I was absolutely shocked when, on the May 5th episode of GH, Sonny hit Ric over the head with a throw pillow.  At first, I laughed, but then the future consequences of this pitiful act dawned on me, especially when I considered how well known the GH “Powers That Be” are for running a concept into the ground, as well as rehashing old storylines. 

As it turns out, my fears are justified.  Here are some spoilers that justify those worries.  I don’t have any dates that go with these, but apparently this stuff is coming up throughout the summer. 


Ric gets his revenge on Sonny.  Ric sneaks up behind Sonny in a dark alley and beats him about the head and neck with a heavy-duty hotel pillow. 

Sonny ends up in the hospital because of the beating and seems to be okay.  They keep him there for a week though, just in case there are internal injuries. 

Faith steals the pillow from Ric.  She blackmails him into sleeping with her, telling him if he doesn't, she'll turn the pillow over to the cops as the weapon Sonny was beaten with. 

Carly recklessly leaves decorative throw pillows lying about the penthouse.  Little Michael steals one and takes it to school to show his friends.  Later, he goes to the Q's and hits AJ on the head with it.  Carly comes to pick Michael up and rewards him with ice cream on the way home. 

Sonny doesn't know who "pillowed" him in the alley, as it was a sneak attack, in the dark, from behind.  Jason suspects Ric, but he can't convince Sonny.  When Jason sees Ric, Jason warns him that he, not Ric, is the only one allowed to do anything to Sonny "in the dark, from behind." 

Faith pays Coleman to tell Courtney it was Jax who attacked Sonny.  Coleman agrees and makes up a story that he knows what happened because he saw Jax follow Sonny down the alley with a pillow, so he hid and watched.  At first, Courtney doesn’t believe Coleman’s story, but then Coleman tells her he is no fan of pillowing.  This convinces Courtney and she delivers the news to Sonny. 

Sonny calls Jax and threatens him.  He tells Jax to meet him at a warehouse downtown, alone.  Sonny steals a large pillow from the master bedroom and goes to meet Jax. 

Carly calls Jason and tells him Sonny is gone and there's a pillow missing from the bedroom.  Jason calls the chauffeur to find out where Sonny was dropped off.  Jason confronts Sonny at the warehouse.   

Taggert, tipped off by Jax, surrounds the warehouse and shouts "Come out with your hands up!  We have pillows!"  Sonny throws some goose down out the window as a warning.  Jason reasons with Sonny and gets him to give up the pillow.  They escape through an underground tunnel, leaving the pillow behind.  Taggert tells a disappointed Scotty that there's no way to trace the pillow AND the "Do Not Remove This Under Penalty Of Law" tag has even been removed.  Scotty is shocked at such blatant audacity. 

Liz walks in on Ric putting a pillowcase on a pillow.  She wants to know why he has a pillow.  Ric says it's because he's in danger and needs the protection only a pillow can bring. 

Courtney bumps into Jason outside of Kelly's and thinks he's happy to see her, not realizing that's a pillow he has stuffed down the front of his pants.  Jason doesn't have the heart to tell her he's packin’ Dacron. 

Sonny and Carly decide, for Michael’s safety, that they can’t keep pillows in the open.  They invest in a case of Space Bags to seal the pillows in and store them in a closet, not realizing Michael is well skilled in the art of “unzipping.”  Little Michael “Bwa-ha-ha’s” from a distance as he watches their futile attempts at pillow control. 

Arms dealer Luis Alcazar has a twin brother.  This is another telling of a good/evil twin story, but don't assume too much!  It seems Luis' brother, Cletis, is the evil one!!!  We first get a hint of this when he is shown smuggling an illegal shipment of pillows into the country.   

While they’re both armed with pillows, Ric and Jason run into each other on the docks.  A gruesome pillow fight ensues. 

Late Summer/Early Fall Spoilers: 

Faith steals Liz's "blankie." 

Ric sneaks into the penthouse and puts Sonny's hand in warm water while he's asleep. 

Luke toilet papers all the trees on Spoon Island. 

Cletis Alcazar sets his evil plan in motion by prank calling the citizens of Port Charles. 

Ric calls Courtney a "doo-doo head."  She says, "I know you are, but what am I?" 

Sonny gives Ric a wedgie. 


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