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Each week Katrina will answer your questions on ABC Soaps, Life, The Universe & Everything.  All the things you always wanted to ask Katrina but were afraid she'd bite your head off about are now at your whim.  Climb that Tibetan mountain (groan, shut UP, Wally!) and ask the EOS guru what you will but remember, heads taste infinitely better when seasoned with hats.



I *L*O*V*E* Jackson!!!!  Was he [Walt Willey] on any soaps before AMC? 

Willey says,  “My first professional acting job was playing  a customer at Foxy’s Bar [a bar on AMC where Jesse Hubbard and Jenny Gardner worked together].  I was one of those happy folks you always see in the background.  You could hardly call it acting.  I felt more like a breathing prop!  But as a struggling actor just getting started in the business, working on All My Children was a dream come true.”  Since his time as a stand in, Willey has worked on Another World as Jim LaRusso (86) and on Ryan Hope as the 4th Joe Novak (86-87).  He began playing Pine Valley’s favorite barrister, Jackson Montgomery, in 1987.

Susan Lucci is so gorgeous.  Obviously from her last name, she is of Italian extraction.  Is she a full blooded Italian?  Can you tell me how old she is?  Was she ever on the TV show, “Dallas?”  My friend says she was and I don’t think so.  Is she married?  If so, for how long?   She looks so petite!  How tall is she??? 

Oh, honey, take a valium and speak more slowly.  I’m old and can’t keep up here.  First, Lucci is half-Italian and half-Swedish.  She will be 55-years-old (?!) on December 23 of this year.  She had a brief stint on Dallas in 1990-91 as Sheila Foley/Hillary Taylor.  She and producer Helmut Huber have been married for 32 years and have two children, Andreas and Liza (who is also a soap actress).  She also has two stepchildren.  Ms Lucci is 5’3” tall.



 [Passed on from Sage]  There was a character on GH years ago that I remember being so infatuated with as a younger being...Decker Moss, played by Michael Watson.  I would LOVE to see a picture of him, if only to reassure myself that my taste was decent as a kid (sometimes our own minds play evil tricks on us).  Do you have access to one?  Please, please, please ... yes, I know it's ugly to beg, but it's gnawing at me like the recent time I couldn't remember "Bashful" as being one of the Seven Dwarfs... (our alternatives were much funnier...Sleazy, Dummy, Stubby-the dwarf no one saw, Kinky, Schlumpy, Fatty, etc.)

Little did I realize what a search this would turn into!  Sage passed this question on to me and we diligently searched for a picture of Decker, finally turning it over to the rest of the staff.  Tracey found a wonderful one and sent it on.  So I must know, did he meet up to your girl-hormones’ memory?

Dawn & Decker
Photo courtesy of "The Gate"

I’ve been interested in the reconnect between Laura and Scotty.  Do you have a picture of them from their first marriage?

Sure do! Here they are on their honeymoon in Hollywood, which they just recreated recently (except for the consummation).


I was watching One life to live and at the end of the show on Oct. 17, 2001 there was a song. I remember some of the lyrics "Alone", "My white knight.”  

Several people have written to inquire about the song played in the closing montage on that episode.  Unfortunately, OLTL was pre-empted here that day to air the president’s visit to Sacramento, so I did not get to see it.  I do, however, have the lyrics, which you can find here.  Anyone know the song?



I read in your column about how Todd got his scar, but I was wondering, is the scar that is on Todd’s face also on Roger Howarth’s face?  I mean, is it for real?

No, doll, it’s makeup.  You guys are really fascinated by that scar lately!  I have it on authority that the scar looks like an anchovy when it’s not yet applied.  It takes about 10 minutes to put the scar on and it’s a bit of latex affixed with spirit gum and eyelash adhesive.  Here is a pic of Roger Howarth's very handsome and very unscarred face.  If you missed the column about how Todd got the scar, you can catch it here.  Just scroll to the OLTL section

See you next week! 

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