell hard for Jake Martin, Tad's kid brother, just as Adam awoke to the possibility that he actually loved the woman he'd married. Although the financial prospects of being Mrs. Adam Chandler initially appealed to Liza far more than Adam himself, she developed a genuine yen for her husband, and finally, they consummated their relationship. Their volatile relationship became even more complicated during the summer of 1997 when Liza became pregnant.  Adam initially refused to believe that the child was his. In time, Adam finally accepted that he was the father of Liza's baby, and he and Liza decided to make things work between them.  

              At this same time, Adam realized that his cost-cutting measures had been responsible for the crash of TransGlobal Flight 149. Meanwhile, Marian and Liza boarded a TransGlobal flight to New York. Liza panicked when the plane returned back to Pine Valley and had a bumpy landing. Adam was frightened when he received a call from Marian that Liza had been hurt and was devastated when he learned that the baby was stillborn.  

              When Liza learned about Adam's involvement with Corview, TransGlobal's parent company, she blamed him for the loss of her unborn baby. Liza left Adam and declared their marriage over.

              Liza had motherhood on her mind in 1998 and she decided to be inseminated at a fertility clinic and Jake agreed to be her donor. By this time, Adam wanted Liza back and Allie also hoped to reconcile with Jake. With this in mind, Allie helped Adam switch his sperm sample with Jake's at the clinic in exchange for Adam's help in getting her medical license back. Liza became pregnant and had no idea she was carrying Adam's baby. After spending Thanksgiving together, Liza agreed to give Adam a second chance. David Hayward, however, knew that Liza was carrying Adam's child and planned on exposing Adam's scheme at the most opportune time.  

             Liza accepted Adam's marriage proposal and Adam wanted to marry her before the baby was born. When Jake realized that Adam would be a father to "his" child, Jake broke his promise to Liza and insisted on playing a role in the baby's life. In order to protect his secret and keep Jake off his back, Adam convinced Liza to name Jake as her child's official father.

           Realizing David could expose his secret at any moment, Adam convinced Liza to go on a romantic getaway with him until their wedding day. Adam and Liza went to a secluded country inn but Liza began having contractions and she and Adam set out for the hospital. Unfortunately, a storm had hit the area and Adam and Liza were stranded at Stuart's cabin. Luckily, David found Liza and Adam just as she went into labor. With Adam's help, David successfully delivered a healthy baby girl, which they named Colby. 

As Adam and Liza prepared to get re-married, David surprised Liza on their wedding day and threatened to shatter her happy world that had been built on lies. As David was about to spill Adam's secret, Adam and Erica arrived and Erica challenged David to prove what a monster he really was. David then decided not to tell Liza the truth about Adam and Colby. Liza and Adam were later married for the second time.

           Adam grew increasingly annoyed over Jake's involvement in Colby's life, but Liza defended Jake to him and made it clear that Jake was the father of their baby. Jake refused to back away from Colby and insisted that Adam stop interfering in the baby's life. Adam, however, remained determined to remove Jake from Colby's life. In fact, Adam wanted the entire Martin family distanced from the lives of his children. To that end, Adam arranged for Liza to sell her WRCW shares to a silent partner and also tricked Stuart and Marian into doing the same. What they didn’t know was that the silent partner was none other than Adaam. 

        When Adam finally confessed to being Colby’s biological father, Liza was shocked and furious  with him. She was set on telling Jake the truth, but changed her mind after seeing him with Colby.  

        Soon after, Tad and Liza learned that Adam was behind the WRCW takeover and vowed to make him pay. At this same time, Marian found Adam planning to flee with Colby and she locked Adam inside his own safe room.  Marian convinced Liza not to tell Jake the truth about Colby, but didn't tell Liza what she had done with Adam. Marian then enlisted Stuart's help and had him impersonate Adam in public. Liza started to become suspicious of “Adam” and realized what Marian and Stuart were doing while observing Stuart in a non-Adam moment at Palmer and Vanessa Cortlandt’s party.  

       Liza accidentally discovered Adam locked in the safe room and shocked him when he asked her to release him and she refused. She further incensed Adam when she said that she would never tell Jake the truth about Colby's paternity. Liza scrambled to make sure Adam didn't reveal the truth about Colby's paternity to Jake. She left town with Colby and when she returned, she told Adam that she was going to divorce him. Liza also threatened Adam that she and Colby would disappear from his life forever if he ever told Jake the truth.  

