The Daytime Emmy's don't start until 9, but I'm joining SoapNet on the red carpet.  It looks like the interviews will be conducted by Allison Sweeney (DOOL), Walt Willey (AMC) and Linda Dano (formerly OLTL and goodness knows she won't let us forget, Another World) 

7:32 - Allison Sweeney interviewing Drake Hogestyn and James Reynolds.  Love her yellow printed dress.  I always love those floral prints, and always want to buy them but end up knowing that my husband will tell me it's sofa-ish.  It's a girl's girl dress.  She's a doll.  

 Somehow, Linda Dano talks about "fashion, of course".  *SNORT*.  That is all on that subject...just *SNORT*.  She interviews Dierdre Hall who is simply gorgeous in a classic white Sonny Choi gown and wrap.  Hmm, her one shouldered spaghetti strap is kinda weird.  

Lorenzo Lamas is back on daytime?  Where have I been?   

Ty Treadway alert!  Ty Treadway alert!  Lisa Rinna is millimeters away from showing us her nipples with the sheer white gauzey Reem Acra gown trying to cover them.    

Chad Brannon interview clip!  Aww!!  He says he won't get a haircut this year because he got one last year and didn't win.  I'm so sad for Zander.  I feel like lighting a lighter and swaying to the music that was Zander.  *sniff* 

7:41 - Kathy Brier with Linda Dano.  She brought 14 friends to the show this evening.  She had some kind of deal with Cover Girl stylists and reveals that Stacy London from What Not to Wear dressed her - great plum/burgundy dress but the overstyled mullet 'do doesn't work for her at all.  Or anyone else on the planet, for that matter.   

GREG VAUGHN, INGO & TYLER CHRISTOPHER!!!  Alison Sweeney interviews.  And there's the guy who plays Max but Alison doesn't acknowledge him.  The presenters bag includes some hunter green lingerie (Tyler's favorite, he jokes).  There's also an orange Invicta watch.  Greg and Tyler munch on Alison's popcorn (*swoon*, I have some kind of fetish for soap guys and snack food - remember that Alcazar scene on the docks?) and Greg mentions the Low Carb market in Santa Monica. 

Dear God, Greenlee (Rebecca Budig)  is married to the Bachelor dude?  Bob?  Her ring is a ROCK!!!  Gosh, she's gorgeous.  Very flattering black gown.  They just got engaged last night.  Aww - they look happy but he just always struck me as being kinda cheesy.  I really gotta start buying the Enquirer again.  Or at least stop taking my kids to the grocery store with me  so I can read it in line. 

TB interview clip.  Talking about the characters on GH being so complex that they need therapy.  Complex ain't the word, honey.   

7:49  - Cynthia Preston and Tamara Braun.  CP is gorgeous in red!  TB's wearing plum Roberto Cavali.  It's a fab dress.  Cavali on CP too.  WOW - her hair extensions are down to there!  Cool ponytail.  TB's hair is snoozey, but the dress is way hot.   

Walt Willey with Melissa Reeves and Matt Ashford.  Melissa Reeves and the satin nurse's dress is kinda creepy.   

Alison Sweeney with Ilene Kristen.  Roxie shoulda done her alter ego's hair!  A turquoise gown that matches her eyes, notes Alison. 

Eden Riegel with Linda Dano.  Eden looks great in a simple white gown by Reem Acra with (in her own words), "Harry Winston bling bling".   

MB & RH - I missed whatever Maurice was saying.  He looks fantastic in a dark tux with red shirt and tie.  Rick Hearst is in a white shirt and grey silk tie.  They are beautiful, no matter what you say...words can't bring me down.  Sorry, I got a little carried away there.

Heather Tom asks Linda Dano is she's chopped liver after Linda waxes on and on about her jealousy over Alison getting Maurice and Rick.  Heather's dress is Alexander McQueen that sports a low drop in the back with a dangling jewel thingy. 

