“A New View Through A Rosy Hue” 

There have been many complaints, for quite a long time now, about the sorry state of “General Hospital.”  I should know because I’ve been one of the complainers, mainly about the writing (dialogue, plots, character development).   

I could go on and on, but everyone has heard all of this before and, at least for right this moment, I am tired of complaining.  Things are looking up lately, in almost every aspect, writing included, so I am hoping there will be a lot less to moan about in the weeks and months ahead. 

When a person gets into the habit of complaining and being miserable, it’s hard to stop.  I don’t want my own bad attitude to ruin my GH viewing pleasure, so I’ve decided I need to try changing my point of view.  Instead of viewing some of the recent, putrid storylines through a sickly and cynical eye, maybe I should put some rose-colored glasses on and view things from a happier place. 

Okay.  I’ve got my official GH “Rosy Glasses Of Love And Happiness And All Things Positive” on, how do things look? 

Ah, yes!  The “Sonny And The Darkness” storyline!  Everyone seems to assume that’s over with now, since Maurice Benard did a Public Service Announcement in which he called it “Bi-Polar Disorder” or something official like that.  I have read many complaints about this storyline, and before I donned my “Rosy Glasses Of Love And Happiness And All Things Positive,” I agreed with them.  The complaints I’ve read, in various soap columns and message boards, are regarding the fact that the show never brought Sonny’s mental illness to a resolution.  I disagree.  I think the mental illness question has been completely addressed and resolved. 

“Well, how the hell is that,” ask the still cynical.  Well, I’ll be more than happy to explain how in the golly gee that is. 

Writing a soap opera is truly a demanding art.  Art is ever evolving, abstract and mysterious and tends to evade the common person, or the “Great Unwashed” as Tracy Quartermaine might call them, who simply don’t have the intellectual faculties needed to grasp the finer nuances of what is called “a story.”  GH fans, of course, are of the highest caliber and can recognize this “art” with little effort.  If you open your mind to the creative art of soap operas, you will find that just because we didn’t literally see Sonny’s mental illness resolved doesn’t mean there wasn’t a resolution to a mental illness somewhere else on the show.  Remember, Pete Lewis did kill himself due to depression.  Mental illness; resolved, GH-style. 

Oh, how I just love these glasses.  I now feel totally satisfied with how “Sonny And The Darkness” played out, culminating with the shocking reveal of Pete’s suicide.  Superb. 

Something else I’ve seen complained about, even more so than the Sonny story, or any other for that matter, is “Jason And Courtney’s Love,” or “Journey” as their online fans call them.  There are so many people out there on the World Wide Web complaining about these two, it is unreal.  I, of course, have complained about them, too.  Now it’s time for me to look at them with my “Rosy Glasses.” 

Now that is much better.  What were once blank stares are, well, still blank stares, but now I understand the method to their “blankness.”  They are just so in love that thought escapes them and it is a beautiful thing. When I was cynical, their facial expressions held only negative connotations for me.  The sounds of them professing their love to each other made me want to puke or take a pee break.  Either way, seeing Jason and Courtney meant a “Journey To The Porcelain Throne.”  

Alas, with my fresh, positive outlook, this is no longer the case, for I am seeing the high art of soaps in glorious, innovative form here.  “Journey” seems so emotionless and free of sexual or romantic chemistry, but now I realize this is an artistic way of holding back the explosions of electric sensuality that are on the horizon of their love.  Our deprived senses will be shocked and deliciously overwhelmed by the chemistry that must surely exist between this pairing.  Think about it if you are feeling cynical.  Even if you don’t have any “Rosy Glasses” of your own, you know I’m right or else why would “The Powers That Be” have put them together?  Seriously, they aren’t that bad, just look for positive things; they’re there.  Just have patience.  We will be seeing their romance shining through any day now.  Or in a few weeks.   

By Fall, at the latest, I’m sure. 

What other story of late is there for me to view through a rosy hue?  Oh, yes, the “Alcazar Murder Mystery!”  I was disappointed with this story, so I am grateful to have my “Rosy Glasses” to reflect back upon this, because now I can truly appreciate it for what it was:  the most daring, sophisticated, writing daytime television has ever seen.  This wasn’t a murder mystery at all.  We all knew it was Alexis from the very beginning and that she would use an insanity defense to escape conviction.  This seemed so obvious and lame though, that we second, third and fourth guessed ourselves into a stupor.  There were so many plots and theories on the Internet, they made my head spin with the wonder of it all.  Nope, it definitely was not meant to be a murder mystery even though we called it one. 

The Alcazar story was an innovative example of “living art.”  It was living because we the audience, provided our own entertainment while speculating who the killer was.  The story lived and breathed with us alone, not the writers.  You see it wasn’t the intention of TPTB to ever have a surprise ending or sensible clues.  All they did was provide the basic elements of a story and let us do the rest, like giving us a blank canvas and some crayons and just letting us go crazy!  That was sheer genius, in my opinion, and I think we did a wonderful job with thinking up much better suspects, clues and plot twists.  We all deserve a pat on the back for storytelling well done and I am so grateful to TPTB for letting us be a part of things.  I shall cherish the experience always. 

For those of you who still believe it is always the show’s responsibility to write things well and entertain us constantly, I can only say to open your minds, take in the art of the soap opera and as a true patron of this art, shoulder some of the burden and be supportive as a fan. 

I apologize for sounding like I think I’m superior, but let’s face it, with my newfound “Rosy Glasses Of Love And Happiness And All Things Positive,” I am superior.  I can’t help it, they work when I look in the mirror, too. 

I can sense that the cynics among you still don’t believe my claims.  Well, see for yourself.  Beginning May 1st, the “Rosy Glasses Of Love And Happiness And All Things Positive” will be available on * “Shop The Soaps” for your GH viewing pleasure.  You may not always need them, especially with the exciting storylines we seem to be getting now, but as a former cynic I know, sometimes only a rosy hue will do. 


*I am not affiliated in any way with “Shop The Soaps,” “General Hospital,” ABC or Disney and I do not benefit financially from the sales of the “Rosy Glasses Of Love And Happiness And All Things Positive.”  I am only reporting my own experiences as a consumer.  Also, I will not benefit financially from any future “Shop The Soaps” sales of the “Now You, Too, Can Be Kristina Red Wigs” or the limited, designer editions of the “Journey Porcelain Thrones Of Love.”   

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