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This week, both questions were about OLTL:

I'm a recovered OLTL addict...  it just became too ridiculous  for me to watch any longer about 2 years ago.  From what I'm hearing things are improving, so during a recent day off from work, I decided to rekindle my addiction, but soon found out there were more new faces than old!  Can you please explain to me the current romantic history of Jessica/Christian/Al/Jennifer/Some other guy whose name I didn't catch?  Also, what is the background between Jessica and the other girl who were switched at birth?  I'm confused!

Cris and Jenn (Will's sister, Lindsay & Sam's daughter) fell in love, but some guy named Keith was a hit man for RJ and when RJ found out that Cris was working at Break Bar to spy on him for Antonio, he asked Keith to rough up Cris and get him to leave town.  Keith looked at Jenn and instantly fell in love (because she is so electrifying - zzzz) and opted to kill Cris instead.  Cris found out about it and after Keith threatened Jenn, Cris told Jenn he didn't love her any more, had slept with everyone in Llanview and was moving to NY, which he did (the move to NY part).  Jenn was destroyed and when Asa faked his death, Al (Max's son) was also devastated (Asa married Gabrielle to get back at Max for duping him into believing he was his son - again - and adopted Al who loved him dearly) and since Al was Already (ha!  Al-ready) in love with Jenn (because she is so electrifying - zzzzz), when they were both at the quarry being sad, they knocked one out, even though they both knew Jenn was in love with Cris.  Long story short, Keith was caught by the police and Cris returned home triumphant to Jenn who after a minor fit, understood everything and they happily set up house together with Al left out in the wind.  Jenn is late on a period and takes a test, Lindsay changes it with a Papermate pen and Jenn is dumb enough to believe it.  Al figures out she's pregnant, Cris is going to marry her until Jenn blabs to her mother than Al is the father with Cris overhearing.  Cris berates Jenn through several commercial breaks and tears out for the quarry and here comes Al.  They get into a big fight about who is going to do X, Y or Z and Cris decks Al, who falls off the cliff to his untimely paralysis.   Meanwhile, Jenn learns she is not pregnant after all and gets to the quarry just in time to see Cris pop Al off the edge and down the cliff.  Al is in the hospital, Gabrielle is demanding Jenn continue to let Al believe she's pregnant and the score is Cris knows Jenn isn't really pregnant, Jenn, Lindsay and Gabrielle know Jenn isn't really pregnant, but Al doesn't yet know.

Don't know how far back you go into OLTL history, but about 19 years ago, this Allison Perkins person was brainwashed by a bad guy named Mitch Laurance.  She dressed up as Niki Smith and came into Llanfair and kidnapped Jessica when she was a tiny baby.  It was a really big deal back then.  Overall, Mitch was trying to convince Viki that Niki (her only alter at that time) had returned.  Allison, claiming a bout of conscience, returned Jessica unharmed (we thought for 19 years) and life went on for Clint and Viki and Jessica turned out to be Erin Torpey and all was well.  So this Natalie chick shows up as someone Jessica runs into and befriends.  Jessica also gets close to this old friend of Cris' who worked at Break Bar, Seth.  Seth courts Jessica and Natalie becomes her best friend.  Meanwhile, Allison Perkins gets out of St Anne's by stupid Rae saying she's been totally rehabilitated.  In the end, Jessica falls for Seth and it's revealed that Natalie is really Jessica and Allison switched babies when she did the kidnapping.  She was staying with Roxanne Balsom and switched Jessica with Roxanne's baby "because she could."  Roxanne was drunk all the time and didn't notice.  Viki was glad to see Jess after a month and didn't notice.  DNA tests done by Larry proved the switch.  Seth was in on the con but had actually fallen for Jess while conning her.  This story is now pretty much of both girls living in the house, Natalie is embittered for not having grown up in the wealth that is really "hers."  Viki is adopting Jess and trying to accept Natalie.  Allison and Roxanne are trying to con Jessica into getting money by acting like Roxie cares about her.


Got a good recipe for Play-doh?


This is the best way to keep children from toddler on up occupied for more than 5 minutes known to man.  After you make it and let it cool, whip out the cookie cutters, spoons, jar lids, straws, anything that they can create with and watch the magic unfold!  Because it's oily, it will even polish your wood table.  Keep in a gallon sized zip lock bag or other airtight container.  Keeps a loooong time.

1 c all purpose flour (do NOT use self rising, abysmal failure)
1/4 c salt
2 T Cream of Tartar
1 c cold water
1 T Crisco oil
2 t any food coloring (or leave white)

Combine everything into a 2 quart sauce pan.  Cook over med heat, stirring with a wooden spoon, for several minutes.  You'll think you did something wrong and that it could never work out, but you'll start to see rubbery looking parts forming and soon, it's rolling up into a softball sized ball in the pan.  Once it forms a decent ball, turn off the heat.  Plop it out onto the counter and knead it a bit.  If it's too sticky, cook a bit longer.  Do not overcook or it'll be dry.

Of course, it's fun for adults too!  : P

See you next week!

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