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Each week Katrina will answer your questions on ABC Soaps, Life, The Universe & Everything.  All the things you always wanted to ask Katrina but were afraid she'd bite your head off about are now at your whim.  Climb that Tibetan mountain (groan, shut UP, Wally!) and ask the EOS guru what you will but remember, heads taste infinitely better when seasoned with hats.



I am a newcomer to AMC having been driven to it by the lameness of GH and OLTL these days.  On the message boards, I've head a lot of talk from people who are disappointed that Hayley's stepfather, Harry Vaughn, was not targeted in the baby's name.  What was the deal with Harry?

I am a newcomer as well, so I had to go into my incredible source bank of AMC scholars on my staff for this one.  Kate from "A Cynic Soaps Up" gives us this answer:  "Arlene was pregnant by Adam with Hayley when she married Harry. Harry loved Hayley and was a great father. We never saw Harry since Hayley ran away to PV soon after he died. She chose PV because her Uncle Porkchop was there. Arlene was a bad wife, to say the least. The only thing I can figure is that the fates gave Harry to Arlene so that Hayley would have one decent parent."

Kate is also disappointed that the baby was named after Mateo's emotionally controlling and abusive father rather than the kind and loving Harry.  She says, "if they didn't want to use Harry, Vaughan is a perfectly acceptable middle name."   So what's up with that, fans who voted for "Hector?"  Give us some method to your madness!

OK, Sage and the mags report that Cam is leaving and Cam says he's not. Who do I believe?

Doll, it's hard to know what to believe.  Not only are mags known for jumping the gun and reporting things prematurely, but the stars are known to bluff until the last moment of air time.  It's all one big game with us as the stooges.  Sage says he's going and he has a pretty good track record, so I'm leaning in that direction as likelihood, but hoping that he stays.


I am sure that I have seen the guy who plays Chris Stamp before, but I can't place him.  Can you enlighten me?

There are any number of places where you may have seen the rakishly handsome (Back OFF, Sage, he's MINE, down boy!  Down!  Go to your rug!  GO!  Mama SPANK!) Jack Scalia.  Prolific in both the big and little screen, you can view his body (rroowwll) of work here and his body of skin here:

Click me, baby

Brace yourself.  The pic on the front page of the last site is a doosie.  The Scalia role that walks through my mind at the most delicious moments is on Dallas as Nicholas Pearce.



I'm a long time fan of GH and lost interest somewhat when the Jagger Cates and Karen Wexler left the show and then again when the Jax and Brenda characters left the show.  I was glad to see Ingo return to the show as Jax and have heard only rumors about Vanessa Marcil's possible return.  Have you heard anything about her coming back?

I'm hoping there will be more storylines on Marisa's character because there's so little known about the Gia character she portrays.  She appears to have been very protected by her mother but there's no mention of her father ... or did I miss an episode that might have explained his whereabouts and place in her life?  Also I'm curious about Gia's past & in particular her past fear of falling in love and of protecting herself from being hurt by love. There's no doubt that (after her encounters with Nicolas and Stravos) she'll definitely be more paranoid & cautious about falling in love again but my question is what caused her to be that way before she dropped her guard with Nicolas Cassadine.  Also what's the rationale (if there is any) for the writers not including Gia's mother in recent episodes.  I would think her over protective mother would be front and center in nurturing and supporting her daughter since Gia's break-up with Nicolas.  Did I miss an episode showing such an encounter with the mother?

Holy moly!  Where to start on this one?  The rumors persist that Vanessa Marcil is coming back, no she's doing a prime time, no she's coming back, and on and on.  Her fan base has been clamoring for her return ever since that car went off the mountain.  After being teased with 17 seconds of screen time to usher Ingo's departure-turned-leave-without-pay, fans wait for any sign that she may return.  Official word from VM is essentially that while she won't rule it out in the future, she's not interested right now.  She has too many jobs on the table that pay more for less work and without the grind and politics of daytime (my words, not hers).  Don't look for a return anywhere soon.  It could happen, but consider it unlikely until the cosmos coordinates a time when GH can un-ass enough money to outbid primetime and VM has nothing better going on.

