February 23, 2005

Last night while watching GH I had an epiphany. Yes it is true. I know, it is not something that is a regular occurrence with me, but it happened 

With the rumors/spoilers going around the net that:

1.      Tamara is leaving the show and may be recast

2.      Sonny is going legit

3.      Jason is going legit 

I think now is an excellent time for the following to occur: 

1. Letís bring some intelligence and respectability back to the PCPD.  I think that Sean Donnolly (and Tiffany, but I have a separate agenda for her) should come back to Port Charles and whip things back into shape.   What about Mac you say?  Well I will get to him later.   I think that Alexis and Ric could have serious chemistry with Sean, plus he is no moron and could actually bring some much needed respectability back to Port Charles.

2. Sonny has bought that big ass house, so Sean, Tiff and kids could move right back into the penthouse.  My memory is not great, but I believe when they left the show she was pregnant with twins (I am not sure of this fact).  I am sure they would have to be aged so theoretically they could be teenagers or more likely young adults. Mucho potential.  Sonny is rumored to be going legit, so this is a fantastic opportunity to bring back a decent Police Department. 

3. Not to leave Mac out in the cold, but this could be an excellent opportunity to have Robert Scorpio join the PC residents as well.  Mac and Flea could team up to follow some leads on Roberts whereabouts, spend a few months looking for him, blah blah blah, yadda, yadda  then Mac, Flea and Robert could become PCís most loved PIís. 

4. Tiffany- My favorite storyline.   I am sure many of you remember how beautiful Tiffany was/is.  I saw her guest star on an episode of Just Shoot Me a few years ago, and she played a former model who had gained a significant amount of weight since her younger modeling days.  In my opinion she is of course still beautiful, but maybe a little more real to the rest of us.  I know there are divinely lucky people out there that can eat a truck load of whatever and not gain a pound, but I ainít one of them and although I am envious of those people, I have hard time relating to them.  A storyline featuring Tiffany dealing with a weight struggle could be an excellent and extremely REALISTIC issue.  Here we have the once skinny, beauty queen that in her latter years is struggling with a weight problem.  The storyline would need to be crafted carefully.  I mean I donít want to see her drop all the weight in 2 Ĺ weeks in magic hospital, but a genuine struggle over a long period of time would be great.  DOOL brought in the fabulous Patrika (canít think of her last name) to play Nancy the wife of one hunky Dr. Craig.  Although Patrika is probably one of the more larger soap stars (she is no longer on the show), I do not think they did any type of storyline that dealt with her weight.  Which is a shame, because I am an overweight person, and I know how much I struggle with weight loss, if done correctly a fabulous storyline could be created.  It would actually deal with an everyday problem the majority ( I believe) of Soap Fan deals with on a regular basis.  I mean not all of us have full time live-in Nannyís that raise our children, nor do we seemingly not have full time jobs while having an endless fortune at our disposal. 

Let me know what you think..


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