        Jake didn't want Adam raising his child and he decided to sue Liza for custody. Liza repeatedly asked him to drop the custody suit, but he refused and remained adamant that Adam stay out of Colby's life. Liza then dropped her plans to divorce Adam so that they could appear as a united couple in court, and Adam promised Liza he would do anything to help retain custody of Colby. 

Colby's custody hearing began and after listening to testimony from Gillian, Hayley and Junior, the judge was prepared to grant Jake full custody. An emotional Liza then shocked the courtroom by announcing that Jake wasn't Colby's biological father. She took the stand and recounted the entire story of Adam buying the fertility clinic and his other unscrupulous deeds. 

Tad and Liza were furious when Adam seemed to have gotten everything he wanted, and they secretly teamed up to destroy him. For the first step of their plan, Liza convinced Adam to give her power of attorney before he left town on a business trip. Tad and Liza continued with their scheme to get revenge on Adam. Armed with Adam's power of attorney, Liza convinced the board members at Chandler Enterprises that Adam had lost his mind and successfully had herself named as acting CEO of the company. Liza then had Adam committed to Oak Haven Sanitarium, but her anger at Adam soon turned to heartbreak when she saw devastated he was over the supposed death of his brother Stuart. Liza tried to reach out to him several times, but he continued to push everyone away. They even made love, but he shut down again and forced Liza to leave him alone.

        When Adam announced that he had married Hayley’s mother, Arlene, Liza's quest for revenge was renewed and she told Adam that she would continue to run Chandler Enterprises with her new partner, Tad.  Tad and Liza teamed up and became business partners at Chandler Enterprises and soon began construction on their new offices, the Col-Mar tower, but they continued to experience problems with the construction of the Col-Mar Tower, much to Adam's delight. 

       A jealous Adam decided to sabotage the construction of Tad and Liza's new office tower. After he learned that Liza had gone to the construction site, he raced there to save her and ended up seriously injured when the structure collapsed. Adam hovered near death and it seemed as though only a miracle could save him. Arlene then put her neck on the line and gave Adam his miracle when she released Stuart from their attic and took him to Adam's bedside. Stuart's presence gave Adam the will to live and he finally had his heart back. He wasted no time in trying to win back Liza's love and said he wanted to be a family with her and Colby again. Liza truly did love Adam and looked forward to reconciling with him, but. by the end of the month Liza and Adam's plans hit a snag when Arlene announced that she was pregnant with Adam's child. 

Arlene suffered a miscarriage and with Vanessa as co-conspirator, she came up with a plan to make it look like Liza had been responsible. When Hayley and Mateo exposed the truth about Arlene, Adam wanted her out of their lives once and for all so he and Liza could continue to work their way back together.           

Adam and Liza did remarry, even though Adam will never reform, as he is still maneuvering people’s lives, but through it all, Liza continues to love him. 




The Great Helena Mystery continues 
as two more readers write in to give us their thoughts:

            ‘I was reading your column and someone named "Anonymous" asked who was the second actress to play Helena.  You replied that there were only 2 actresses that played Helena.  I believe that's incorrect.  There was an actress who played Helena on her deathbed who summoned Luke to her side a few years ago.  I don't think it was Constance Towers and as I'm writing this, the memory gets fuzzier, and I can barely remember if we saw the woman's face.  I just recall seeing her hands.  But I guess what I'm trying to say is that there were, in fact, 3 people who played Helena.’  Yolanda Dobson. 

          ‘There was another actress who played Helena Cassadine (it was when Luke and Laura came back and they were looking for Leslie (Luke got into her room, she was to be sick or something like that (she had black hair, and she was real skinny).’   Marilyn 

A:      There was obviously a stand-in for the role of Helena during the scenes you both mentioned, but there is no listing of her in any place that I have been able to access.  It’s quite possible that TPTB used an unknown  performer to play this part because they only needed to tape one or two scenes with Helena and Luke at that point.  Many times there are no credits listed for an actor who is not actually seen on screen.  I will continue to research it because you’ve really got my curiosity aroused.  In the meantime, perhaps one of my other readers will know the answer to this one. 

[From Katrina:  Thanks for all of your input into the Helena mystery.  We've well established that there was *someone* who played a middle Helena in a scant few scenes.  No need to continue writing in to convince us another person played Helena - smile - we got it!  The info we are now looking for is the name of the actress.]

