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What was the name of the guy (both on the show and off) who was a close friend of Luke (not Roy Delucca-kind of an older guy) when he worked for Frank Smith? He has a semi-regular role on the vintage series, "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea", and because he was quite a bit younger in the late 50's (early 60's), it took a while to really recognize him. He had a nickname that sounded like Stuey or Sully, or some such similar tag, appropriate for a mobster. Please enlighten me, Your GH Sav-vyness!

OK, I'm cleaning off my Soap Pope ring that you might kneel and kiss it without getting bits of Capn Crunch with Crunch Berries in your teeth.  It's the little things that count.

I believe you are thinking of the nefarious Slick Jones, played by Eddie Ryder from 1981-1983, who just happened to appear in "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" as the character of Harker.  Sadly, Ryder passed away in 1997 at the age of 74.


There has been so much talk about Sally Struthers coming on as Jennifer Smith and the possible connection to Zander, possibly as Luke's son.  I'm confused.  Wouldn't that make Zander older than Nikolas?  How old is Nikolas supposed to be, anyway?  Wasn't he born after Luke and Laura were married?  When did Jennifer Smith fit in there.

First, I must call your attention to how much Chad Brannon looks like Jonathan Jackson in the above picture.  I'll wait while you ponder.  *insert wait*  Or maybe it's just me.  Wait.  I look nothing like Jonathan Jackson.  Anyway, Sage answered a similar question on his   message board and I'll just cut and paste the response with his permission.  Sage said:

Lord, don't try to make sense of it, whatever you do. I was thinking, and I might be totally wrong here because it's fuzzy, that Nik didn't come into the Cassadine fortune until he was 25. We know that 5 YEARS ago, he was working for and sleeping with Katherine Bell, so they would probably not bother doing that until he was 20 (but that's in real time, not SORAS) or so BUT Luke and Laura just had their 20th anniversary and Nikolas was born a little over a year after they married. The dumb thing is that I could write off the age difference to SORASing, but they made a point to mention it was their 20th, we know Nik was born after Laura was kidnapped and even if Stavros knocked her up the second he kidnapped her (and was know they were married at the time of said knocking because she was already doing Stefan as well and I doubt Laura got busy that fast), Nik would have been born a year after the wedding at the very earliest. So we figure Nik is, in reality, about 18 1/2, meaning he was somewhere around the ripe old age of 13 when Katherine was doing him and he looked like Tyler Christopher. No wonder Laura and Stefan were upset and no wonder people were impressed he was a PR guy for Deception.

Now, Frank Smith happened just about the time of the rape and on into Luke and Laura on the run, which was before the wedding. To my knowledge, we never saw Luke and Jennifer in the act or prepping for the act or afterglowing from the act, but if they are going to play this out (and Bob Guza is the king of changing history, expecially Luke and Laura's history and especially this time period of Luke and Laura's histry), we have to figure they did make love and Jennifer got pregnant and the result is Zander. Zander could also maybe NOT be Luke's (which removes the kissing cousins angle from Carly and Zan - I've had enough GH incest now that Stefan's gone, doggone it) and merely be Jennifer's son, most likely by her husband, Billy "Baggs" Boggs, but then, his name would probably not be Smith, so nix that idea. Nah, he had to have been born before Jennifer married Baggs, so I guess Luke is back in the running. Anyway, since Luke and Jennifer were set to marry in 1980 and she was not much seen after the aborted wedding, we can presume that if Zander is indeed Luke's, he's about 22, which is the only thing in this whole mess that makes any sense. *whew* Guess we shouldn't work so hard to believe the writers have a clue or care about the historic timeline. I think they figure we are just too tired/dumb/trusting to go back and do the math or else, that we just expect that it's going to be off and kick back to enjoy the show. I'm for the last one


I have often heard people use the phrase "Jesus H. Christ" in their swearing vocabulary.  Apart from the low-brow implications of using such a phrase, do you have any idea of it's origin?

You people just write this stuff to see if I'm as smart as I think I am.  Not wanting to get into a debate over the difference between "swearing" and "taking The Christian Lord's name in vain," I shall pass over the first sentence used in your question and move on to the meat of the matter.  ALSO, I have to stress that I will deal only in what is purported as fact by Bible historians (not by me because I am only an amateur historian) and not in religious speculation, debate or allegory (You guys hear that?).  My best guess is that it comes from the idea that Bible historians have traced the lineage of Mary, mother of Jesus, back to the Hasmonian tribe of Israelites who were in power over Israel prior to the reign of Herod the Bloody.  Herod's guys came in, staged a bloody coup (hence, his name - he was one particularly vicious guy), overthrew the Hasmonians and took the throne.  Thinking he had erased the last of them from the earth, Mary, according to historical theory, escaped, as did her cousin, Elisabeth, mother to John the Baptist (this must have been one phenomenally blessed family!).  The interesting part of this is that this does, in fact, make Jesus, as Mary's son, the true King of the Jews.  It also gives credence to the accounts given of Herod's freaky insane reaction to learning that the Messiah prophesied by the Old Testament Israelites had been born in Bethlehem, sparking off the slaughter of the innocents.  If he thought there were Hasmonian descendents left, he would want to kill off those who would vie for the throne and those would have to be male.  Anyway, since "Christ" is given as a title and not a last name, this particular exclamation, "Jesus H. Christ" could stand for Jesus Hasmonian, the Christ.  I have no better explanation and I figure this is as viable as any other.  When I was growing my, the father of one of my friends decorated the expletive to "Jesus H. Christ on a Skateboard," which always gave me interesting visuals.  

Yes, I do spend entirely too much time without noncomputerized adult companionship.

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