A Purpose for Coleman

When I was lurking at some other message boards, I found some wonderful back story ideas for Coleman, using the storyline he's had up until now. I call them "fantasies" here, because I think they are too good for our current GH writers to come up with, much less, actually write. Some of them, on their own, made no sense in the long term, so I took the liberty of linking a lot of them together and filling in some blanks to come up with two main fantasies.

This posting is the first fantasy. Please read it and enjoy it and take it with a grain of salt. It’s just for fun. I assume you don’t mind “plotting problems” and inconsistencies if you are a GH fan.

Theory/Fantasy #1

"Coleman Is A Federal Agent"

The Feds need to investigate a possible crime ring in Port Charles (fill in the blank here: drugs, child pornography, etc,...). These suspects (on the low end of the crime ring food chain) are known to spend a lot of their time around some of the local strip clubs and sleazy bars. The Feds hope to connect them to the people in charge and so they buy out a strip club and put Coleman in place as the owner, hoping he can pick up a lead on something and work it from there. Sonny Corinthos is, of course, on the list of possible leaders of this crime ring since he is the local mafia chieftan.

One day, A.J. rams his vehicle into the building with his wife, Courtney, in the passenger seat. Coleman comes out to check things out and immediately realizes Courtney is Sonny's sister (he's been briefed so he knows all this stuff). He plays dumb though and proceeds to figure out that A.J. has no money. A plan is born. He then strikes a deal with Courtney to strip in the club to pay for the damage, hoping that, in time, either Sonny will find out about it, (get mad and do something the Feds can send him to prison for) or Coleman will become a friend to Courtney and find out things about Sonny through her. It has been made clear to Coleman that, if the opportunity arises, convicting the leaders of the "Five Families" would be top priority, no matter what he has to do or who he has to "sacrifice". They are tired of Sonny slipping through the cracks.

The plan seems to be working when Sonny himself shows up at the club one evening. Jason is sent to the club soon after, by Sonny, to guard Courtney, but no illegal activities to get Courtney out of her deal with Coleman ever materialize. Then one night, in a fit of rage, A.J. burns down the club. Coleman has lost his only link to Sonny.

While Coleman is looking over the ruins of the club, Jason shows up and offers to pay for the damages. Coleman accepts and the Feds buy Jake’s bar for Coleman to “own” as his new cover. Coleman is not happy at losing his link to Courtney and thus, her brother Sonny, the real target. One day, A.J. approaches Coleman with an offer to “stalk” Courtney so A.J. can eventually save her and be the hero in her eyes. Coleman jumps at the opportunity to have a new link to Courtney/Sonny. With the blessing of his bosses, Coleman carries out A.J.’s plans. He plans to somehow tip off Sonny about what A.J. is doing. Knowing how much Sonny already hates A.J., he hopes this will be the last straw and Sonny will make a slip (ordering a hit on A.J. or something). Things get out of hand and Coleman’s plan is thwarted when Courtney shoots him with the gun Jason gave her. Coleman knows this plan has failed and while he lies near death after surgery, tries to do the right thing and let someone know it was A.J. all along. Courtney doesn’t believe him.

When Coleman is released from the hospital, he helps Courtney to discover it truly was A.J. He knows this probably won’t get him “in good” with Sonny, but he really has no other choice in trying to salvage a relationship with Courtney, so he can still have some connection to Sonny. After Courtney learns the truth about A.J. however, she drops all ties to Coleman, too.

Coleman is disappointed, but realizes getting to Sonny through his sister was never the plan to begin with and it was just dumb luck he ever met her in the first place. He reports to his bosses and shares his opinion that as the owner of a sleazy bar, he just doesn’t travel in the right circles to be able to get to Sonny Corinthos or any of Sonny’s friends OR enemies. They are just too high up in Port Charles society. His bosses tell him to continue with his original mission (uncovering info about a local crime ring) and tell him to keep his eyes open for any opportunities to put himself close to any of Sonny’s friends, family or enemies.

Next, Coleman sees Skye Quartermaine hit Nikolas Cassadine with her car while she was driving drunk. Dumb luck strikes again. Coleman insinuates himself into the situation, knowing she’s A.J.’s sister and knowing she accused Sonny of trying to kill her at the Quartermaine boathouse several months earlier. Skye lets him take the blame for the car accident. Later Coleman goes to Skye’s house and tells her he expects something in return: a makeover and his introduction into Port Charles society. Coleman figures this accomplishes two goals, getting to know the people who directly make up “Sonny’s world” and getting close to one of Sonny’s enemies. An enemy with connections to many of Sonny’s other enemies, too (Jax, A.J., Edward, Ned). Coleman decides to accomplish a third, personal goal when he comes on to Skye and begins a sexual relationship with her.

Immediately, Coleman eavesdrops on Skye and A.J. talking about ways to set up Jason and Brenda for Alcazar’s murder. He reports to his bosses and is told to continue his relationship with Skye and to protect her since she could be the only witness to Alcazar’s murder. They hope Sonny was involved in the murder and may make some move to “silence” Skye in her accusations against Brenda.

Coleman begins working with Skye and A.J. to frame Brenda and Jason, hoping that charges against them may be another way to draw Sonny out. He even gets a false “witness” to testify that she saw Brenda murder Alcazar. Coleman brings Ida on the scene to accomplish this. She is a former con-woman turned snitch that Coleman has gone out of his way for many times, now he’s calling in a favor from her. Ida says she’ll do it if she can pocket all of the money she can make in the process. Coleman agrees, but is shocked when, several weeks into the scam, Ida is found dead in her hotel room. The Feds have reason to suspect that Ida owed money to some very dangerous people who found her and exacted their revenge. Coleman was hoping Sonny would make a move on Ida to get her to recant her testimony and now that plan is ruined.

Coleman hopes to be able to salvage something from this, but finds himself spending most of his time trying to calm Skye and A.J. down when they realize Sonny knows they hired Ida. Coleman hopes Sonny doesn’t know because, while it will be easier to get to Sonny with someone else leading the charge, it will be much easier if Sonny doesn’t see it coming. He realizes it’s too late when Sonny issues a not so subtle threat to him during Jason and Brenda’s trial. Coleman knows it’s probably safer for him, Skye and A.J. if they all back off Sonny for a while. He needs a new plan and a new way to attack Sonny, preferably behind someone else.

He finds that new opportunity in Faith Roscoe. After Ned points Coleman out to Faith as the “sleaze” who helped A.J. stalk his own wife, Faith realizes Coleman is a man with a price, so she makes him an offer to help her in her vendetta against Sonny. This is the best opportunity for Coleman yet, as he realizes he may be able to get two mob bosses “with one stone;” Faith AND Sonny.

Still, Coleman finds he still feels very attached to Skye……….

Another variation of this theory is that Coleman, while working for the government, is not an official agent. This is why he can do things an agent would never be allowed to do, such as stalking, kidnapping, etc.


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