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March 4, 2002:  I've had no questions, so I have no answers!  I'll put together a new "Ask Katrina" Column as soon as enough questions come in to make one!

(Can you believe it??)

I love love the web site, I have been trying to find out what song played during Allison and Rafe's Love seen can you help. Would be so grateful, thanx.

This wonderful person, upon hearing how totally inept I am at PC info, was nice enough to send back the answer when she found it, so I want to pass it along to you in case anyone else was wondering:

The song was "Completely" by Jennifer Day.  

While looking for a nice picture to frame for the question, I was again (upon viewing some *very* nice pics of Rafe) consumed with envy seein's as how AT&T CABLE IN SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA does not carry SoapNet OR PC!!  What a lovely young man he is!  (rroowwlll)




Someone asked me how Sonny Corinthos acquired his "territory", and they speculated that it was from Frank Smith. I didn't know, and asked someone who knows ALL. Unfortunately, none of us know anything! Please clear this up for all of us at the boards!

This one put an egg-beater through my memory as I tried to remember exactly how and when and why Sonny became the crime lord of the Eastern Seaboard (and, from what we can tell, quite a bit of Puerto Rico).  This reader and I got busy digging and to condense down a few e-mails, this is what we came up with:

Sonny, as we know, started out in Port Charles as small time hood who owned the Paradise Lounge, a strip bar.  He had been involved with the mob as a basic errand boy through his mentor, Joe Scully, as a young man.  When the Paradise Lounge was closed down for employing minors, Sonny became a front runner with crime lord, Frank Smith.  Upon Frank's untimely demise at the hands of Luke Spencer, Sonny was badass enough to step up to the plate and take over Frank's abandoned territory, striking a deal with Frank's son, Damian Smith, who didn't want to be involved with the business anyway.  Sonny ended up with quite a chunk of Senior Rivera's (Lily's father) territory, not only as a wedding present, but by a coup after Sonny convinced Rivera to kill himself after Lily and her unborn baby were killed by a bomb Rivera intended for Sonny.  Later, Joe Scully reappeared and tried to cut in on Sonny's action and, to make a long story short, Sonny ended up having to take him out, which rendered Sonny Joe's piece of the pie as well.  More recently, when Joseph Sorel killed his boss, Anthony Moreno, Sonny acquired part of Moreno's territory due to many of Moreno's men not wanting to work for Sorel.  We would presume that since Roscoe was temporarily on the scene and Sonny implied that he now had part of Sorel's territory, that Sonny did not take over all of Port Charles when Sorel died.  But mind you, even though Sonny is the leading crime lord in the Eastern part of the US and Puerto Rico, he never, ever, ever deals in drugs or prostitutes.   Ever.


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