Random Thoughts:

You know how many of us have wondered why Carly would befriend Courtney and be all approving of Courtney having a relationship with Jason because that is so out of character for Carly? Well, I think I figured out why Carly and Courtney have become pals.

I think the main reason behind Carly bonding with Courtney is so they don't have to use Jackie Zeman/Bobbie.

That occurred to me when I was watching Wednesday's show and Courtney was being the Fount Of Wisdom telling Carly to "just tell Sonny the truth." I realized, Hey! That's Bobbie's dialogue coming out of Courtney's mouth!

The character of Carly needs someone to explain her thoughts to and rehash the storyline to (so viewers are sure to keep up). That person is usually Bobbie, but now it's Courtney. So TPTB have found yet another way to plant Courtney into the middle of everything.

At least Courtney has the required bosom that is apparently required for good listening and advice-dispensing.

* * *

I just really like how the sherry glasses at The Grille, The Cellar and that Sonny came up with are all the same design. What a coincidence.

And I just loved Sonny's threat to Faith. I was laughing so hard when I put together what he'd just said (he drew out each word, hissing them at her) in his last scene with Faith. I was actually sitting there on my couch, repeating the threat out loud to no one, just to see if it's even possible to make it sound scary or threatening once you realize what he actually said. The way MB said the words, I bet a lot of people didn't even hear the laughable "threat" he made. This is what Sonny hissed at Faith:

"You won't be standing long (pause)....after I have you removed."

LMAO! Oh, no! D'ya think? But I'll be standing for a little while then? Will I just be standing for awhile until I'm bored and just sit down or something. LOL

I laughed at Jason telling Courtney why he can't leave "the life." LOL, he "needs danger." Whatever Jason, you jerk. Just bite me. (Really, I didn't know Sonny had named his penis "Danger.")

I'm wondering, exactly who does one contact to "confirm" who's behind a hit? Is there a toll free number or what? I know "Starsky & Hutch" used to get all their info from somebody called "Word On The Street" so I'm wondering if this is similar.

I really like how Ric, who got shot at The Cellar and had blood on the left, lower side of his abdomen now indicates to Sonny that the upper right shoulder is a good place to get shot. WTF? When did he get shot there? What scene was that? LOL, those zany GH gunshot victims.

Okay, it's official now. Liz is a completely obsessed and childish bitch. I am so sick of her smirky mouth. I am not a big Courtney fan right now, but more and more, I would absolutely love to see Courtney just grab a lead pipe and beat the holy sh*t out of Liz. Nobody, I repeat, nobody should be allowed to knock perfectly good cookies on the floor like that! It's a good thing Liz lives in PC because, hey, not in my town babe! You wouldn't be standing long after I had you removed! (I'll bet she's scared now.)

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