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 SEPTEMBER 19, 2001 


Q:     There was the cutest little boy on the 6-21-01 episode. He played a kid in the train wreck with Serena...she found him.  I think his name was Ben.   Anyway, I've been watching for him on PC and other shows. I think he might be the "Stuart Little" kid’s brother?  Any information you can give me on him?  Thanks, Wendy Caldwell 

A:      Nope, he’s not the brother of Jonathan Lipnicki, who played George in the movie “Stuart Little”, as Jonathan only has one sibling, an older sister.  In fact, there isn’t any information listed as to the identity of the actor who played in the role to which you’re referring.  His name was probably listed in the cast that week, but since then there has been no other info, sorry.  If I find anything I’ll be sure to include it in a future column. 

Q:     Who is the actor who portrays Rafe, Lucy's cousin?  He looks familiar!

Thank you!  LR 

A:      Lucy’s cousin Rafe, who makes his living as a vampire slayer, was played by Brian Gaskill.    Brian made his acting debut as David Michaels in Models Inc.  But if you’re a fan of AMC, you should remember watching Brian in the role of Palmer Cortlandt’s grandson, Bobby Warner, in 1995.  Brian left All My Children in July of 1997, to pursue other ventures.  

This blond, 6’2” actor was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, (although another source claims his birthplace to be New Jersey) on January 22, 1970, and graduated from the acting conservatory at State University of New York.  Brian is single and lives in Los Angeles. 


Q:     Hi Naomi, I know Kale Browne got replaced on One Life to Live but do you know if  he is going to return to soaps or not?  Suse


A:     As of this writing, there has been no word as to whether Kale will be returning to the daytime soaps, but if I hear anything in the future, it will be posted here.


Q:    I have a question about Kamar de los Reyes. I was wondering what his tattoos were.. each arm and one on his back.  Mary G.   

A:     Kamar’s right arm has a tattoo of a vine.  The tattoo on his left arm is anybody’s guess.  This is the only photo (at right) I have found that shows both, and I have been unable to find one of the tattoo on his back. The photos are posted purely for your enjoyment. J  


Q:    Hi! I have a LOT of questions to ask you about GH. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it. :-) I hope you can answer all my questions.   Amanda

    (1) Can you please give me all the details leading up to and about the night Emily tried to "fly"off the Quartermaine roof? 

It was in 1997, and Emily was having a difficult time trying to cope with her family and all their problems.  She began drinking and partying with her friend Matt.  Soon, they both began taking drugs supplied by the drug connection in Port Charles. After drugs took Matt's life, Emily, having overdosed on heroine, climbed out on the Q’s roof and tried to jump off. 

(2)  I've read before and heard people mention on GH that Felicia is an Aztec Princess.  Huh? 

Oh please must I?  OK, here it is, reprinted from an earlier question I received concerning the Aztec Treasure: 

        Frisco might never have met Felicia if it hadn't been for a ring that he bought at a charity ball, which he thought was only a piece of costume jewelry.  He had no idea that the ring was part of an Aztec treasure that Felicia wanted back. One night in the summer of '84, Felicia, disguised as a boy, snuck into Frisco's bedroom and hid under his bed while trying to retrieve the ring.  

           Felicia confided in Frisco that she was an Aztec princess, and her life was in danger. Frisco frantically tried to keep Felicia out of the public eye. However, someone desperately wanted to get their hands on her, and that ring which was part of an Aztec treasure. The ring, when coupled with a royal scepter was the key to a hidden treasure.

Among those who wanted the ring was Peter Harrell, Felicia's ex-fiance. 

            In an attempt to hide the ring and elude their pursuers. They went to Mexico, where Frisco agreed to help Felicia open the crypt containing the valuable Aztec treasure, but Sean Donely got to the treasure first and removed it just before Felicia and Frisco reached the crypt. 

            Anna Devane and Sean Donely secretly formed a partnership to fence the Aztec treasure. Robert Scorpio grew suspicious.  Then the treasure turned up missing again. Robert suspected Sean.  Sean suspected Robert, and Anna suspected them both. Only one man knew where the missing Aztec treasure was located because he had stolen it and hidden the valuables in the basement of the newly refurbished brownstone owned by Bobbie Spencer Brock and her partner, Jake Meyer. The culprit was none other than Grant Andrews. 

          Grant had snatched the treasure in a desperate move to win back his ex-wife, Celia, who was now engaged to Edward Quartermaine’s illegitimate son, Jimmy Lee Holt. They made plans to marry in a Gay Nineties-style wedding to be held aboard a train in a specially outfitted Pullman car.  Sean Donely agreed to help Grant transport the treasure on Jimmy Lee and Celia's wedding train.  When Grant discovered that Sean was duping him, he became anxious to redeem himself by teaming up with Scorpio, Anna, Frisco, and Felicia to bring Donely to justice. 

