"Bye-Bye, Brenda"
-- A Poem, By Sonny Corinthos

I bid you adieu,
And want to French kiss you, too,
And totally suck face on the dock.
Even though we're just friends,
Our lust never ends,
Even without a permanent lock.

It went on a whole minute,
But my heart wasn't in it,
It was merely a chance to molest.
You know my ego is zealous,
Infinitely jealous,
I just wanted to show, I'm the best.

You know that I’m ice,
But I tried to be nice,
And give you a moment of joy.
Cause you know how it is,
My dick’s longer than his,
But for some reason you chose Candy Boy.

He had a trick up his sleeve,
Saying, “Nobody leaves,”
Then leaving you because we kissed.
It was nothing we planned,
But no one understands,
Instead, now everyone’s pissed.

Now you know that I’m right,
That Aussie’s no Knight.
Dumping you that way is a crime.
I know I’m the same way,
But if you’ll stay anyway,
We can say good-bye all the time!

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