“As Martha Stewart Would Say, ‘It’s a good thing.’” 

With GH gaining momentum on good storylines, for the most part, I’ve been stumped for really major things to gripe about (excessive violence not included).  I’ve mainly noticed fun, little, petty things and the more I think about them, the more I realize they may be good things in disguise.  As a viewer, I just have to put a little more thought into them, that’s all.  What follows are some of the things I’m talking about. 

We don’t usually have to watch Jason kill anybody, so it’s kind of easy to just overlook that he’s a hitman.  It was horribly creepy watching him prepping to kill Faith in cold blood, but in the end, I was very happy to see that Jason has found a way of utilizing all that plastic sheeting and duct tape the government told everyone to go buy in case of a chemical or biological attack.   

Jason’s not just a hitman; he’s a resourceful hitman.  He’s like “MacGyver, The Murderer”, and that’s a “good thing.” 

Something else I noticed were the pairs of hot pink socks and lime green socks Carly and Michael were folding together.  Who in the Corinthos household wears hot pink or lime green socks?  I haven’t seen Carly wearing any outfit which would go with those and those are so NOT Leticia’s colors.  Is little Michael wearing hot pink socks to school?  There has just got to be a good story here, folks. 

Personally, I think Sonny is wearing those hot pink socks with a black suit and a piano key necktie while hanging out in karaoke bars doing his Desi Arnaz impersonation.  Sonny never gets to have any fun, so maybe karaoke is his main outlet?   

Just picture Sonny crooning, “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me.”  It’s a “good thing.” 

Have you noticed the new opening credits that debuted several weeks ago?  How the names of the characters are with their pictures now?  I think that is very user-friendly, as we might not know whom the hell most of those people are since “Sonny & Friends” have dominated the show for over a year. 

It really got me wondering though, why did “The Powers That Be” do that?  Did they just think that was neat or do they think we’re stupid?  You’d only have to watch one episode to have everyone’s names drilled into your brain, because every time one person speaks to another they have to say the other person’s name in every sentence. 

Example: When Carly and Sonny are alone, Carly can’t say, “You know I love you.”  She has to say, “Sonny, you know I love you.”  Every sentence is “Sonny, Sonny, Sonny.” 

Likewise, Lucky speaking to Summer, it’s “Summer, Summer, Summer.”  When Emily speaks to Zander?   

You got it, “Zander, Zander, Zander.” 

Do TPTB think we’ll get confused about who’s talking to whom or who loves whom? 

After careful consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s THE WRITERS who are confused.  One only has to reference the “Alcazar Murder Mystery” to see the obvious confusion I’m referring to.  I don’t think their proverbial left hand knows what their proverbial right hand is doing from one moment to the next.  Maybe this repetition of names is just their way of keeping the characters straight in their own minds, so they can concentrate on new things, like writing plots and developing these characters. 

This may also be a way for the writers to understand how the characters relate to each other.  I can just imagine the moments of awe in the writer’s meetings as one writer says to another, eyes wide in amazement, “Ohhhh, I see.  So Alan and Monica are like, married to each other.  I get it!” 

See?  The writers are really trying now.  It’s a “good thing.” 

A recent storyline development that caught my attention was Cameron’s reveal to Zander regarding Peter Lewis’s death.  I mean, here’s poor Zander walking around for what, five years, thinking he accidentally shot his own brother, Pete, in a hunting accident?  Pete and Zander’s father, Cameron, has openly blamed Zander for Pete’s death all these years, but now Cameron tells his son that a suicide letter from Pete was found several months after the accident, thus Zander didn’t really shoot him after all and Cameron has just decided to blame him all this time anyway. 


I have decided, personally, to pretend this unnecessary plot twist NEVER happened.  

Amnesia.  Try it.  It’s a “good thing.” 

It is obvious that Courtney is in good shape and works out, but those scenes showing her “kickboxing” with that punching bag have gotten on my nerves.  I’ve wondered what I, the viewer, am supposed to be getting out of seeing her do that?   

