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October 8, 2001 

I want to thank everyone for the great welcome to the Q&A section of Eye on Soaps and for your questions and comments through the week.     


Jesse & Tad Now

I have an AMC question for you... I know you havenít been watching long, so don't go crazy if you don't have the answer, I don't watch the show that often.... can you give some background about Jesse?  Why is he dead, how does Tad know him, etc.  Thanks a bunch. 

I just want to say that it has been so much fun investigating this question.  Youíre right about me being a newcomer to AMC, but I hire only the best and my staff jumped to the call as soon as I issued my SOS.  I was going to composite this all into one cohesive answer, but the writing of my staff is so enjoyable that Iíve decided to print everyone response.  J  I just love how my staff thinks!  If youíre just going for generic info, youíll find that in almost any of these replies.  If you want a good read, soak in them all like a lavender bath, babies. 

From Karen (ex-partner): 

Tad had a sister, Jenny Gardner.  Tad was a "troubled" teenager (read: smoked pot and had woman troubles at an early age), long ago adopted by the Martins, when she showed up - a good girl from the wrong side of the tracks (mother=Opal, father=the dastardly Ray Gardner).  She fell in love with.....um.....shit, what was his name....Lawrence Lau (now Sam Rappaport) played him....can't remember (someone will)...anyway, his mother, a society matron, refused to allow him to be with her, so she ran away to NYC.  Jesse Hubbard, meanwhile, had been her friend in high school, but when his relationship with his girlfriend.....can't remember
her name either.......so ran away to NY to be with his friend Jenny. Together they worked at a bar called Foxy's and generally watched out for each other.  Jenny was killed when a trap set for her husband-to-be,
Tony somebody-or-other, caught her - her JetSki exploded, I think. Jesse returned to Pine Valley, married the girl after some nasty crap with her parents (I think the father turned out to be a bad guy of some sort) and became a policeman.  He was shot and killed in a restaurant in connection with some crime that I can't remember.  He and Tad were never great friends, but helped one another out a few times, begrudgingly,
over the years.

That's likely not much help.  I imagine you'll get a lot better answers from people who don't have brain damage  :ř  

Ooh  - Greg Nelson!!  That was Jenny's boyfriend, his mother was Enid Nelson, best friend of Phoebe Wallingford. 

From Mary (Archivist):  

Jesse was a Pine Valley cop/detective and was killed in the line of duty.  I wasn't watching back when he was killed but I remember when he came on the show in the late 70's when Liza and Greg Nelson were there.  Jesse was good friends with Tad's sister Jenny Gardener (Kim Delaney - NYPD Blue/Philly)

From Naomi (My esteemed Q&A Predecessor):
Jessie came into the picture in 1981 when he became friends with Tad's sister, Jenny.  He and Jenny became very close over the next few months. I believe that's how Tad met him.  Jessie also had a run in with Liza while she was going through her bitch years.  At one point she accused him of raping her, but of course he hadn't.  He and Angie married and had a son, whose name escapes me right now, but he worked undercover for the police and I seem to remember this as being what led to him being shot and killed. There's a lot of info on his character somewhere and I think I used it in one of my past questions, although it could have been many months ago, I do remember writing about him.

She sure did!  Hereís the link: 


From Kate (Resident Cynic/EOS Columnist): 