Q:      I have a GH question and hope you'll have some info. Don't ask me why but I seem to remember a Mike Webber who lived with Rick and Leslie Webber. He was also in the movie "Over the Top" with Sylvester Stallone. My question is who was he and do you know what happened to the character and the actor? Thanks,  Stephanie 

A:      David Mendenhall was nine years old when he played GH’s Mike Webber from 1980-86. He was nominated for Exceptional Performance By A Young Actor In A Daytime Series, and won a Young Artist Award for his role in General Hospital in 1983 and 1984. He received another YAA in 1985 for voiceover work on The Berenstain Bears, and in 1986 he won for Rainbow Brite.           

In “Over The Top,” he played Sylvester Stallone’s son, Michael Cutler.   

            Rick and Leslie Webber adopted Mike in 1982.  Two years later, when an outbreak of botulism sent several people to GH, Rick traced the cause to a sauce made by a company that was owned by D.L. Brock.  At the time, D.L. and Bobbie were on their honeymoon, but when they returned and he discovered that his company had been shut down, he confronted Rick, who told him that the plant wouldn’t be reopened until the cases of sauce were recalled.  To make matters worse, several patients sued him..   

D.L. Brock vowed to get even with Rick.  When he found out that Rick and Leslie had adopted Mike, he planned to use this knowledge as a weapon against them.  After searching through several PC high school yearbooks, he left for NY.  A few months later, Ginny Blake showed up in Port Charles, claiming to be Mike’s real mother.  Both Rick and Leslie pleaded with Ginny to give up her plan of reclaiming Mike, but by then she had already him and Mike became very close to her.  Soon after, she told the Webber’s that she was leaving town, but before she left she asked Rick to meet her in her hotel room where she gave him a check for $25,000 towards Mike’s college education.  What Rick didn’t know was that Ginny had secretly filmed their meeting.  After he left, she called D.L. and told him that “the trap’s been set and Webber’s been caught.” 

D.L.  then exposed Rick of being a crook who had taken a bribe from Ginny, an employee of his company, in order to reopen the plant.  Bobbie became suspicious and told Robert Scorpio she thought that Ginny was an actress who was there to set Rick up.  Leslie went to her and pleaded with her to tell the truth, but Ginny refused.  Leslie was very upset and took off for home.  Later, at the Webber’s, Burt Ramsey showed up to tell Rick that her car had skidded off the road in an ice storm and she was presumed dead.  

Robert Scorpio managed to coerce a confession out of Ginny and had D.L. print a retraction in the newspaper. Rick, who was hurt by the tragic turn of events, warned Ginny to stay away from Mike, but Ginny refused to leave town, hoping she could establish a relationship with her son.  She won a job as hostess of a local TV show, “Teen Time”, and became so wrapped up in her new career that she ignored the chest pains that began to plague her.  Finally, when the pains became worse she had to have open-heart surgery.   

In the meantime, Mike still had no idea that Ginny was his real mother, until Amy blurted out the truth to Mike, who resented Ginny's intrusion into his life and refused to see her.   In order to protect his son, Rick began to think he should take Mike out of PC permanently.   Ginny was outraged and threatened to take Rick to court if he tried to take Mike away.  She went to her lawyer, who thought that since Leslie was dead, Ginny would stand a good chance of winning custody of her son. When Rick learned this, he worried that he would lose Mike.  Out of desperation he offered Ginny as marriage of convenience, in name only, for Mike’s sake as well as his own. In time, the chill between Rick and Ginny thawed and they actually began to develop a deep affection for one another. But Rick and Ginny's newfound love would be put to the test when Derek Barrington came to town. Derek was Mike's real father. 

Bobbie married D.L. Brock , then realized in 1985 that he was unbalanced. One night, an enraged Brock came home with a gun.  He knocked Bobbie out and she fell unconscious behind a sofa. Ginny arrived on the scene intending to threaten Brock with a fake gun. However, Brock surprised Ginny by pulling out a real gun.  They struggled, and Brock's own gun went off, killing him. Bobbie was charged with his murder. With the help of Robert Scorpio, Ginny was found and Robert scared her into telling the truth.  Ginny then turned to Derek Barrington for solace, who offered her a shoulder to cry on, and a bed to make love in. As Ginny's trial approached, Bobbie's attorney, Jake Meyer, worried that she would seek revenge on Ginny.   Instead, Bobbie shocked everyone and exonerated her. Ginny was released, and soon found out she was pregnant, but she didn’t know who the real father of her baby was until a test proved that the baby was a Webber, not a Barrington.  In the end, Ginny and Rick moved to Omaha, along with Mike and their new baby, Rick Junior. 

