Griping and Moaning

Man, I keep thinking about Laura’s apartment number being “69” and I’m torn between laughing about it and just being offended. Well, okay, so I’m mostly laughing, but the offended part of my sensibilities is still there. I’m tired of GH digging at women in such a derogatory manner, constantly.

IMO, a show should only do little, silly crap like that whole “69” door number thing when THE REST OF THE SHOW IS GOOD!

I am amazed that someone had the attention to detail (if that’s what you want to call it) to put that on the door, yet the writers can’t maintain the continuity of a storyline for more than 2 episodes and lately, not even within the SAME episode (ex: Edward being two places at once: The Courthouse & Faith’s bathroom).

Speaking of Faith’s bathroom, how gross is it that Ned doesn’t even wash his hands, or anything else for that matter, after sex? If he did, he’d have run into his beloved Grandfather in the loo. I hope Faith tips room service REALLY well, because if Ned was wearing protection, it sure didn’t get disposed of in the bathroom. Eeeew!

Also, why does Faith have that little, crappy “poor people” hotel room? Shouldn’t she have some grand and sweeping mobster, hotel suite? I realize there are budget concerns, but please, she doesn’t look like the “we’ll leave the light on for ya” kind of gal. Where are her bodyguards? In the closet? Under the bed? Waiting their turn? LOL

Warning: Extremely long-winded rant ahead about the upcoming Alexis storyline. It’s really got me irked.

You may want to turn back now.

Last chance for food and snacks.

Okay………but I warned ya.

I am wondering, too, with this whole “Alexis as Kristina” storyline coming up, why TPTB keep having women on this show go crazy? Do they think that when all women hit their late 30’s, on up, that this happens? Do they think that’s menopause or something?

Ooops. I guess I should correct what I said about this being a storyline that’s “coming up”. While it might be coming up in the sense that I’m gonna toss my cookies, all of this, apparently, has been going on with Alexis “behind the scenes” so that we will suspect her of killing Alcazar at the last minute. So basically, we have missed Alexis’s day to day decline into this state of insanity. I don’t watch a soap so that I can NOT SEE THE STORY. Jeez! I mean, we knew she was having a hard time, but they have not played out how she got to this point at all. Its just “Ta-dah!” Here it is! Take it or leave it. Hmmmm.

I have griped about this “Alexis In A Red Wig” storyline before and have seen other posters on other boards who don’t like it either. There are always the posters who respond saying that “maybe it will be good” and Nancy Lee Grahn will “rise to the occasion” and “shine” and “win an Emmy” and all that. All I can say is, bless these poster’s hearts that they can be that optimistic. I hope they are right. I just know that no matter how hard I try to imagine this playing out well, I just can’t. I cringe at the thought. I think of how embarrassing this is to an actress as good as NLG.

I have no doubt that she will do as well with this material as is humanly possible, but I still hate the thought of it. There comes a point when the material can get so crappy and stupid, that it doesn’t matter anymore how talented the performer is. If TPTB had let us, the viewers, see her get to this state, we could have been drawn, slowly but surely, into this story. They have cheated NLG of that opportunity. (Hey, we believed that cities could be frozen for storyline purposes!)

I have actually seen some posters on other boards suggest that it might be fun to watch this storyline as NLG and Lane Davies will probably put a lot of humor into it. I think “WTF?” Humor? We’re going to get a crazy Alexis thrown in our faces for humor? We damn well better not. IMO, if they are doing this, there had better be a serious attempt at some heart-wrenching, soul searching, Emmy winning, Kleenex-grabbing, high drama here. If one of my favorite characters is going to get shipped to Ferncliff (yep, that’s the rumor) then it had better not be for laughs!

I mean, what is this now? “National Lampoon Presents General Hospital?”

“General Hospital: An Evening At The Improv?”

Hell, why not. It’d probably be better anyway. Just add a laugh track and we’re in business.

My biggest concern about this “Alexis as Kristina” storyline is: Is Alexis going to rearrange furniture and talk as much as Kristina did? ‘Cause if she is, that just might be the last freaking straw, folks! LOL

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