Here is what I remember of Jesse's history. I realized something sad while typing this up: 22 years ago there were 6 major black characters (the Grants, the Baxters, Angie, Jesse) on AMC, now there are none. (Derrick is recurring.) Also, the young actors involved in these storylines (Darnell Williams, Debbi Morgan, Kim Delaney, Michael E Knight, Laurence Lau) were all strong performers. Sure there were some weak younger actors but not as many as there are today. Sigh.
The nephew of Dr. Frank Grant, streetwise Jesse Hubbard blew into PV just about 22 years ago. He quickly became smitten with Angie Baxter. A good girl honor student, Angie had dreams of becoming a doctor. Her parents were none too pleased that Angie returned Jesse's smitten-ness. Her father (played by Antonio Fargas, HuggyBear from Starsky & Hutch) was especially incensed and did his best to discourage the couple.
In the meantime, Tad who totally misbehaving ran away just before his mother and sister (Opal and Jenny) arrived in PV. Jenny and Jesse became friends while working at the low rent bar, Foxy's, in Center City. In an effort to keep Jenny away from Greg Nelson (Laurence Lau, now Sam on OLTL) that bitch Liza Colby told Jenny that her father, Ray Gardner, was a rapist. Humiliated, Jenny ran away to NYC. She was soon followed by her friend Jesse, who was fleeing PV after being falsely accused of rape by that bitch Liza Colby (that's how I always referred to her in those days, "that bitch Liza Colby.")  What followed was one of the best summer teen stories in the history of soaps. Jenny and Jesse were true friends who helped each other, platonically, through a rough summer in NYC. I still remember a scene where Jenny and Jesse were sitting on a fire escape, just chatting about their respective sweethearts and their hopes/dreams for the future.
Both returned to PV and I will save Jenny's story for another day. Jesse and Angie secretly wed and Angie soon became pregnant. Thinking that Jesse didn't want children, Angie divorced him. Her father convinced her to give up her son, Frankie, for adoption but at the last minute Angie changed her mind. Her father took the baby anyway. Jesse and Angie bonded once again as they searched for their son and remarried. Tad had since returned to PV, becoming friends with his sister's friend, Jesse.

Angie did become a doctor. Jesse became a policeman. They had the soap marriage problems: infidelity, misunderstandings and oh yes, the little matter of Jesse killing his father-in-law in self-defense. (It turns out Mr. Baxter made his fortune running a blackmarket baby ring) Divorce followed but they reconciled again just before Jesse was shot and killed. In one of the most heart wrenching soap scenes ever, Angie struggled to save her beloved's life without success.  That was the last we saw of Jesse until now. (well ok so Darnell Williams did show up as a Jesse lookalike when Angie was on The City but that's another story.)  Angie and Jesse were a supercouple, a very human supercouple. Angie was played by the wonderful Debbi Morgan. If you haven't seen her in Eve's Bayou, go rent that movie right now!

Have I mentioned that I just love those girls?  Mmmmwwaaaahhh to all of you.


Here is a question that has been bugging me for years, and neither the late, great napster.com nor cdnow.com has been able to help me.

WTH is the name of the song played when Paul (DEEP sigh) and Jenny spent the night in the lingerie shop on the docks?  I know it was Luther Vandross, but can't find out the song name, nor does my feeble brain even remember the lyrics well enough.  I just know it was incredibly beautiful and perfect for them.  And it is NOT on my Luther Vandross greatest hits double CD set, either.  At least I don't think it is...

If you can help me with this, I will be forever grateful and love you almost as much as I love Steve Burton.  Which is a LOT! 

Hmm.  The amount of love you have for Steve Burton is on the line and here I sit with my empty brain.  Unfortunately, I am no help on this one.  I was in England during the whole Jenny and Paul thing and I have no memory for songs played as recently as last week.  I consulted the staff and the all shrugged in unison.  If anyone has this information, just drop a line to me and I will forward it on to our seeker of great knowledge (or at least this tidbit). 

SCORPIO2000.jpg (20532 bytes)
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Robert Scorpio
Pic from The Rock
I am soooo down. I just heard that Tristan Rogers is not coming back. How  come? What in the world happened? I've been waiting since this year began. I  love him the most. He was always my favorite soap star....Oh, booohoooo.

