Just some stuff I’m wondering about.  And some griping, too. 

Are we ever going to have a big confrontation between Emily and A.J.?  I keep waiting and waiting and nothing has been said.   

Remember, back in October 2001, Emily was off in that rehab hospital and Zander was planning to go visit her.  Zander was working for Sonny at the time.  That’s when Sonny kidnapped A.J., hung him on a meat hook and threatened him until he signed away custodial rights to Michael.  Zander witnessed the whole “meat hooking,” but wouldn’t back up A.J.’s story later to the police.  A.J. swore revenge on Zander, calling Emily and telling her a lie about how Zander had forced bottles of vodka down his throat until he signed the custody papers for Sonny.  Emily believed A.J. and wanted nothing more to do with Zander. 

So…what the hell happened with that? 

When Zander said he’d received a call from Emily telling him she was coming back home I wondered why she’d be so friendly as to call him since she wasn’t talking to him anymore.  I don’t count the phone conversations when Zander was on drugs and calling her up, Emily didn’t initiate those contacts.   

I expected Emily would return and not speak to Zander at first, Zander would then make her listen to his pleas of innocence.  I figured Emily would seem to blow him off, but then go to A.J. and either find out the truth from him or guilt Skye into telling her the truth.  I figured there’d be some big emotional scene between Emily and A.J. when she cussed him out for lying. 

This could have been some good stuff and could have played over a couple of weeks (at least), culminating in Emily looking at Zander with the realization that he’s still the good person she had always thought he was and much romance would begin. 

Instead, Emily and Zander are already screwing again, and if the writers remembered A.J.’s lie, they haven’t bothered to mention it at all yet.  Now, it’s really just too late.  This should have been the first order of business when Emily returned. 

If this has been addressed sometime in the past, then it must have just been glossed over because I watch this show everyday and have no memory of Zander being happy about Emily believing him and forgiving him. 

A good storytelling opportunity fizzles.


I finally got excited about NuGia’s storyline.  When she was talking to Zander about getting a job in Scotty’s office so she could get evidence to put him away, I thought “Hey, I could get into this story!”  Gia expressed doubts that Scotty would hire her, but Zander encouraged her to approach him at The Cellar, where he hangs out, and basically sweet-talk him.  Gia said she’d give it a try.  I was very interested to see how this would go.  I anticipated a fun and somewhat flirty scene as Gia, dressed to kill, approached Scotty in regards to employment.  I doubted Scotty would be too easily swayed so I expected she’d have to do some major butt kissing and ego stroking. 

The next day Zander said, “how did it go” and she said that it had “gone well” and she was hired. 

“What the f*ck,” is what I said. 

We didn’t even get to see it!  Since when the hell is the story told OFF CAMERA? 

I was so disappointed.  I had actually been looking forward to an upcoming scene on “General Hospital!”  Do you realize how long it’s been since I felt that way? 

TPTB are just a bunch of morons.  How is NuGia ever supposed to catch on if she never gets a chance?


All soaps are infamous for “rehashing” storylines.  That’s to be expected as long as soaps have been around and most shows will attempt to put a twist on things so it isn’t really like watching the same storylines as before.  If the twist is good and the story plays out well, I don’t care how often storylines are rehashed. 

What I don’t like is when the writers can’t even bother to throw in a twist.  GH has been really bad about this lately.  Carly falling through the ice and almost losing the baby, with Sonny having to decide who to save, Carly or their unborn child, was the worst “rehashing” of story I think I have ever seen in my 20+ years of watching soap operas. 

This was bad for many reasons, not least of all that it had already been done and by the SAME characters to boot.  The main reason not to do this again was because it had been done so well the first time, there was no way this second telling was going to be anywhere near as good and it wasn’t.  Plus, the writing was bad.  There was no true pain or angst in the words.  At least there wasn’t any for me and the actors just seemed to be phoning in their performances.  I wasn’t moved AT ALL.  It was incredibly boring. 

