The Writers have Amnesia or Sonny suffers from Selective Memory. 

I have been watching GH quite intently lately.  I love Ric and Alexis together, I was glad that the writers had Ric tell Alexis that he wanted a marriage without conditions.   I was completely captivated by the heartfelt discussion they had after Ric’s proposal.  They both really opened up to each other, more so than I have seen any other couple do in a long time on a soap.    

Now let’s talk about Sonny. 

  • First, has he really forgotten how Robin blew Carly and Jason’s life all to hell when she told AJ about Michael’s paternity?  I am not saying that a father does not have the right to know, but if Sonny is going to stand on his soap box preaching about how Carly denied him of 3 years of Kristina’s life, then he needs to also show some compassion for Carly’s reasons.  I know that the writers are using this deceit to end the Carly and Sonny saga, but come on.  Do any of Sonny’s fans really see that he is justified by his one sided point of view? 
  • Jason – Jason was right in the middle of the Michael Debacle.  Hell, both Sonny and Jason irrevocably severed all ties to Robin BECAUSE she told AJ.  It wasn’t until Lila’s funeral that Sonny was even civil to Robin.   Of all people I can’t believe that Jason doesn’t see Carly’s side without her having to even explain it.   I have been infuriated over the way the writers have completely destroyed the Jason/Carly relationship.  If I were Carly, I would tell Jason, thanks for nothing.  He did not support or try and help her when she and Sonny were in the midst of the custody battle, even though he admitted Sonny was wrong.  He blatantly lied to her about Sam’s baby, and now it seems that all the tears shed over him losing Michael have long since been forgotten.
  • Sonny claims to love his kids, but we know from spoilers that he is going to let Carly leave quietly with the boys, while he fights Alexis for custody of Kristina.  As a child of divorced parents, with half siblings, I can tell you that my heart would be shattered had either of my parents shipped me off to the other without a fight so that they could focus all their attention on gaining custody of another child.
  • I really wish Ric would hang Sonny on a meat hook in a freezer until he signs over all parental rights to Kristina.  Of course a better plan of action would be to lock Sonny in a small room or cell and tap into his claustrophobia. 


Trixie’s Top Ten Wish List for GH 

  1. Sonny goes to prison.
  2. Baby Lila Lives, and Jason manages to get all parental rights.  Then it is discovered she is not Sonny’s after all but Jax’s.  Jason and Sam have to go to battle against Courtney and Jax.
  3. The lab made a mistake and Ric is the perfect match for Kristina. (this one would solve the problem the above wish creates, while adding a special dynamic to the Ric/Alexis/Sonny situation)
  4. Bobbie tells Durant where he can stick his “ I hope you aren’t under the impression there is a future for us” statement.
  5. It is discovered that Helena had kidnapped, Mac, Lucky and several other key members of the PCPD and replaced them with look – a –likes designed specifically to be as incompetent as the PCPD has been made out to be.
  6. Emily and Nicolas move to Greece.
  7. Faith is exonerated on all charges and released from Prison giving her a second chance at a good life with the hot Justice Ward.
  8. Robin returns to PC with Anna and they enlist the help of Mac and Felicia in following up on leads that Robert is alive.  Mac, Felicia, Anna and Robin thus have a front burner story that has absolutely nothing to do with Sonny.
  9. Skye is cleared of all charges.  Luke and Skye become the new “it” couple and have hilarious antics aboard the Haunted Star.  Of course in order to get out from under Alcazar’s thumb, they borrow money from Dillon (trust fund) to pay off Alcazar’s loan, and He is an equal partner.
  10. I have said this before and I still think it would be an interesting couple Jo-Lo, John Durant and Lois.

That’s all for now!! 

Much Love!



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