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Each week Katrina will answer your questions on ABC Soaps, Life, The Universe & Everything.  All the things you always wanted to ask Katrina but were afraid she'd bite your head off about are now at your whim.  Climb that Tibetan mountain (groan, shut UP, Wally!) and ask the EOS guru what you will but remember, heads taste infinitely better when seasoned with hats.


Note:  Some of these questions were forwarded from Sage.


Why has the character of Gillian Andrassy Lavery written out? What is Esta TerBlanche off the show for good and what else will she be doing?  

Esta/Gillian was written off partly due to story dictates and partly to mutual decision between ABC and Esta.  When it came time for Esta to go into contract negotiations, Gillian was shot.  Whether she would die or recover was hinged on whether a successful contract settlement could be reached between Esta and ABC.  When they mutually agreed that she would not continue on the show, Gillian was written off.  I haven’t heard news of any new projects for Esta, but I’m sure she won’t be dormant for long! 

On AMC, the new girl Frankie, (or, according to Erica, Mary-Frances), do you know or could you find out WHAT ELSE SHE HAS PLAYED ON???  This is driving me nuts.... I *KNOW* I've seen her elsewhere...  but WHERE???

I can’t find any evidence that Elizabeth Hendrickson, who plays Frankie, has done anything prior to AMC acting wise.  I think she may remind you of Mary Stuart Masterson, who is a popular actress starring in such movies as “Fried Green Tomatoes,” “Bed of Roses” and “Some Kind of Wonderful.”  The two actresses bear a remarkable resemblance to one another.

Mary Stuart Masterson


Why do we never see Andrew on screen any more.  He’s become the new Dr Larry! 

The role of Andrew was reduced to recurring status as of this past year.  Since then, he returns to Llanview for funerals and weddings, but Wortham Krimmer, who plays Andrew, has achieved quite a fan base for his role as Centauri Emperor Cartagia on Babylon 5.  

Krimmer as Emperor Cartagia 


Dr. Troy says that Matthew has “Pediatric Robins-Wyler Virus.”  Does that illness really exist?

I cannot find any evidence that this is a “real life” condition.  Anyone?


Ty Treadway



I was just wondering if you know why Coltin Scott added Martines to his last
name. I was a little surprised to see that. If you know why I would
appreciate it if you let me know.

Coltin’s full name is Stephen Coltin Scott Martines.  He shortened his name when he went into show business and it is our understanding that he recently re-added the Martines to honor his late father.

Coltin Scott


DeLane Matthews is coming to the show?  Who will she be playing.? Wasn't she on Dave's World?  as the wife of "Dave Barry". 

Yes, DeLane played Beth Barry on “Dave’s World” opposite Harry Anderson (formerly of “Night Court”).  On GH, she is featured as the new character, Janine, who is involved with the Quartermaines. 


Are S/C reuniting next month or not? The spoilers are all so confusing. I even heard that TIIC wanted to hold it up till the Feb or May sweeps. Too long for us fans. 

We have received many letters asking if Sonny and Carly will reunite.  Since this answer contains spoiler info, please click here if you want to read it.  We want to protect our “unspoiled” readers.



My two-year-old is showing an interest in potty training, but I can't afford to buy him a potty chair and he had trouble sitting on the big toilet.   Any suggestions?

Definitely!  Sit him backwards on the toilet, facing the tank.  When kids are sitting with the biggest part of the toilet ring (therefore, the hole) in front of them and the smaller part behind them, it's easier for them to get their balance and they are better able to support themselves with hands on the seat in front of them. Try it.  It works great.  Once they grow a little, it's easy to teach them to just turn around.


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