As for the actor, after leaving the role of Mike in 1986, David went on to star in Witchfire 1986; Over the Top 1987; They Still Call Me Bruce 1987; Going Bananas 1988; Streets 1990, and The Secret of the Ice Cave 1990, and two appearances in TV’s Taxi in 1987.

Besides his starring roles, David’s voice has been used in over seven other movies and television shows.

Q:      Wondering what happened to the "real " Carly on G.H.??  Hope she is coming back??  Have been looking for any info. about her leaving the show, but haven't been able to run across anything, please can you give me an answer?  Thanks ,  Linda 

A:      Thanks for writing, Linda.  As a matter of fact this same question was asked a few weeks ago and I’ll post it again for you now.

            During an interview with Soap Opera Weekly's West Coast Editor, Janet Di Lauro, on April 17th, Sarah Brown stated:   “It’s definitely a decision that I labored over, and yet it's something that I've been thinking about for two years. My heart is telling me that now is the time. I need to move on and make my way into directing, which is something that I've wanted to do since I can remember.  There's not really a place to do that and stay on a soap. I realized it was time to cut down on my workload in terms of the daytime gig, in order to focus on the things that I really hope to do in the future.”              

      “You know what really took me off guard? Those rumors on the Internet about Jill and myself having some sort of blowout and that that is what caused me to leave General Hospital. These rumors are completely false. Plain and simple,[this alleged blowout] just never happened”.    

Last interview on April 24th:  

      "I did cry my eyes out," shared Sarah Brown on her final day on the GENERAL HOSPITAL set earlier this month. "I tried not to, but it's like going off to college after high school. Its poetically, beautifully sad." 

      After Brown taped her final scenes, which aired on April 24, cast and crew gathered to say goodbye on a sweet note. "They brought in a cake, and everyone came up," she smiles. "I was in such an emotional state, but I told everyone that I really felt like I grew up at GENERAL HOSPITAL. I learned so much about my craft, and I really wanted to thank every single person who I worked with."   

      Did it make her reconsider her decision to leave? "No, it really didn't," she admits. "I am completely at peace with my decision. I'm really listening to my heart. It's like a subconscious feeling when something has given you or you've given it as much as you can, and it's time to move on and get to something else.” 

      I'm not looking to come back, and I don't mean that in any negative way whatsoever," she concludes. "I've loved it. I've just run the gamut with the character and I really want to move into new things in my life. That's the only reason."   

     And to her fans, "I want to say how much I appreciate, respect, adore them and their support for not only the character of Carly, but the storyline of Sonny and Carly, and for myself as a person. I'm so very grateful for my experiences. I couldn't have asked for anything better. I never expected this kind of ride."   

(This next question was sent to Katrina, whose answer is posted below) 

Q:      Hey, I was wondering if you know the name of the actress who plays (played?) Laticia, Michael’s nanny, on GH.  Would you also happen to know if she used to be one of the hosts of the Nickelodeon TV show “Wild and crazy kids”?    I  used to watch that show all the time when I was younger, and Laticia always looked sooo familiar to me, and today I was channel surfing, and I could swear that it was her.  Well, if ya can clue me in a bit, it would make my day.    Lauren  

A:      GREAT eye!!  Annette Chavez plays Leticia Juarez and she was on a show on Nick called "Wild & Crazy Kids."  The show aired from 1990-1992 and Chavez was featured on it only during the first year.  Of interest is that the show was hosted by Don Jeffcoat, who not only played the 4th and most recent Joey Buchanan on OLTL, but also played a character named Craig in the distant anals of GH history.’  

Q:      When and under what circumstances did Mac adopt Felicia’s and Frisco's daughters?  Cassandra 

A:  When I was unable to find anything on this, I asked Katrina, and this is what she had to say about it:

          There wasn't any big mention of it to my knowledge and they still retain Frisco's last name, so it's possible that there was never a legal adoption.  He has just acted as a father figure to them since he married Felicia.  If an actual adoption took place, they did not change their names and it wasn't spotlighted on the show.’





Q:      I was wondering if you know the ages of Zander Smith and Emily Quartermaine on General Hospital.  Also, how old are Nikolas, Lucky, Liz and Gia supposed to be?  Thank you.  Julianne 

A:      This is a toughie, since most of these younger actors are actually older than the characters they portray.  Please remember also, that we can only go by the facts as they are presented to us through the years, and the facts have been known to be rewritten. J 

Chad Brannon is 22, Zander is ? ; Amber Tamblyn is 18, Emily is 17; Coltin Scott is 26, Nikolas is 21; Jacob Young is 22, Lucky is 19; Rebecca is 24, Liz is 19; Marisa is 24, Gia is 18-19. If you know Zander’s age, please feel free to write to me.