I think my question was answered when Courtney beat up Ric at his apartment when he was trying to kidnap her at gunpoint.  I thought that was great of her, by the way, but then she ruined it by turning her back on him to phone Jason.  I knew Ric was going to get up and grab her from behind, so that was not a surprise.  All that did was make Courtney look like one of the biggest idiots in all Creation.   

I couldn’t understand why the writers would have her do that, then I remembered the punching bag and it made perfect sense.  Apparently, Courtney needs to start practicing her kickboxing at a gym with a real person.  See, she beats up on that bag, just like she did on Ric, but when she turns her back on the punching bag, nothing happens.  She just didn’t realize that a real person might act differently. 

I’m glad the writers had the foresight to explain Courtney’s stupidity in this instance.  She’s had too many moronic acts go unexplained, so this was a “good thing.”  

I know that the Quartermaines sound like a bunch of dogs barking when they start yelling at each other at the same time, but do they travel around that mansion like a pack of dogs, too?  I love their arguing, but it always amazes me when some conflict occurs between two characters in the mansion and one of the two characters calls out for the other Q’s to “come here”, or the others are just drawn by the noise, and they arrive in a little huddle.  I just think it’s weird.  We already know that they can’t stand each other’s company, so I for one can’t imagine them grouping together in other areas of the house.  I’ve always thought that they only “group” in the living room or foyer to argue, but then I started noticing this whole “traveling in packs” thing and it has just fascinated me ever since. 

It doesn’t seem to matter where on the grounds they’re at, either.  The gatehouse, Emily’s bedroom, the foyer and the living room have all been areas where this “dog pack” phenomenon has occurred.  A door opens and suddenly, there are all of the rest of them.  Now instead of imagining them all off in different areas of the mansion, doing their own thing separately from one another, I just imagine them all roaming the halls and grounds in a little bunched up pack, waiting for the next argument. 

It is just fascinating, and that’s a “good thing.” 

Another interesting development was us viewers finding out that Coleman stood outside Ric’s motel room all night long the night Ric took a drugged Carly there.  Does this seem odd to anyone else?  It does to me.  Didn’t anyone see Coleman standing out there peeking in the window?  I have tried to picture myself doing that without getting caught or getting tired and I just can’t imagine it.  I just know someone would call the cops and I’d be hauled off to the pokey for being a pervert.   

What did Coleman do when he had to pee?  Did he just pee outside the motel room window?  Did he go around to the back of the motel to pee?  If so, how come he knows Ric didn’t do something then?  Ric could be a “30-second Man” for all we know.  Maybe Coleman peed in an empty Starbucks coffee cup?   I guess it’s believable that Coleman could stand there all night.  He is an experienced stalker, after all.  

However Coleman handled his bodily functions that evening, I am truly happy to know he is a noble dude and is not being left out of storylines.  Now, like half the men in Port Charles, Coleman has gotten to see Carly naked, too.  I’ll bet he feels really included.  That’s a “good thing.” 

Now to “NuNu.”  That’s “NuNuLucky” I’m referring to, by the way.  I call him “NuNu” because I imagine if he was my own personal sex slave, that’s what I’d call him.  Does he seem kind of stupid to anyone else?  He seems a little dim to me lately and I’m just wondering, since when is Lucky supposed to be so naïve about everything?  He’s supposed to be world-weary and wise, right? 

I’ve noticed this “dumbness” more when he’s with Luke.  When NuNu isn’t around his father, he almost seems like a grown man, but with his father, no way.  In his scenes with Luke, the name “Jethro” comes to mind and I keep expecting Luke to say, in true Jed Clampett fashion, “I’m gonna have to have a long talk with that boy someday.” 

I figure it’s a misguided attempt by the writers to make the nearly 30-year old actor seem younger.  Personally, I don’t equate “youth” with stupidity, but apparently the writers equate “viewers” with stupidity so, what can you do? 

It’s okay.  I like my sex slaves dumb anyhow.  It’s a “good thing.” 

Well, I think that’s it for turning my petty gripes into positive experiences.  Since I am well known to be totally “full of it,” I could go on and on, but I’ll stop now. 

I don’t want there to be too much of a “good thing.” 

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