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I have heard Brooke mention that she had another daughter named Laura who died.  Was this Laura her natural daughter and if so, who was the father?   

Brooke did indeed have a Laura The First who was her natural child by the handsome pro-football star, Tom Cudahy, who was briefly her husband. 

Julia Barr

Iím confused.  Iím a newcomer to AMC and I know that Opal is Tadís mother and Dr Joe is Tadís father, but did they have an affair or something? 

Actually, the evil and much dead Ray Gardner (Opalís ex-husband), not Joe Martin, is Tadís father.  He was shown recently during the ďGillianís GhostĒ story.  In 1973, Joe and Ruth Martin took Tad (as a little boy) into their home and raised him as their son. 

Michael E. Knight



I've noticed that Nikolas has been sporting a necklace for a few weeks.  Where did it come from?  Did Gia give it too him off-screen?  I like it and was just curious. 

To my knowledge, there has been no mention of it, so Iím guessing itís a Coltin Scott thang.

Coltin Scott


I just wanted to know why it seems like no one on GH knows that there are vampires running rampant through Port Charles.  It doesnít make sense that there would be no mention of it on GH. 

I dunno.  Maybe they canít get Port Charles or SoapNet through their cable companies either.  

Michael Easton



On "One Life to Live," several years ago, when it was revealed that Todd Manning was Victor Lord's son by Irene Manning Clayton, Viki continually referred to him as "my father's illegitimate son," or "my father's bastard son." However, I remember that Tina Lord Roberts, at the time she discovered that Victor Lord was her father back in the '80s, also discovered a marriage certificate showing that Victor and Irene has secretly married before Tina's birth. If Todd's parents were married, wouldn't he be the legitimate son of Victor? Or am I misremembering?

Iíve spent some time looking into this and all I remember or can find evidence of is Tina finding a letter from Victor Lord in his secret room in Llanfair.  The letter was addressed to Viki and admitted his paternity of Tina.  Irene went on to marry Ted Clayton, the man who Tina was told was her natural father.

I hope you can settle a bet for me.  I told my mother that when RJ first came to town, he went by a different name.  She is sure he has always been just good old Randal James Gannon. 

You win!  He first came to town as Jimmy Glover,  a loan shark who was mixed up with Max.

Timothy D. Stickney



I mentioned in my NonSoapy Journal that my son had taken to drawing on the walls with crayons and the subsequent scrubbing was driving me nuts.  Two readers wrote in with the following remedy from the Queen of Clean:

"Just spray WD-40 on the crayon and let it sit for about 30sec to a minute and then wipe off.  Follow that by washing off with dishsoapy water to remove the grease the WD-40 leaves."

I have a whole new set of murals to try this on (I STILL can't find his stash of crayon nubs!!) and I'm off to buy WD-40!!  THANKS, ladies!


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