In regard to Gia and Florence and their history, you've missed nothing.  Very little was revealed before the new Executive Producer and Head Writer sank their mighty claws and jaws into the delicate white underbelly of GH and almost immediately, Florence disappeared off the canvas.  So much for the rich and vibrant family story promised to Real Andrews for the character of Taggert!  Our knowledge of Gia's history is limited to the fact that she dropped out of Columbia, much to the disappointment of her shrewish mother.  On speaking with the publicist of Lynne Moody (Florence) at the GH Fan Event in July, I can tell you that we aren't the only ones shaking our heads in shame at the loss of such a tremendously talented and beautiful actress.  The new regime focuses a demographic that has no room for anyone over 40 and GH (in fact, ABC) has long been criticized for excluding characters and actors of color from any position other than supporting cast.  Lynne lost on both counts to the 90210 mentality of the idiots in charge.  It is definitely our loss.



Once and for all, is the character of David Vickers being brought back or not?  I keep hearing conflicting rumors.  Also, do you know the origin of his unusual name?

We too have heard the back and forth on his return and right now, our sources tell us that it is occurring and is set for October.  There is also rumor of a recast (again) Tina returning briefly to Llanview.

As far as his name goes, Charles Curtis Watkins III picked up the name "Tuck" and, being concerned about the obvious potential of someone dropping an extra line on the "T", dropped the "K." 



As an avid ABC fan and PC viewer, I want to know why you people don't include more PC information on your site.  Sage NEVER comments on it, there are almost no Soap Box writers, it's seldom included in the Q&A column and you almost never update the Front Page News for PC.  Why do you even bother to include it on your site if you aren't going to do the job right?

Step back, my ill-mannered and short-fused little friend.  Perhaps a touch of Valerian for the short term and St John's Wort for the long term will help that evil edge.  In the interim, I will answer your so nastily phrased questions in case there are nice people out there wondering the same exact thing in a friendlier tone.  In no particular order:  When my then-partner Karen and I started EOS in August of 2000, we only included the shows we actively watched: AMC, GH and OLTL.  She did AMC and I did OLTL and GH.  After many requests from the fans, we chose to include PC as well and since Karen was the only one of the two of us who could even get the show, she was drafted into watching it and covering that site as well.  When she had to back out of the site due to work obligations, I was left with all four sites.  Complicating matters is that I live in a little back woods town called Sacramento, California and my cable company carries neither PC nor Soap Net, so I literally cannot watch PC.  Sage, as well as the majority of my staff, are in the same boat.  The ones who do watch it, especially Angie and Leigh, are exceptionally valuable in keeping the site afloat.  It's tough to comment on a show you've never seen other than to say, "Gee, I really wish I could see PC," which gets repetitive and doesn't make for very good journalism.  Currently, I'm told approximately 1/3 of the US cannot get PC.  I would imagine that explains why I have not been able to find many competent writers who also watch the show.  I'm thrilled for the ones I have.  News for the show, as with OLTL, is notoriously skimpy and I report it when we get it, even if I don't know what I'm writing about.  In the world of Eye on PC, it's unfortunately a "take what you can get" proposition.


Since you have so many kids, maybe you can help me with a problem I'm having with my two-year-old.  He's obsessed with unrolling the toilet paper into a pile onto the floor.  He's learned how to work doorknobs and short of locking the bathrooms (which is a big hassle for my 5-year-old), I don't know what to do other than buy out all the Charmin stock I can get.

You've come to the right place.  My son, Nathan turned two Sept 7th and shares the same fascination with TP, coupled with the tenacity of a Virgo with Leo rising and a Leo moon (yikes!).  The only way we have found to deter him is to buy the little door knob covers that look like this, available at Home Depot and other homey-type stores.  They cost about $5 for a pack of three.  They slip over the door knob and turn freely around the knob, but have to be squeezed in a particular way to actually make contact with the knob enough to open the door.  A two-year-old usually can't manage the hand span needed.  That's your first line of defense.  Do NOT get the kind that break apart into two sections if you can avoid it.  Kids quickly learn to put a tiny finger into the hole and pull the assembly apart.  Next line of defense is to put 1-2 wide rubber bands on your roll of TP.  The kid can still shred the TP, but it's not nearly as fun as the full roll, roll, roll effect and they get easily bored.  If you're still planning on investing in that Charmin stock, go to www.charmin.com and read up on the product.  While the page is loading, you'll be entertained by a walking bear, the one from the commercial that age-old question by confirming that yes indeed, the woods is a bear's preferred lavatorium supremus.

On that happy note, I'm outta here for the week.  You can send your questions to katrina@eyeonsoaps.com and you just might get an answer!  OK, that was pretty pompous.  Scratch that.  You'll get an answer AND you might be one of the lucky ones to find YOUR question published in "Ask Katrina!"  Whoo hoo! 

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