Who Won?
A listing of the winners of the 2004 Daytime Emmy Awards

"A Cynic Goes to the Daytime Emmys"
By Kate Roach Brown

"If I Ran the Daytime Emmys"
By Carolyn Aspenson

“Emmys, Assholes and Ted King’s Big Balls” JenJen Gets a Whole Pepper Bouquet for Her (Highly) Critical Review - adult language.  May Offend Some Sonny & Carly Fans!

Dayna's On-The-Spot Daytime Emmy Review

Sage's Deeelicously Bitchy Emmy Award Review

"Can I Lick Those?" A Review of
the 2004 Emmy Awards
by Carol Banks Weber

- adult language

"Now That You've Seen It All"
by Kathy Hardeman
A Review of the 2004 Emmy Awards Show