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We had a number of multiple show questions submitted this week by readers, so it's going to be a little bit jumbled.  Just bear with me.


I was wondering if there was any word of A.J. getting micheal back? Or maybe Jonathon Jackson coming back? Do you kow why everyone hates skye and if they will all eventually like her and accept her? What dhow did skye come from before? When is Rae coming back? and is scottie planning to leave gh if laura doesn't marry hime. Is sonny's sister gonna come on the show anytime soon?

Miss me?

1).  No, there has been no spoiler indication that AJ will be getting custody of Michael, although a custody battle is always possible with these two.  2).  Jonathan Jackson is happily exploring other acting projects, as well as his musical career with his brother, Richard.  He is not expected to return to the show.  3).  Monica has a great disdain for Skye for being the product of a pre-Monica relationship Alan had a million years ago, despite the fact that has had plenty of extra-marital action herself and also had a daughter from a pre-Alan relationship.  Her generalized hatred of Skye for these ambiguous reasons was compounded when Skye assisted Emily in running away with Zander, which resulted in Emily being on a bus that crashed, rendering her paralyzed.  Because Skye bankrolled the runaway and kept it from the family, Monica and others blame her for Emilyís accident.  It is not expected that any loving family reunion will come about any where soon, but if it goes according to soap dictates, *something* will come up in which Skye is forced to save Monicaís life and they may reach a truce.  Just my theory.   4).  Skye first showed up in Pine Valley (AMC) with her father Adam, then migrated over to Llanview (OLTL) before setting in Port Charles with her birth father.  5).  Rae is coming back before the month is over.  6).  Scottie is not expected to leave GH, but to hook up with another GH lady if Laura doesnít pan out.  7).  Yes, Sonnyís sister should be showing up in the next few weeks; an outcrop of the Janine and Mike story.  *whew* 

I've been watching GH faithfully for the last 5 years but for some reason I don't recall when Laura moved out of her and Luke's house and into what appears to be Nicholas' cottage?  

Nope, thatís still Lauraís house, just different decorations and a good paint job.

And if it's not Nicholas' cottage, who's moved in when he moved onto the yacht?  

I did.  I love it.  Come over sometime.  Actually, the cottage is still empty. 

Also, didn't A.J. take over Jax's penthouse? Recently it seems as if he's moved back in with the Q's. When did this happen?

Itís all that weird, vague, sloppy writing syndrome.  Donít try to make it make any sense.  Youíll get a brain bleed.

Can we have her decorator's number?


Another question:  In all the Cassadine back and forth stuff, I thought for a while there that Nikolas was Stefan's son.  What happened?  Or did I just lose track there of the father/uncle thing?  Are all the Cassadine going to be killed off in the next few days? 

First, the paternity issue.  Laura and Stefan, and ONLY Laura and Stefan, were under the impression since Nikolasí birth that Stefan was the father.  Helena paid off Lauraís doctor, Dr Lazaris, to falsify a paternity test in which Stefan submitted his own blood rather than Stavrosí.  Knowing about the switch, Helena caused it to appear that Stefan was the father of Nikolas.  Laura and Stefan kept the secret to keep Nikolas in line for the throne of Cassadine and to keep Stavros from killing them all.  When the truth came out, everyone believed for a time that Stefan was Nikolasí father until Alexis came across important hidden papers that revealed Helenaís dirty work.  A new DNA test was run, which proved conclusively that Nikolas could not possibly be Stefanís father.  All concerned were most disappointed.

Secondly, it is not expected that Helena will go quietly into that dark night called Statesville, nor that Stavros is really dead just because he fell into a hole that, for unknown reasons, is bottomless even though it is an every increasing number of floors below GH.  I would not be surprised if our favorite unfrozen dessert pops up again with a new writing staff and management.  I do not see further Cassadine causalities in the future.

hey! we're glad elton, flo and rae are coming back (finally!) we are wondering if jason is going to come back soon. if so, how will he be returning? also is their any chance that skye and jax will get new girlfriends/boyfriends or possibly (hopefully) end up together. last point. why are nik and gia getting married before lucky and liz and luk and laura?!? thats just wrong

How about me?  Do you miss me as much as that other guy up there?

Wow!  How many of you are writing this e-mail?  Or is that the royal Ďwe?í  J   Steve Burton, who played Jason, has no plans to return to GH at this time and there are no plans to recast the character.  Of course, in SoapLand, anything can happen.  When Ingo came back to GH, one of the requests he made was that Jax not become romantically involved with anyone and that instead, his corporate raider/devil-may-care side be explored.  One must wonder how long the powers that be will honor the hunkís request, but if he has his way, there wonít be a love interest on screen for Jax anywhere soon.  Skye, on the other hand, is seldom without love or some suitable substitute that she can call love, so Iím certain itís just a matter of time before Skye lands somewhere.  Nik and Gia are engaged; not necessarily married.  It would be hard to say who will marry first of the three couples you have mentioned.  All have obstacles in their path:  Nik and Gia will be stumbling over her familyís disapproval of their relationship.  Liz and Lucky will be dealing with the after effects of his brainwashing and all that has happened to them and Luke and Laura will have to swim over oceans of time and years of problems to stay connected in their renewed love.  Youíll just have to keep watching to see who makes it to the altar first.



Question:  Please please is Jessie going to continue to be a long term player on AMC?  His scenes have been one of the view bright spots on an otherwise dull canvas.  I am totally willing to suspend whatever disbelief necessary in order to "undead" him.  

There has been no word yet on when Darnell Williams, who plays Jessie, will be leaving the show.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Will our favorite ghost keep haunting Pine Valley?


Do you know where I can find the complete family tree of  All My Children and One Life To Live.  Thankyou 

You can find complete family trees for All My Children at http://www.soapcentral.com/amc/ftrees/index.php and for One Life to Live at http://www.geocities.com/onlitoli/Family_Trees.html.


I read your recipe page at www.eyeonsoaps.com/AMC/recipes.htm and I wondered if you could help me with a minor irritation.  It drives me crazy when I get a piece of eggshell into the egg that Iím cooking.  No matter how I try to chase it around, it takes me forever to catch it.  Any hints?

Sure.  Use a larger piece of the broken eggshell to scoop up the prodigal piece.  The smaller piece will polarize to the larger one and you will be able to easily remove it.


See you next week!

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