Switch back to Alison Sweeney who has Kristen Alderson and Bree Williamson.  Thank God that Bree chose black Louis Vuitton.  I remember the tablecloth that she wore last year - yikes - perhaps she got herself to a stylist.  Her Canadian accent is evidently even more pronounced when she's not acting.  Oat in a boat, she is.  

Alicia Lee Willis saunters up to Linda Dano.  She pimps TB.  Her dress is Nicole Miller and looks GREAT.., it's kind of a dusky purple/charcoal color.  Her boyfriend "John" is hot - I thought it was Taggert at first, but I guess this guy isn't black.  Just gorgeous.   

Linda Dano is an extremely close talker.  I thought she was gonna slip Kim Zimmer some tongue ( ! ).  Seriously, she gets right up in everyone's face.   

Alexa Havens (Babe, AMC) and Jill Larson (Opal) flirt with Walt Willey.  Alexa's dress is very un-Babe like in that it's not pink, but olive green. 

8:11 - Walt Willey talks to Rachel Ames (Audrey Hardy, who is Liz's gramma) regarding her Lifetime Achievement Award.  There's her airtime for the week, lol.   

Nancy Lee Grahn!!  Linda Dano calls her Fashion Royalty.  Nancy snorts and claims that she's clueless.  Nancy has a short dress with a black chiffon train.  Cover Girl and Stacey London got to her as well.  The dress is...(I don't wanna diss my girl NLG) not what I would have chosen.  Her hair and makeup look fabulous.  Nancy praises Anna Lee (Lila) for being a true feminist, remarks that the atmosphere around the set is celebratory, not melancholy, in light of her death.  Anna Lee had a beautiful life and no wrinkles, quips Nancy.  Then she kisses Linda Dano right smack on the lips.   

Walt Willey greets Megan McTavish (AMC, head writer) and they lament about how Jackson Montgomery was created by Megan in the bathroom, on break. 

8:27 - Walt Willey interviews Brian Frons.  He remarks that the changes Brian has made include the fact that Thorsten Kaye (who's standing there) will eventually be on all 4 soaps.  That's the best idea he's ever's too bad that he's joking.  He also states that he's sorry that Alicia Minshew (Kendall) and Susan Lucci (Erica) were not nominated this year.  The actress who will appear as Lily Montgomery (Jackson's daughter) on AMC on June 1st is really pretty and blonde.  Sure hope she can act.   

Linda Dano has Erin Hershey Presley and Brian Presley.  No telling why they're in attendance.  Oh, he's nominated?  Sheesh - I shoulda looked at the nominee list a little more closely - who'd a thunk it?  Erin's wearing Laundry - it's a cute black dress.  Linda talks an inch from Erin's face. 

OMG!  Alicia Minshew's dress!  Emanuel Ungaro -like hell,  it looks like she got caught in the tiger cage.  That's horrible, even if Alison Sweeney is lying and saying it's great. 

Gina Tognoni interviews with Linda.  She's wearing Nicole Miller and is really, really excited about premiering as Dinah on Guiding Light, or most notably CBS. 

Susan Lucci!!  She's with her daughter Liza Huber.  Susan's wearing va-va-va voom red Cavali and her daughter kinda fades into the woodwork in lavender Emannual Ungaro.  It would be really hard to have that woman for a mom.    Is Linda Dano drunk?  Why is she getting so damn close to everyone?  Susan Lucci has spectacular shoes, it should be noted.   

Roger Howarth laughs that Ryan Seacrest called and wants his haircut back.  He looks great.  I really need to start watching his show now that Sarah Brown is going to join him.   

Oh gosh, Scott Clifton in a bowtie.  He's such a doll.  Kinda geeky, but just a doll.  He's escorting Linda Dano into the ballroom, or whatever they call the place where the awards go down.  He has an interview clip describing his happy dance as flailing arms, flailing legs and white teeth.  He threatens to perform such a dance if he wins. 

9:00 - The Awards Begin!! 

Vanessa does a Friends spoof to highlight some of Daytime's great moments from this year.  She's so purty.  Good grief - the thing ends with a Sonny and Carly kiss.  I need another drink.   

