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Are any of the original cast members still on the show?

Absolutely!  Three of All My Children’s original cast are still with the show:  The Grande Diva herself, Susan Lucci, Ray MacDonnell, who plays Dr Joe Martin and Ruth Warrick, who plays Phoebe Tyler Wallingford.

L-R:  Lucci, MacDonnell and Warrick

I was watching the classic movie, “Citizen Kane” this weekend and I was sure one of the main women was Aunt Phoebe!  Could it be? Just how old is she??

You got it in one, babe.  Ruth Warrick played Emily Monroe Norton Kane (Kane's first wife) opposite Orson Welles in the 1940 movie.  Ms Warrick has gone on to appear in several movies and TV shows since then, including the steamy soap, Peyton Place.  Warrick is 86-years-old.

Ruth Warrick


Melonie wrote with this information regarding a question from my Oct 20th column:  

Just a note to let you know that song played at the end of the Oct 17th episode of One Life to Live  is called "Tissue Paper Wings."  It's an original song by a singer named Michal, and is not available commercially.  She currently has an album called "Sky With Stars" out on Columbia records.

Did actor Tommy Lee Jones really used to be on OLTL?

Yes, he did.  Men in Black's TLJ played Mark Toland, who carried on an affair with a young intern by the name of Dorian Cramer while married to Joe Riley's niece, Julie. 

Tommy Lee Jones as Mark Toland 



Aren’t Lucky and Elizabeth related since Laura is the daughter of Rick, brother to Elizabeth’s father, Jeff? 

This question pops up from time to time and we’re happy to report that there is no blood relation between the two.  Laura was born to Lesley out of wedlock before she met and married Rick Webber.  When they married, Rick adopted Laura, so she has no blood relationship to Jeff, and therefore, none to Elizabeth.

Rick & Lesley Webber



OK, Miss Solve It All, let me run this past you.  I have a job that demands I be out and about quiet a bit, but I have a really big problem with being embarrassed to have someone hear me urinate in a public restroom.  Since most of the places I go have ladies’ rooms that are quite busy, this is getting to be a problem for me.  I end up holding it for most of the day and now the doctor says it’s causing bladder infections because I’m not urinating frequently enough through the day.  Any ideas?

Letting that "Miss Solve It All" remark go past without comment, I've got four words for you that will change your life forever:  Flush when you pee. 


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