DARLINGS!!  How great to see you here!  It’s SAGE!   From “Add Some Sage,” our EOS gossip column!  My little sweetpeas, I’m so excited to guest on the Ask page!  When I got a whiff of the questions Katrina was getting this week, I staged a mighty coup and overthrew her as Q&A Queen, wrestling the quill from her old wretched hands!  She’s currently tied up in the closet, where she will by God stay until this column is posted.  [*ahem*  Katrina here.  When I saw the high speculation and gossip content of the questions I got this week, I asked Sage if he would sub since it’s more his field than mine.  I am NOT in the closet, but then, neither is HE!  I think his little story about shoving me into the closet was some kind of subconscious, spiritual, perhaps FREUDIAN allegory.]  OK, Sage is back again and now that we have ascertained that Katrina is a LIAR and Wannabe Freak Pop Amateur Psychologist, we can get on with a proper column.  Bitch.  [Nag]  Bossy Old Moo.  [EgoQueen]  Hissss.  [Pffft]  Get back in the closet, woman.  [Just write your column, boy]



This is a long shot BUT do you by any chance have a picture of Billy Clyde Tuggle, who used to be on AMC? I'm having SUCH a hard time finding a pic of the guy :( 

You bet!  There’s not much Billy Clyde to be found these days, but here y’go!  This is that OG, BC, macking with Dixie, his intended.  Pimp it, Baby!


Listen, give it to me straight.  Are we going to lose Ryan?  If so, when? 

The official word is that no agreement has been reached in the negotiation of Cameron Mathison’s contract and he is really pissed that the press is suggesting that he is going to leave.  The truth is that he is going to walk because he’s not interested in signing for as long as they want and they want to hook him in.  A compromise might be reached in an extension of his current contract for anywhere from a few months to a year.  His contract is up in December.  Start weaning from the Ryan teat, lovey.  Trust me.



Did Asa really die or is it part of his plot to get back at Max? 

Hi, I am a OLTL fan.  Huge fan by the way and I have a question for you.  Do you know if Asa is being written off the show or what is going on?  I'm curious because I haven't heard or seen anything about him leaving.  Thank you in advance for any information you can give me!  

Both Katrina and I are convinced (she says from the closet, but it’s all muffled from the coats) that Asa is alive and fine, has paid off a coroner and this whole thing is an elaborate scheme cooked up with Nigel to do in Gabrielle and Max.  There’s no word of Phil Carey leaving the show.


Max Holden was married to Luna, they had twins boys if I recall , before Luna died. What happen to them? And how many children does Max have? Is he following his his father's ( Acea Buchannon) footsteps with children coming out of the wood work?

Nope, his three children all came out of real women.  One from Gabrielle, that you know about:  Al, about to look totally different in the form of Nathaniel Marsten instead of the current actor, Michael Tipps.  His other two children, Leslie and Frankie, were shipped off to the Carolinas to live with Luna’s family, the Moody’s, not long after her death.  They have seldom been mentioned since.



This has been bugging me for awhile.  Why does everyone, including apparently Laura herself, think she was married to Stavros?  Since she and Luke both thought the other was dead, they wouldn't have gotten a divorce.  Therefore she was never  married to Stavros and Nikolas is actually illegitimate (which I'd assume might matter when we're talking about princes).  Am I wrong about this?

Well, no, not in the real world.  Fortunately or unfortunately, in the soap world, the story works far better if we ignore this little writing snafu and allow Nikolas to remain prince, especially since the Cassadine princes appear in short supply.  Don’t think so hard, Sweetheart.  Just kick back and enjoy the ride.  Somehow, I think the thought of having any hope of having true legal precedence or reality flew out the window around the time of the Sword of Malkuth and Casey the Alien.  If we start unraveling that ball of twine, we’ve got to call up Rick and tell him he’s not really married to ANYone he’s wed in the past 20 years since Lesley’s alive, plus start raking on all of the Quartermaine children being illegitimate since Talbot Huddleston came to town carrying a marriage certificate and incomplete divorce papers for Lila.  Best to just squint in a pained way and walk away.

YOU have figured out my secret legitimacy issues!  Now you must DIE! 
[*sigh* Disclaimer from Katrina:  This is in no way intended to induce death upon the nice person who sent this question.  It's just Sage's warped sense of humor]


my name is velvet I was wondering about sonny and carly are they going to get back together it sort of looks like it but i'm not sure can you please e-mail me back and let me know thank you.    sincerely velvet. 

Well, hello, Velvet!  Although has been no official word, it does appear that Sonny and Carly will be getting back together, but it’s going to take a bit of doing and you know that even after they are officially reunited, it is unlikely the road will ever be smooth for these two!


Picture from the awesome 
photo gallery at The Rock


I saw GH today it was very good. I would like to know is this really the end of the Cassadines and Spencers feud? I know that  Helena is going to jail does that mean that Constance Towers is leaving? I hope not she is a fine actress. I was also a little disappointed that there was not more of a battle between the between the two Cassadine brothers, but overall it was a very good storyline. 

Um…no, not yet, but soon; yes but not for long; no, not to our knowledge; yes she is indeed; yes, it was a crime that such and opportunity was missed.



Katrina, how do you get SoapNet. Call the cable company? 

Even that might not help, but you can give it a shot.  There are still many areas of the US that are unable to get SoapNet.  DirecTV (satellite dish company) carries SoapNet, but many cable companies do not.  You can request it (SoapNet contacts your ca ble company and lets them know someone is interested) by clicking on the link in the lower left frames of the SoapNet site:  http://soapnet.go.com/soapnet/index 

And with that, I’m outta here.  Gotta get poor Katrina some air!  [ANYway]  See you on the gossip page!  (www.eyeonsoaps.com/rumor.htm)

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