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The skye fans & I (from http://pub19.ezboard.com/frobinchristopherfansfrm1)wanted to tell you how we enjoy reading all the articles on your site.  However I have a few questions for you. Would you like the idea of maybe having Rob estes on GH? who would you pair him with *smiling* (SKYE)? Most importantly can you tell me the History of Aton Merrick(how old is he,did he have any scenes with Skye etc). I would really like for Aton to be recreated/brung back but on Gh for skye to have a great love interest.

I am not familiar with the work of Rob Estes, but someone needs to be served up to Skye and quick if Jax has no plans to put out.  Otherwise, that poor girl is going to spontaneously combust and there will be nothing left of her but a spot of grease and a charred foot.  

I was not watching AMC during the discovery of Dimitri's son and could not find a picture of him, so I though it would be nice if we just looked at a picture of the real Dimitri for a while.  OK, that done, I consulted Kate on the Anton question and this is what she wrote:

Anton was the result of a one night stand between Dimitri and Marick housemaid Corvina Lang.  Corvina, who had always had a crush on the "young master" seduced Dimtri one night. Dimitri was too drunk to remember the encounter but not too drunk to get Corvina pregnant. Anton was raised by Corvina's parents. He, and everyone else in Budapest, believed Corvina was his older sister.  The truth was discovered by Edmund and Maria on their honeymoon to Vadsel (sp). Every night they would hear a woman sobbing which lead them to the attic where they discovered some papers (birth records?) which led them to the town doctor. They realized that Crovina was the sobbing woman and she confessed that Anton was really her son. And Dimitri was the father.  Edmund and Maria told Dimitri the truth when they returned to PV. Dimitri was in one of his arrogant ass  moods and refused to believe them. Eventually he did accept the truth and invited Corvina and Anton to Wildwind.  Turned out Corvina was a bit obsessed with Dimitri. She did her best to make Erica's life a living hell (I really enjoyed this part.) Kendall went after Anton and he asked her to marry him. I really do not remember if they married or not. I do remember that Corvina and Kendall set up an elaborate scheme whereby Corvina and Anton would get all the Marick fortune-leaving Dimitri (and Edmund) out in the cold. Anton discovered this and dumped Kendall.  He then fell in love with Julia Santos, who was fighting her attraction to Noah Kiefer. After Julia and Noah got together, Anton and Corvina returned to Hungary. Anton went to medical school. I believe Corvina married a butcher.  Anton may have had scenes with Skye (Wildwind was a very busy place in those days) but I do recall them having a shared storyline.
He probably would be a few years younger than Jake but not many.  Of course who knows how old he would be if actually returned to PV.



GREAT GREAT web site you have.  I have one question that just keeps bugging me on the back burner of my brain: where did Stavros (and that coin of his) drop off to, and (ok TWO questions) where/how did Luke go to end up coming back UP through that same opening that seemed to only lead to an endless pit????????? (The scene where he scared Nikolas hahahahaha who thought it was dear ole daddy Stavros)  Thanks for any incite you can offer on this? 

Lovey, I think those are answers we may never have.  Since the entire underground compound was created by Helena, I can't imagine her having any booby trap that doesn't have a safety catch, just in the case of such an emergency.  Luke said he was sealing up the hole, so my guess is that he was rappeling down the hole or something, but it would take some talent to seal and rappel at the same time.  I would expect by the time Luke got around to sealing the hold up, Stavvy Baby was long gone if he lived through the drop.  You are right; however.  It would seem that to seal up the hole to hell, Luke had to be standing on *something.*

It appears that unless some wonderful surprise is in the wings, RKK is only coming back only to haunt the dreams of Nikolas and Gia, so at this point, it appears he may actually have died in the hole.  More's the pity.  Guess we'll have to watch to know!

I dunno!  That's about all the insight I have on this one.  :)


(Carried over)

Hello Katrina: My question is: Jessica Morris  once guest starred on The Young And The Restless, What was her characters name?

You know, I have researched this for a week and can only find that she was on the show, but I can't find the name of her character.  Anyone?


Answer this one, supermom.  As with most towns, ours has one strip that is all fast food restaurants.  Whenever I have to drive down to to get ANYwhere, my kids go ballistic begging for fries and burgers and shakes and crap.  I don't always have the inclination to pull over and drive through, but their begging always gets to me.  They are 6, 8 and 9.

Pfft.  Amateur.  Keep a cigar box of silver change under your car seat.  When you get within view of the restaurants, reach under and grab a handful of change and throw it in their laps and on the floor.  They will scramble to pick the change out of their clothes and the car seat and strain to reach the change on the floor (seat belts stay ON).  This should keep the little beggars sufficiently occupied while you gun it and beat feet down the dreaded street.  Remember to grab a few extras if you hit a stop light.  Even with a couple of stop lights, it will end up being much cheaper than driving through and definitely will be healthier!


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