Finally a question I can answer, or at least somewhat.  I, too, am very saddened that this resource is not being explored at yet another perfect opportunity to do so (the most recent other opportunity being the return of Faison).  News was leaked months ago that Ingo, Vanessa and Rogers were a done deal and it was down to the ink on the paper drying.  Now we hear that GH is not interested in the return of Tristan/Robert Scorpio.  I can see two angles on this.  One is that Finola Hughes (Anna on GH/AMC) has made it clear that she has no interest in returning to GH and is quite happy on AMC.  It would definitely be cumbersome to have Robert on GH and Anna on AMC and it looks as though AMC is dead set on exploring the relationship between Anna and David, having turned our intrepid superspy into quite the horndog.  The other angle that bothers me muchly is that a source close to the set whispered to us that JFP is ďnot interested in looking back and wants to take the show forward,Ē meaning no more returning characters.  Of course, #1)  JFP has a track record of saying one thing and doing the opposite a week later and #2) It is not expected that JFP will be in power after her contract is reviewed in December and the plummeting ratings are taken into consideration.  I would not count the Scorpio return as out of the question, but certainly, the prospects of our favorite Aussie putting some snap back into the PCPD is looking dim.  Iíd LOVE to see him work with Taggert!

Hi! i've been watching GH for a long time but im confused when Luke & Laura refer to their adventures on the run. i've heard things about the Haunted Star, the Triple L Diner, something about a boy with a wooden leg & a left hand...ect...please give me the scoop!! im dying to know. :-) 

No sense in me rephrasing words that have already been written most masterfully, so Iíd like to refer you to some wonderful links that say it better than could I: 

There is a WONDERFUL tribute page to L&L1 on Soap City.  Itís the index, so subject to change.  HURRY!!  http://soapcity.netscape.com/specials/luke_laura/index.jhtml 

On a neat page called ďFascinationĒ there is a recounting of their story in words and pictures:  http://members.tripod.com/~lukeshistory/lukelaura4.html 

Their adventures are wonderfully novelized on The Anthony Gear Webpage.



Iíve had this stupid song going through my head for months now and I canít seem to find it.  It was from the 80ís and was some rap about General Hospital by a group that sounded a lot like Blondie.  The only line I can remember is, ďSusanís having Alanís baby.Ē  HELP!! 

Be at peace, my Sweet.  Iím here to help.  The song was called ďGeneral Hospi-TaleĒ and was performed by 
a group called The Afternoon Delights with Rebecca Hall on lead vocals.  It was written by H. King and L. 
Tedesco and was released in 1981.  You can read the lyrics by clicking here and can download the song 
from SoapZone at this link:  www.soapzone.com/gh/library/GeneralHospi-Tale.html
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Iím a latecomer to OLTL and Iíve always wondered, how did Todd get his scar? 
Todd was very much a baddie when he came on the scene as a fraternity boy accused of participating in 
the gang rape of  Marty Saybrooke.  During the trial, he cornered Marty behind Rodiís bar (which Renee 
and Max used to own together) and attempted to rape her again, or at least let her think he would. My 
personal favorite character (OK, Iíll admit, she ties with Dorian), Luna Moody, saw what was happening 
and intervened, whacking Todd with a metal bar.  The impact not only gave him his trademark scar, but 
also caused (though this is NEVER addressed and seems to have been lost along the way) his hearing to 
be lost in his right ear. 
Iím curious about all of these wives that keep being mentioned in regard to Asa.  Iíve been around for probably 
about the last half, but the first batch intrigues me.  Do you have any information on them?   
Your question moved me, so I wrote an article called ďThe Wives and Times of Asa Buchanan.Ē  You can 
get to it by clicking here
I saw a long while back that you had posted a link for your recipe page.  Can you post it again as I lost it 
when my computer crashed.  
Sure, doll.  Itís at www.eyeonsoaps.com/AMC/recipes.htm 


Who would win in a fight between Mighty Mouse and Batman? 

*sigh*  I canít believe Iím even dignifying this question with an answer.  Batman would win because heís a real person.  Mighty Mouse is a cartoon character.  Donít you go to the movies?

This is where I get off!  See you next week.


Sept 29, 2001

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