Happy New Year! 

I have been relatively impressed with GH as of late.  I am really digging the Ric and Alexis pairing, and I see him being really good for her and vice/versa.    I am starting to warm up to the Liz and Lucky idea.  Of course, is it really that hard to warm up to anything that Greg V is a part of?   The Bridget gives Sam a baby plot scares me.  I really like Sam. I really like Sam and Jason, and I do not have a problem with them raising Bridget’s baby, but if the writers are setting us up for a Bridget wants her baby back/Sam and Jason are heartbroken/Sam consumed with grief turns into a Psycho- Plot, then I want out now.  I know Jason is one of the fabulous four, but I like Jason, and I would like to see something in his life not turn to complete shit.  He stepped in for Carly and told everyone Michael was his son, and he cared for Michael while Carly had major Post Partum depression, then Carly comes back moves in with the Quartermaines, Jason looses custody of Michael and it breaks his heart.  How many of you cried when they showed the outline of Jason holding Sam’s stillborn baby?  I think Jason deserves a child, bottom-line. 

I am beginning to wonder if our new (presumably gay) Dr. Webber has been smoking the mistletoe.  Does anyone out there see any sort of chemistry between him and Carly?  I can’t see it and no, I have not been drinking the bong water again.  He is so laid back and easy going and Carly is one high strung piece.  I am glad she and Sonny are splitsville, and I am not exactly pushing for a Carly/Lorenzo reunion but Dr. Webber is just not her type.  Hear me out, because I am not suggesting any type of incestuous relationship, but instead of making John Durant Carly’s biological dad, he should have been her love interest.  Carly’s character is not going to work with a soft spoken, do-gooder, pansy ass boy like Dr. Webber.  She needs the tough guy, lots of money, that is not afraid to raise his voice, and understands that when in peril Carly is going to pull some crazy shit and he will have to bail her out both figuratively and literally.   Corbin B. has mostly played characters with an attitude, or characters you love to hate.  He is the perfect “type” for Carly.  Obviously now, that is not going to happen and I DO NOT WANT IT TO, but they should keep him in mind and use him as an example when casting Carly’s next love interest.  Carly needs someone that is more like… hmmm Dr. Chris Ramsey (remember from Port Charles) he was a schemer and a bad boy.  She needs a young Asa Buchannan, or Adam Chandler (PLEASE DON’T SEND JR TO GH!!) maybe a Palmer Courtland type.   

I love love loved the costumes for Jax’s hotel.  I know I may be accused of not paying attention, but what the hell is the name of the hotel?????  I know Jax named it after Courtney.  Is it Courtney Hotel, Hotel Courtney, Surely it is not Courtney Morgan’s , I guess I fast forwarded through the scene where they said the name of that joint, because honestly I don’t know and it drives me crazy every time  I am watching the show and they refer to how “Jax named the hotel after you….”  WHAT IS THE NAME???  [Katrina here pulling an editor insert:  It's "Metro-Court."  Tres' romantic, eh?]  Back to the costumes.  Skye looked fabulous I didn’t look that great before I had a baby, much less this soon after (Way to go Robin C!).  Courtney’s hair looked dorky, but her costume was cool.  Alacazam looked good, Felicia looked good, Bobbie looked awesome, I wish they would do more scenes that required elaborate costumes or dress-ups, I mean this is fictional Soap Opera’s right, we know that the plots are often ridiculous in nature, why not add a little fantasy dress-up to the mix.   I think for every shooting, rape, kidnapping and fire they should be required to give us one glamour glitteralli affair with ALL of the casts involved and dressed up.   Well that’s all I have to say this week about that! 

On another note… I have a Yogi Update. 

As I write he is at the vet’s being prepped for his final surgery.  They are taking out the pins and plates and hopefully once the surgical incision heals he will be ALL DONE!!!  They x-rayed the leg today and everything appears to have healed properly so he will be as good as new.   Thank you to everyone that took the time to send me an email, I appreciate all of your good thoughts and well wishes.  Here are some things I have learned. 

  1. If you love animals, marry a veterinarian they make a lot of money.
  2. The “newness” of puppy wears off in about 2.5 weeks for a 7 and 2 year old
  3. If your puppy breaks his leg and has to be crated for 6 weeks, get some earmuffs.
  4. Chihuahua’s are great companions for watching GH.  Every night after the kids are in bed and I settle in for my GH time, I ask Yogi if he is ready to watch GH- and surprisingly he is always game. He sits in my lap and we watch.  He is by far the best GH watching companion I have ever had.  He never asks “Who is that”, “Didn’t she die last year”, “I thought she was dating the other guy”, “when did those two hook up” “What is going on, can you explain this to me???”

Happy New Year!!!


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