I was warned when I first asked The Fabulous Mrs. K. if I could write a column, that muse writers have it a bit easier because they write when the muse strikes them and do not have the pressure in writing a weekly column.   I thought pfft, I would write every week, she doesn’t know me or my ability to conjure up a clever article on a weekly basis.  Well, Mrs. K. it has been two weeks since my last column and I humbly stand before you corrected.    I have planted myself in front of my computer several times, and each time nada, zilch, nothing comes out.  I knew immediately that I just did not have the “stuff” for my regular article, so my first attempt was to link major/favorite characters with a popular (past or present) theme song, well that attempt sunk like a ton of bricks.  Then I thought I would write another fantasy episode, which sunk equally as fast.   So, my writers block coupled with the fact that I have been busier than a one armed paper hanger at work has left me dare I say… columnless… (insert gasp or shreek!) 

Here I sit, properly seated in front of my desktop, fingers at the ready, desperately searching for an appropriate article.   My attempt today will just be a re-cap of this past week, with my suggestions on how I would like to see GH written in the upcoming months. 

I enjoyed the way the writers handled Nic’s memory return.  It did sort of alarm me that a mental institution controlled by Helena would have such lax security enabling Nic and Em to escape.   I thought it was a poor choice for the two of them to immediately go back to the Q Estate.   I would have stopped at the nearest phone and called Jason to arrange residence at a safe house.   I don’t like the way they had Mary dressed in that bad  “Scream” imitation murder costume.  We have all known that she was unstable to say the least, but they could have made her murder spree a little less kooky and a lot more realistic.   I would like to applaud the fact that Thursday and Friday’s episodes did not show any of the fab four!  How long has it been since we had an episode that did not contain Sonny or his immediate entourage?   Too LONG!!!!   

Tracy Q. 

I have another statement that is sure to get me a lot of hate mail, but please hear me out.  Tracy drives me crazy.  It seems that every time she is going at it, she is yelling or close to it and the sound of her voice grates on my last nerve.  Please, please don’t get me wrong; I love Tracy’s character and the actress that plays her.  I wanted Tracy to come back.  She definitely adds spice to the “Q” mix, but lord, I nearly have to mute my TV when she goes on a tangent.  I do not feel the writers have gotten a true grasp of what Tracy is all about.  There have been far too many instances she has not quite acted or said the things the old Tracy would have.  I mean Tracy would make mince meat out of Heather (Heather is a whole other topic for later) and do it in a far more devious way.   It seems that Tracy is really all talk and no follow through.  I mean she keeps talking about herself like “You know what I am capable of, you better not cross me”, but so far she has not done squat.  It seems she is relying on her history as a scare tactic and no one is really falling for it.  I will give her proper credit for what she did to Georgie.  She wanted Georgie out of Dylan’s life and she came up with a devious plan and carried it out with the help of Sage, but in the end it did not work, Georgie and Dylan are still together and not destroyed in the “wake” of Tracy’s wrath as I would have expected 10 years ago. 


I may be in the minority, but I see a Golden chance to make Faith the New Lucy.   Justice has the likeability with the residents of Port Chuckles to pull it off.  Remember how hated Lucy Coe was when she returned to PC in the early ‘90’s?   She went after Dominique and did some terrible things.  Then she bonded with Dominique, had the baby, started running Deception and because a Good Girl and was matched perfectly with one Dr. Kevin Collins.  She still had her slightly devious tendencies that would get her in trouble, but it was generally harmless and we were all able to forgive her.   I could see Faith taking this course.   I am tired of seeing Faith as this psychopathic mob queen.  I would rather see her try a relationship with Justice.  Maybe it works maybe it doesn’t, but she could turn around and not be such a hated villain.  I realize every show needs some villains but we have quite a few on GH with Helena, Tracy and now crazy ass Heather, ooh don’t forget the previously hated former teen villain Sage.  We would not be high and dry in the villain department without Faith. 

CAH or Crazy Ass Heather  

What kind of future does this nut bucket have on GH?  She will not end up with Edwards money, that is a given.  She came to town and poisoned Lesley, and seems to have put that diabolical plan on hold to pursue Edward, which of course I let out a big EWWWWWWW every time I see them making out.  I was embarrassed for all the actors on the screen when she pretended to be a host body for Lila’s spirit.  I truly hope none of Anna Lee’s family was watching when she did that. (And when they pushed the wheelchair down the stairs, I really thought that stunt was in extremely poor taste)  I was somewhat relieved when it was revealed that she and Alice were in cahoots on the whole “ghost” demonstration, but then when she supposedly (you never know if she is now tricking Alice too) really was overtaken by Lila’s spirit I rolled my eyes because they went too far.  It just did not fit.  It is not that I don’t believe it is possible, but I thought it was very poorly shown.  If any of you are AMC fan’s you remember the hilarious scenes when Opal became Gillian, which was funny, sweet and was well written.  This is not the case with Heather and Lila. 

Bobbie Spencer and John Durant 

There is sooo much potential for a hot affair here that I can barely keep my fingers from scorching on the keys of my keyboard.   This could be fabulous.  I love Corbin B.  he plays nasty so well, and he and Bobbie together could be awesome.  Attention Guza and Pratt: DON”T SCREW THIS UP, YOU HAVE A GOLDMINE FALLING INTO YOUR LAP. 

Everything else 

I really hope that Alacazam’s former love is alive and well and some how tied to John Durant’s character.  I really like him and Lois together but it really goes against everything that Lois is about.  I mean she grew up around “wise guys” and it would not be fitting to her character to make Alacazam her soap permanent (nothing is really permanent in soap land) love interest. 

I like the idea of Sam and Jason.  I can’t believe I can say that, sorry Journey fans, but Courtney and Jason are kaput.   I really like the Jax/Courtney pairing they could be a lot of fun.  I don’t know what they are going to do with Carly.  She is sort of destined for doom.  Even with MB taking an extended vacation in December, he will inevitably come back and whomever Carly is with at the time will be toast.  Sonny is never going to allow Carly or the kids to be free of him.  No self respecting mob boss would, and since I do not see them completely diminishing the bad-ass-ness of Sonny, I believe they will just make Carly’s life miserable and ruin her character.   She is nowhere near the same character she was when she first came to town. 

Well, that is all for this week.  DOOL starts back on Monday from its Olympic hiatus and I can’t wait.  Also next Saturday is the first game day.  Georgia Bulldogs vs. Georgia Southern Eagles.  I will be there, wearing my red and black and barking like a DAWG!!!!



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