Well the view from the couch is rather dusty.  Of course that is because I have been fighting my housework.  I just hate it.   I am wondering exactly when I signed the contract or agreed to the term of “all housework is the job of the wife/mother”.  I must have been drunk, because never in my right mind would I have agreed to that!   Yes, I can admit that certain jobs get delegated to my husband.  Like when the cat brings us the offering of a dead possum or mouse.  It is 100% totally for sure my hubby’s job to remove the carcass.  On the other note, I have cut the grass, edged the driveway.  I can’t use the leaf blower because for some reason the gods work against me any time I attempt it.  It never fails as soon as I turn it on a big gust of wind comes and blows everything right back on me.  It got to the point that my neighbors would come out on their front porches just for the entertainment as soon as they could hear the blower.   My husband and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary this past Saturday and it gave me time to reflect on certain things.   We decided not to give each other “big gifts” this year.  We are saving our pennies to finish part of our basement so the kids will have a playroom and so that I can reclaim my dinning room as a dinning room.  When you walk in my front door the dinning room is to the immediate right and there are not any doors, just a double sized open doorway.  There are so many toys in there it looks like we are a test facility for playschool and Little Tykes.  It is ridiculous.   I am very anxious to get all the toys into the basement.  I know many of you maybe shaking your heads saying, “Your kids will never play in the basement.  Kids want to be were the parents are.”  That is true however, my son detests housework as much as I do and since the playroom is completely visible I am constantly hounding him to clean it up.  Because he is the oldest (almost 7) and his sister and mess contributor is only 2, he has the unfortunate burden of cleaning up the majority of the mess.   When we decided to clean the basement I made him a deal.  I am going to put my old sofa, a TV, his play station, and of course all the toys into the new basement playroom.  I also told him that he would only have to clean it up once a month.   Other than that 1 time a month, I will leave him alone about picking up the mess.  Needless to say he was thrilled.   

My second favorite holiday is fast approaching… HALLOWEEN!!!   I love it.  It is so much fun.  I have been listening to my favorite Halloween Song… Season of the Witch.  It puts me in a funky kind of mood.  My hubby introduced me to it when we started dating about a million years ago.  The kids have their costumes all picked out.  My son is going to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and my daughter is going to be Piglet from Winnie the Pooh.   I have not decided upon my costume, or whether or not I will have one, but I love the Holiday just the same.   

Work has been soooo busy lately that I have not had time to even think about writing a column, much less actually do the writing.  Of course my two shows have done little to inspire me.  I was so psyched about DOOL.  I had just started watching it again after a long sabbatical.  The New Salem plot had so much potential.  Now it is just another silly Dimera plot.  I wonder how many dual GH and DOOL fans out there chuckled as Tony Dimera caused an earthquake with his “weather machine”.  That scene caused some serious flashbacks for me as that same actor once played a Cassadine on GH and worked a weather machine on GH as well.  Yes I now know how all the captives in New Salem can escape the Force field.  They need to use the numbers on the keypad to type in ICE PRINCESS and they will all be free!    I was soo hoping someone else was behind the evil plot.  Like maybe Kristen and Peter, or Marlena’s evil twin sister.   Anything but another stupid Stefano Plot!!! 

GH has been ok, but good lord I am surprised Sonny doesn’t have motion sickness from watching the entire world revolve around him.    I am lovin’ John Durant and although I really like the Lorenzo- Lois pairing, I have heard rumors that Lorenzo’s past love will be brought on screen.  If this is true… I vote for a Durant – Lois connection.  Think about it.  She grew up with Sonny, hates Carly and is such a dynamo on screen.  He is reserved and she tells it like it is.  It could work.  We could call them  JO-LO.  I ABSOLUTELY HATE THE FACT THAT ALL SPOILERS POINT TO BABY LILA DYING.  I so wanted that baby to live. 

Wish List: 

  1. Baby Lila Lives
  2. Sonny signs over all parental rights to Jason because Sonny is going to Prison
  3. Jason and Sam connect as a couple
  4. With Sonny out of the picture, Jason starts to re-connect with the Q’s.  Not 100% and not back to perfect Dr. Jason he was, but has him evolve into it.
  5. Ric and Alexis retain full custody of Kristina
  6. With Sonny in prison, Carly opens up to Steven Webber.  They make the mutual decision to send mafia Jr Michael to a boarding school for children of control freaks.
  7. AJ returns to PC with Lydia and a brood of kids.  He has maintained his sobriety and will continue too.
  8. NEM falls in love with the Garden of Aphrodite and decide to move there permanently.
  9. Faith is acquitted on some ridiculous oversight by Ric and she and Justice continue with a torrid affair.
  10.  Edward marries Heather. Finally gets clued into her whacky ways, and works together with Tracy to have her committed.  Since he is her legal husband he has the power of attorney to sign her away.

That’s all for now!!



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