I wonder, did Bob Guza, the headwriter, say, “Hey, I would like Sonny to have to choose between Carly’s life and the unborn baby, like before only really, really lame this time.” 

To add insult to injury, THIS is what aired on the big, double-episode, 40th Anniversary Day and ironically Bobbie, Carly’s mother, wasn’t even around through most of it.  Finally, I saw her at Carly’s bed, sitting next to Sonny, barely in the shot.  I think she mumbled some stuff while other people were talking over her, but I’m not sure.  I imagined the following conversation on the set, as they were about to tape this scene: 

Crew Member:  “Shouldn’t Bobbie be around?” 

Director:  “Bobbie?  What the hell for?” 

Crew Member:  “Well, she’s Carly’s mother.  She also works at the hospital.” 

Director:  “Oh, yeah.  Okay.  Is Jackie Zeman even here today?”  

Crew Member:  “Yeah.  She’s here taping all her quick “talking on the phone” scenes for the next two months, then she’s outta here until late May.” 

Director:    “Run get her then.  Tell her it’s just for like, a minute.” 

Crew Member:  “You want me to get someone to write some lines for her real quick?” 

Director:  “Naw!  I’ll just have her mumble something.  She’s over 40 so we can’t waste much dialogue on her.  Also, try to get just part of her in the shot.   I don’t want her to ruin our “young love” vibe around here.” 

Crew Member:  “But Maurice Benard just turned 40, I think, something like that.” 

Director:  “So?  He’s a guy.” 

Crew Member:  “Yeah, you’re right.  That’s different.” 

Yeah.  Happy Damn Anniversary, GH!  What a joke. 


After Carly recovered from falling in the lake like a total dumbass, what the hell was that lame conversation she had with Sonny, in her hospital room, about him going to get orange juice?  Was this supposed to be cute and heartwarming or something?  I guess it could have been, if written well, but it was more like they were told to just ad-lib cute, funny stuff about orange juice and they TOTALLY sucked at it. After watching that scene, I felt so embarrassed for the two actors.  Also, I felt like I’d just sucked on a lemon or something.  It was not a good viewing experience.


Speaking of Carly falling in the lake like a total dumbass, what was up with that anyway?  Was this like one of the hokiest attempts at directing a scene, or what? 

First, there’s little Michael standing on the shore of the little frozen lake/pond thing with Carly standing on the opposite side.  Michael is gently tapping a little puck back and forth on the ice with his hockey stick, managing to knock it 8 or 9 inches in either direction.  Wow, what amazing action.  If I had a little boy that age knocking a puck back and forth like that, I would seriously wonder what team he’s going to end up playing for, IF you know what I mean. 

Leticia goes to get hot chocolate (from the hot chocolate stand?) and Carly turns her back on Michael, so she can keep talking to Dingleberry, I mean, Courtney.  Then Michael yells out for his Mom to watch him knock the little puck a couple of inches back and forth, she turns and he is actually on the ice.  He’s about two feet from his side of the shore and the ice begins to crack. 

Then we go to a commercial. 

When we come back Carly is leading Michael across the width of the pond to where she had been standing instead of bringing him to the shoreline he was only two feet away from!!! 

I was so distracted by the bad directing; I didn’t even really care when she fell in the ice.  Dumbass. 

How many ways can one say “stupid?”


Remember how so many of us were excited when Alexis was pregnant and we could hardly wait to see all the amusing scenes with Alexis hovering and fumbling over the baby and totally freaking out in that way all first-time mothers do?  Only, it would be Alexis and so it would have that special “Nervous Alexis” touch to it. 

Too bad TPTB gave all those scenes to Skye.  We got to see Skye holding a stinky baby and being confronted with changing a stinky diaper and getting spit up on.  They were great scenes, but they should have been Alexis’ scenes. 

Just my opinion.


 Who in the f*cking hell KILLED IDA???????????? 

