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Yayyyy!  We got more questions!  Both were about AMC:

One reader (I regret to say that her letter was lost not once, but TWICE, in the great e-mail debaucle of 2002.  She did, however, ask what little Colby's real name is since Liza was single (and therefore, Liza Colby) and would probably not name her child "Colby Colby."  I consulted the expert (Kate) and learned this:

At the time of Colby's birth, everyone thought Jake was the biological father (via sperm donation). Colby was named Colby Marion Martin. Later, when it was revealed Adam was her biological father, her name became Colby Marian Chandler.

Hi, I was just wondering, whatever happened to Mateo's sister Anita? I know Rosa is just in Pine Valley, just not on screen, Maria is presumed dead and Julia is in the witness protection program, and Anita seems to have just vanished. please let me know if you can?

Back to the mystical magical wise folk of the staff because this was before my time.  From Kate:

Anita: Anita is the Santos sandwiched between Mateo and Rosa. She left town with Bobby Warner. I believe they are supposed to be in Chicago, attending college. (Bobby is Palmer's grandson, although not biological. His mother was a nurse named Sybil and his father is Cliff Warner. Cliff married Palmer's daughter Nina, who adopted Bobby. Bobby is Sam Grey's biological father. Sam's mother is Kelsey, who is Joe Martin's granddaughter.)

And from my buddy, Karen:

When the Santos family was first introduced, it was just Maria (who married Edmund, then supposedly got killed in a plane crash) and Julia (who's in the witness protection program with her gorgeous husband Noah.)  Anita came to town a little later, the youngest of the sisters.  The parents (they might have arrived with Anita), Mateo and the other sister came later.  She was in high school (or possibly college) with Scott Chandler (Stuart's adopted son) and Bobbie Warner (Palmer Cortlandt's grandson - Bobbie's parents are Palmer's daughter, Nina and Dr. Cliff Warner.)  Anita dated Scott, but was in love with Bobbie, the bad boy.  It got messed up when she became friends with a pregnant runaway, who turned out to be Kelsey Jefferson (I think it's Jefferson - I could be wrong on that), a Martin grandaughter (daughter of Tara and some husband we barely knew.)  Turned out (we found this out quite a bit later - Bobby didn't remember her at first) that Bobbie had met Kelsey at a drunken party in ...some other city, and it was his baby.  Maria and Edmund were going to adopt the baby, since they didn't think they could have any of their own and Kelsey turned him (Sam) over to them, but then took him back in an effort to get Bobby to marry her.  Bobbie did, I think, and then manipulated her into giving the baby to the Grays, then got an annulment, or something like that.  Kelsey left Pine Valley right after that, don't remember where to.  Anyway, Bobbie and Anita were still in love and ran away to Chicago to go to college and be happy.  As far as I know, neither have been heard from since.


My husband keeps getting upset with me for not having the house clean when he gets home.  I am a stay at home mom with three children under five (I have a 4-year-old, a 2-year-old and a 6-month-old) and no matter how I try, I can't seem to get things up to par for him.  It's getting so that I hate for 5:00 to come around because I know he's going to be coming home, asking what I did all day and fussing because I don't have everything done.  I'm at my wits end.  Do you have any suggestions?

Oh honey, do I ever.   First of all, you and Attila need to have a little meeting where you lay it on the line and tell him that he's going to have to get off of your back if you are going to have any kind of decent relationship left after the Baby Years and if you personally are going to have any self-esteem remaining.  Tell him that he needs to trust that you will do the best that you can while chasing three little ones and trying to give them a quality life.  Your first obligation is to them, after all.  Make sure that you are taking a multivitamin and getting as much rest as you can (ha ha ha, I know) and are eating right.  See if you can get a friend, relative or neighbor to take the kids for 3-4 hours a week while you do an underclean on the house (Even if you are cleaning, it might be nice to have time from the kids.  In fact, set a time limit and say that you will only clean for 2-3 hours and the last hour is yours to read, take a bath, shop or do something for yourself).  There is a website, www.flylady.net that has a number of hints for getting organized and keeping things clean.  Lastly, take one day and do absolutely nothing to the house the whole day.  Leave every toy where it lands, laundry in the floor, wash no dish, toss the used diapers in the corner of the room, feed and care for the kids and leave it at that.  Then, frame and hang the following poem in your home where your husband is sure to see it:

Dear Mate,

I know the house is such a mess
You hardly can get through it.
Well, you wonder what I do all day?
Today, I didn't do it.

You're welcome.


See you next week!

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