Well it has finally happened.  After several weeks of writing I have received my one and only “hate mail”.  Yuck!  I like the encouraging and happy mail much better.    I can’t believe I was chewed out over Emily.  Can you believe it?  Oh well, you can’t please everybody all the time.   I realize that most of the women on the show wear lip gloss, and I can’t help it if it stands out on Emily more than anyone else.  I like Emily.  I think she is sappy and a little too goody goody, but overall I like her.  I think Natalia is a beautiful girl and does a fabulous job acting out what the writers have written.  I also know that Emily is a fictional character, and in my opinion every time she is on my TV screen I feel an overwhelming desire to run up to the TV with a tissue telling her to BLOT!   That being said lets dish the show. 

I am totally bored with the Felicia is the judge/Q family game of Fortune.  I think maybe this storyline had some potential but so far I don’t care.   Tracy should have been eliminated automatically, I mean we all know that Lila was no dummy.  Lila knew all of Tracy’s faults and although she wanted Tracy to make herself a better person for Tracy, she never placed expectations on Tracy to be what she was not.   I still like Jed Allen as Edward.  I know I am in the minority, but I like him.  I am glad Ned is getting a little more air time, and I really love the chemistry between Ned/Lois and BrookLyn. 

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I see a change in the air.  Has anyone else noticed that we are seeing the Corinthos Family a little less?  Not a lot less, a little less.   I think with MB’s impending vacation, the writers are like “whoa, we better involve some of the old characters back into some stories, that do not include Sonny/Carly or we are going to be up a creek without a paddle.”   I think the Who is my Daddy? story with Carly has loads of potential to show TB’s acting capabilities without her being in the constant shadow of MB.  If you think about it, every time Carly breaks up or is oan the outs with Sonny, they make her a complete helpless woman type in need of a man.  Carly was way cooler when she was doing Jason on the low-low, and hangin’ out at Jakes.  I like the edgy Carly, heck in her glory days she would have ground Rick up like mince meat in no time. 

Did anyone else let out an “awwwwww” when Liz told Audrey she wanted to become a nurse?   How sweet is that?   I hope they give Liz a story with some new “hunky” doctor.  I think Dr. Noah Drake should return, recently single, with his only son, who just happened to graduate med school and selected GH as his residency hospital.  Think of the possibilities. 

When they showed Bobbie with Liz outside of Kelly’s I paused my Tivo, to take a good look at her “refreshments”.  She looks great!! She doesn’t look over done, and although I did not think she looked “old” or bad before, whatever she had done during her last vacation was worth every penny. 


Heather Webber is spooky.  She doesn’t really seem mean or villainous like Faith, she just creeps me out. 

I like new Nikolas.  If we can’t have the “Bat” or “Hells” full time new Nik is an excellent substitute.    

Well that’s all for now.  I would love to hear your thoughts.   

PS… anyone with spoiler/scoop info, or just wants to chat about DOOL, please send me an email!!!! 

Football Season is almost upon us!!!  GO DAWGS!!




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