This is aggravating the sh*t out of me, if that’s possible while simultaneously not really giving a damn because the answer will probably just be stupid. 

Maybe GH has finally figured out the very best way, for them, to do a murder mystery!  Just have a character be murdered by hanging, complete with dramatic silhouette of the swinging corpse then NEVER MENTION IT AGAIN!


How hot was it to see Nik and NuNu in the rain?  “NuNu,” of course, is NuNuLucky.  They were both looking pretty good, but I had to wonder why Nik was out walking around in the rain at Wyndemere?  That’s where they were right?  Or where they in some park somewhere? 

All I know is NuNu said he was going to Wyndemere to confront Nik, then he’s walking around the outside of some big mansion façade which I assumed was Wyndemere.  Nik came walking around from the other side.  So, like, why?  Is Nik out burying bodies in the rain or something? 

If it was a park, how did they happen to just run into each other there?  Is there only one way you can walk through town to get to the dock to take that little boat out to Spoon Island, or whatever it’s called, where Wyndemere is? 

Actually, it kind of looked like the outside of that church where Brenda saw Roy “fake shoot” Sonny.  Maybe they’re about to get rid of that set so they wanted to use it for one last time. 

It was just confusing, but the guys looked good wet so that’s okay. 

I don’t know when the last time was that I had to go walking around town in a heavy downpour because for some reason I can’t drive to where I’m going, at least part of the way, and I can’t wait for the rain to stop, I just have to go right then.  Actually, I don’t remember ever doing that, but if I did, I’ll just bet it sucked. 

But if I knew I’d run into NuNu, I’d go walking every day. 

Yeah, baby.


Am I the only one who wanted to crack up the other day when Courtney, while talking to Carly, said, “Oh, I get it.  Sonny wants me to leave town to protect me!” 

WHAT THE F*CK?????? 

What an idiot!  He has only told her that a million times.  What the hell is wrong with her?  Well, forget her, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WRITERS?  Are they wanting Courtney to seem like the biggest moron who ever lived?  Do they pay attention to what they write? 

And Courtney fans wonder why so many don’t like her. 

Oh, my God.


So is anyone thinking Summer is a Cassadine?  Why would Nik be the only person to help her find her missing brother?  There’s speculation on the Internet that maybe she’s some distant relation and Nik helping her is basically “keeping it in the family.” 

I’m not entirely convinced that she’s a Cassadine because they’re rich and she’s a prostitute  (i.e., not rich).  Maybe she’s from the poor branch of the Cassadine family, you know, a White Trash Cassadine. 

If she is, I hope Nik does right by her and her white trash brother by setting them up in true * “Trailer Trash” style.  Of course, he probably wouldn’t let her live at Wyndemere; that could taint the place too much.  Maybe he can buy her a doublewide mobile home with all new appliances and stuff.  Those are actually pretty nice, not “trailer-trashy” at all.  They make triple-wides, too and some of them even have a second floor.  Spiffy. 

If there’s a smaller, nearby island, then instead of ensconcing the new trailer near Wyndemere, Summer could just have a little island all to herself.   

LOL, “Spork Island.”


On the subject of Summer, did anyone else rejoice when she told Lucky that it had been just a part of the scam to tell Luke her name was Laura?  I was like, “woo-hoo” because I like Summer okay, but I’ve wondered how, if Genie Francis ever returns, they could have two Lauras on the same show? 

I hope this is a good sign that TPTB are looking ahead to getting the REAL Laura back.

I’m not holding my breath, though.


 God, help me.  I must really love GH because, despite all my gripes, I can’t stop watching it.  I need to make a list of good stuff.  My husband says, “Surely, you must see some good stuff or you wouldn’t watch at all.” 

I told him I’d, “work on that.” 

“And don’t call me Shirley.”   


* I reserve the right to use the term “Trailer Trash” as I am from Oklahoma and at one time, actually lived in an old, crappy, mobile home.  So if that offends anyone, then join the club because it wasn’t fun for me, either. 

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