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August 3, 2001 


Q:      Did I miss it or did AMC give no exit explanations for Tina or Becca?  Suddenly neither character was around anymore (obviously the actresses' contracts were not renewed), but in each case, no formal exit took place.    Are we to assume they left town with no good-byes?    Fgalishoff 

A:      Tina Harding, (portrayed by Sarah Hugh from 9/99-3/01) came to Pine Valley and landed a job as a waitress at the Sounds of Salsa restaurant owned by Mateo Santos.  During the time she was there, she met and fell in love with Tad Martin’s half-brother, Adrian Sword, who had become Mateo’s business partner.  Months later, when Adrian received word that his father was gravely ill, he had to leave Pine Valley, and asked Tina to go with him.  Although she loved him, she turned him down and in March of 2001 she simply left town.            

 It’s possible that the departure of Mathew St, Patrick (Adrian) left the writers with a character (Tina) but no storyline for her. 

Rebecca Tyree (played by Abigail Spencer from 6/99-4/01) was originally from Pigeon Hollow where she had been a baby-sitter for Tad and Dixie’s son, Junior.  Becca later traveled to Pine Valley, where she met Stuart’s son, Scott Chandler.  They became quite close and just might have had a future together had it not been for a videotape showing Scott and Greenlee Smythe is a very compromising situation.  Even though she later found out that Greenlee had planted it for her viewing and she and Scott renewed their relationship, they were just not destined to be together.  Besides this unfortunate stumbling block in their relationship, Greenlee made life hell for Becca by continuously referring to her virginity. 

Becca left town in April, 2001.  It could be that again, the writers didn’t have anything else in mind for Abigail.  

Q:     On All My Children are they planning to bring back Theresa Blake as Gloria?  Also, are they planning on bringing back Robin Mattson as Janet Dillion?  And could you please also tell me what happened to these characters?  Eugenia Andrassy, Axel Green, Tina Harding, Tiffany, and Becca Tyree.   Johnny


A:      The above question on Sara Hugh (Tina Harding) and Abigail Spencer (Rebecca Tyree) should answer yours also. 

            Teresa Blake (Gloria Marsh 1991-1998): Gloria performing CPR on Dimitri when he was hit by a tree.  She then paid him one visit in his hospital room to return her wedding ring, then left Pine Valley to make a new life for herself. 

    Robin Mattson (Janet Green Dillon 1994-2000):  Janet and Amanda left town to join up with Trevor after he took the blame for Sophie’s murder in order to protect his wife. No word as to whether or not Janet or the other members of the Dillon family will make a return, but I’m sure many of us would like to see that happen.

Margaret Murdy (Eugenia Andrassy (Von Voynavitch) 1997-present) is still alive and kicking and living with the Maricks at Wildwind.  Needless to say she is in deep mourning over the loss of her granddaughter, Gillian. 

            As for Ed Fry (???)   As much as I checked into this one, he never appeared on AMC.  Although he did appear on HBO’s Sex and The City.           

Lana Quintal (Tiffany 1999-present): Although viewers don’t see her very on camera very often, Tiffany is still working as a manicurist at the Glamorama.       






On July 19th I received the following email from Adam regarding the second Helena: 

This very question was posted on the SoapZone message board a couple of weeks ago, and someone actually knew the answer.  I can't remember, and I'm sure the post is long gone now, but I do recall her first name was Dimitra.  I did some investigating on the Internet Movie Database, and I think--I THINK--that the actress may have been Dimitra Arliss (a.k.a. Arlys).  I don't know if this is right or not, but the other acting Dimitras that came up when I searched all acted in foreign films, and there was no indication those Dimitras actually spoke English.  The birth date would also be in the right age range for Helena (she's 68 now, which would make her the right age during her supposed Helena appearance).  I hope this helps the confusion. 

Adam has gone above and beyond the call of duty and deserves a huge round of applause (((((CLAP CLAP CLAP))))) 

So after receiving this news, I searched for two hours until finally finding a list of GH Alumni at http://home.talkcity.com/WorthAve/wic2/, which contained the following:   

Dimitra Arlys (Helena Cassadine) 1996.  

This is a cast photo from the movie “Bless The Child”.  Dimitra is on the far right, top row, wearing a brown and tan suit.  I found this on another site, which may be the only site on the www with her photo.  

PLEASE don’t email me to tell me there is another one somewhere!!! PLEASE, let’s keep this simple.  


Q:      Is the penthouse that Sonny Corinthos is living in the same (redecorated) penthouse that Sean Donnely used to live in?  If so, how was the transition made and whatever happened to the secret room that Sean used to have, if it is indeed the same penthouse?   Justmuzing  

A:      In 1993, when Sonny first arrived in Port Charles, he shared a room with Stone Cates above the Paradise Lounge strip bar, which he owned, until Sean learned that the lounge was employing minors (Karen Wexler), and the PCPD closed it down.  Sonny then formed a partnership with Luke in Luke’s Club and moved into an apartment located upstairs.

 When he found himself financially able to do better, he bought the Harbor View Towers’ penthouse, from Sean and Tiffany Donely, as they were moving to Boston.  After Sonny moved in, he brought Stone Cates in to live with him and gave him one of the upstairs bedrooms., as the penthouse was quite expansive. Sonny’s address has been 122 Harbor View Drive ever since.  After Stone died of AIDS in 1995, his memorial was held at the penthouse. 

Although Sean had a secret room when he owned the penthouse, nothing about it has ever been mentioned since he and Tiffany moved out. 




Q:      Do you know the name of Sonny's bodyguard? The one before Johnny. I believe it was Laticia’s boyfriend. He got killed and then Johnny took over. Thanks.   Josie 

A:        Could you be referring to Renaldo, who was played by Richard Cascioli from 97-98?  Renaldo was actually Jason’s bodyguard and was killed when Moreno planted a car bomb in Jason’s limousine. 

            I honestly tried to find a more suitable photo of Richard, but alas…this one will have to suffice.




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