** Below are a few responses I received concerning a previous question sent in by Kimberly Craig re: Vicki and the existence of a daughter named Christine. 

(At left, Susan Floyd, who played Christine Cromwell, 88-89) 

Kim’s question: ‘I was watching Tina and Cord and Asa and Renee’s wedding on Soap Net last week, and Vicki was talking about this daughter Christine, and how she would like to get to know her.  I knew Megan and Jessica were her daughters but have never heard her speak of a Christine.  Who is her father and where is she now?’ 

Carey’s response:    ‘When Michael Grande came to town he knew that Vicki, as Niki, had become pregnant and given birth to a baby girl.  She had no memory of this because she was Niki at the time and because Victor Lord had her hypnotized. Michael knew that the father of the baby was a man who lived in Eterna, Victor Lord's underground world.  Michael knew that a man named Leo Cromwell was also a resident of Eterna and had a daughter the same age as Viki/Niki's daughter would be.  That daughter was Christine.  Michael paid Leo to pass Christine off as his and Viki's love child.  Eventually the truth came out that Leo was scamming Viki and that her real daughter was Megan Gordon, and the father was Roger Gordon.  Viki and Christine were both very sad because they were forming a bond.  Viki was especially upset because she and Megan did NOT get along at all.  Hope that helps.’

 Mike’s response:

‘I have some information about the mysterious "Christine" on OLTL.  In 1988, Leo Cromwell entered Viki's life, and he claimed to have had a love affair with Viki's alter ego, Niki Smith, which produced a love child named Christine Cromwell.  He even had a photograph of Leo and Niki together as teenagers.  Viki was shocked by this news, but grew to know and love Christine.  However, it was revealed that Leo was a fraud.  Viki's real lover was Roger Gordon, and the real love child was Megan, who initially hated Viki.  Christine was one of many trapped in the underground city of Eterna.   While in Eterna, she and Wade Coleman had a passionate affair, which ruined Wade's marriage to Mari Lynn, an aspiring soap opera actress.   Hope this helps out.’     

Linda’s response:     

‘I read the question about Vicki's daughter Christine on OLTL.  For awhile Vicki believed that Christine was the daughter she had had while being Nicki.  Christine’s father was behind the lie.  This happened during the Eterna plot.  Christine’s father was the crazy guy who got them all stuck down in Eterna.  During that time Vicki learned the truth and found out about Megan.’ 

Bill’s response:

            ‘Naomi, regarding the question below, I believe I have the answer. Before It

was discovered that Megan was Vicki's daughter, I believe there was a father and daughter team named Leo and Christine. Leo was trying to scam Vicki or I believe he was hired by Michael Grand to trick Vicki into believing that his daughter Christine was the the baby girl born to Vicki and then taken away from her as well as her memory of this. Later the truth came out and Leo and Christine were outed as frauds. This was probably about the same time of the wedding featured on Soap Net the other day OR I could be totally wrong on this considering it happened so long ago.’   

Claudia’s response:

‘Hi! I haven't been able to be online much these days but I can quickly answer the last question about "Christine being Vikis daughter". Back in 1988, Micheal Grande hired a guy named Leo Cromwell to have his daughter(Christine) pose as Vikis daughter she had when she was in high school(Megan was the real daughter by Roger Gordon). It all involved Eterna and Danton(Rogers father) and gold. It was all a plot I think to get the gold. Gabrielle was involved as several other characters including Tina & Cord when they were all trapped in the underground city on Llantano mountain. Hope this helps.’ 

Barbara’s response:

            ‘Christine was the daughter of a man who came ot llanview at the same time as Michael Grande.  He, the father, was being blackmailed I think by Michael Grande to find the lost underground city of Eterna, which he did,  He was an archeologist I believe.  Part of their plot was to have Vicki think that his daughter, Christine was actually the lost daughter, Megan. I forget why, but that is the story of Christine. they either were killed when Eterna collapsed, or left town…’ 

Thanks so much to all of you, it goes to show that Eye On Soaps readers are really on the BALL!!  JJ


 “Ask Naomi” welcomes all questions from the readers.  I will continue to do my best to give you the correct information, but I can’t promise that questions concerning the private lives of soap stars will be answered, as many times this information cannot be confirmed.  ALL QUESTIONS WILL INCLUDE THE NAME OF THE SENDER.  IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS, PLEASE SAY SO IN YOUR INITIAL EMAIL.  THANKS.

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