          Donely's reign of deception came to an end in Canada where he kidnapped Holly, who had returned to the United States and overheard his plans to transport the treasure. In hot pursuit of his former friend, Robert tracked down the treasure, which was hidden under a tarpaulin in a chalet in the mountains. He then set out after Sean, and the two met up in a tramway precariously suspended by a cable high above the mountains. With Anna

watching from below, Robert lost his balance and fell out of the car, apparently to his death. To complete the transfer of the treasure, Sean headed in the tram to meet the evil Mr. Wu. Instead, he was greeted by Wu's assistant, Mr. Yang, who was actually Robert, very much alive and in disguise.  And the mystery of the Aztec Treasure was finally over.   

(3) On the day of Lois and Ned's wedding, her old boyfriend Danny somebody or other, was preventing her from leaving her house to go to the wedding and he said something to the effect of,  “I can’t believe you’re going to marry this bigamist”, referring to Ned as the bigamist. What was he talking about?    

             In 1994, Katherine Bell told Edward Quartermaine to order Ned to marry her or she would go to the police with her knowledge of Alan's role in the death of Ray Conway, the man who had sexually abused Karen Wexler years earlier. To avoid another scandal, the Quartermaines forced Ned to marry Katherine.  Ned assumed a double life when he fell in love with, and married Lois, as he was also married to Katherine.    

Q:    Has there ever been ANY mention of Alexis having a younger sister?  And if so, why didn't the other Cassadine's know about her?  Brenda L.

 A:     Nope.  Until the character of Kristina was written in, no one ever spoke of Alexis as having a sister.  

Q:    I really love GH and have been watching for about 10 years.  I am a little distressed right now at the way the storylines are going.  The whole Nicholas & Gia situation is making me mad.  I really love these 2 together, have you heard anything about it?  Also, When are the people of Port Charles gonna find out about Stavros, he's been lurking around way too long.  And finally, have you heard anything about a Sonny / Alexis romance?  I think that would be great.  Angie Hagler  

A:     For the time being, Nikolas is caught in the middle, having to convince “Granny Dearest” of his loyalty to the family, while not wanting to lose Gia’s love.  I have a gut feeling that when all is said and done, these two will find their way back together. 


I have recently read that Stavros will go public after Luke returns to Port Charles, so let’s hope this will happen soon.


Many fans have commented that Alexis and Sonny would make an interesting couple, but since he and Carly are slated to get back together sometime in the near future, I seriously doubt that he would find romance with Alexis at this point in time.   

 Q:    Hi! I’m a HUGE GH Fan, I’ve watched the show since the 80's.  My question is, I loved the scene where Emily's real mom had, died. I think Amber Tamblyn did incredible acting, during those scenes, such as the funeral etc.  I was wondering if you know where I could find some pictures/video clips of those scenes.  I remember I came across a slideshow once, and found a picture, but that’s all. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!  Christy  

A:     I’m sorry to say Christy, that I have spent the last two hours searching everywhere on the web and have not been able to come up with any photos of Emily before she was adopted by Monica and Alan.  However, I do have one photo that I was able to scan for you, from my own resource, “General Hospital, The Complete Scrapbook”.  This photo shows Emily, her mother Paige, and the Q’s at their home when the Q’s invited mother and daughter to stay with them during the time when Paige was in the last days of her battle against cancer.

Q:    why did Tava Smiley leave GH? Did she get fired or choose to leave? We miss her!! Are any other characters planning to leave the show anytime soon or when there contract is over?  Love the site!   gh4evagals 

A:     The following info from Soap Opera Update 07/17/01, may help to explain Tava’s departure:           

“When Tava Smiley joined GENERAL HOSPITAL in the spring of '99 as Chloe -- a designer whose fashions filled the pages of Vogue and with whom Jasper Jacks (played by Ingo Rademacher) fell in love -- the future looked promising with a major story line. However, once Rademacher departed, Smiley was left to flounder in the weak -- and intensely bizarre – courtship known as Chloe and Stefan. Plus, the actress was being targeted in gossip columns and online, predicting she would be given a pink slip.

A representative for ABC says they do not comment on rumors. However, it looks like Smiley is leaving the show. She is anchoring a career outside of soaps. Smiley recently wrapped up a  role in the independent feature "The Courier" and just completed an E! WILD ON show in Arizona, set to air in October. The network liked her so much that reportedly they want to fly her to Italy for a few weeks to co-host another installment.”


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 “Ask Naomi” welcomes all questions from the readers.  I will continue to do my best to give you the correct information, but I can’t promise that questions concerning the private lives of soap stars will be answered, as many times this information cannot be confirmed.  ALL QUESTIONS WILL INCLUDE THE NAME OF THE SENDER.  IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS, PLEASE SAY SO IN YOUR INITIAL EMAIL.  THANKS.

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