(I'm really excited about Vanessa hosting!) 

Oh gosh, she looks half naked in that half gold dress!  She won't monologue, sing or dance - she's giving the winners their time to thank the people who got them where they are today.  That's...innovative, but I think I'd rather see her sing, dance or monologue... 

9:07 - Rick Hearst wins!!  Best Supporting!  He looks great and mentions loving Tamara Braun like a sister, thanks Maurice Benard for "bringing it every day" and tells his wife that he loves her madly (aw!).  He alson thanks Vanessa for giving the honorees the time to thank and then gets emotional when he mentions that it's the third anniversary of his dad's death.  I wub Rick Hearst.  

9:13 - Cady McClain goes on and on and...well, on for a really long time.   

9:19 - Ellen DeGeneres is one of my favorites. :) I get a little tired of her pantsuits but I guess she thinks she's making some kind of a statement.  She celebrates the 35th anniversary of Sesame Street.  Big Bird and Al Roker in tuxes... Meredith Vieira in the song with racing stripes down the side of her dress.  Hmm.   

9:25 - Wow - Vanessa introduces Tyler Christopher and Natalia Livingston as her ex-boyfriend and his onscreen girlfriend.  Tyler looks incredibly hot.  Oh, my.  Natalia's wearing blue (I  Tyler is working that gum, my goodness. 

Ooh, Frisco is presenting!  (Jack Wagner) With Lorenzo Lamas (who knew?).   

Ooh, Emeril is presenting!  I think Sonny could feasibly quit the mob and start being Emeril-like.  Y'all know he can cook some sea bass.  

9:38 - Best Younger Actor category.  I think I hope it's Zander.  YAY!  OMG!  It IS!!!  That's just purely freakin' fabulous.  A hex upon the ABC house who fired him.  They suck.  He rules.  I'm glad!  I'll be the one to give the honorable mention to Scott Clifton.  Good grief - what's wrong with these GH actors going on about the awesome writers????   

WOW!  Chad Brannon just thanked Jesus Christ for saving him.  I'm totally floored.  I've heard a bajillion people thank God, but I can't recall an actor on any award show saying "Jesus".  Major props to Chad for not being afraid to do it.  I'm really happy for him on all accounts. 

9:45 - Ty Treadway alert! Ty Treadway alert!  AWWWWW..he just announced that his wife Monica is pregnant - she only told him right before tonight's show!  I watch SoapTalk about 3 nights a week and feel like I know these people... I think I'm getting teary eyed for the Treadway fam! 

9:51 - Best Younger Actress award.  Some chick from the Bold and the Beautiful, uhh...Jennifer Finnegan.  She also won in 2002 & 2003.  Eden Riegel looks really disappointed, I think.  Alicia Lee Willis looks to her boyfriend with a beaming smile that just might be concealing an "OMG. I can't believe I didn't win" thought.   

Nancy O'Dell (Access Hollywood) has the most grating voice in the world.  She highlights all the soap villains, crime and disasters of the year.  It's fun to see Mitch Lawrence again.   

9:56 - General Hospital just won Best Directing.  Uhh, why? 

Ellen wins!  I wub her!  She just rawks. 

10:05 - Cameron Mathison and Alicia Minshew.  That dress she's wearing is pure horror.  Literally, it appears as if she was confronted by horror -the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, maybe.  "Get that bitch, Leatherface".  Ew, *shivers*.  Ryan looks hot and covers nicely when they goof up Bob Barker's non-appearance to accept a win. 

Greg Vaughn looks all hot doing the intro to the best GH scenes of the year, *sigh*.  They show the one where Nikolas and Emily make love and his head is right between her legs as if he's about to you know what.  I squinch my eyes shut and it's hard to recover and view the Skye tossing water in Tracy's face scene with any relish.  The independent scenes make the past year look so interesting.  Deceit, I tell ya! 

10:09 - Quickly, we move to Best Writing Team and it's a very good thing that GH did NOT win.  Don't encourage those crazies! 

10:27 - The View girls!  The category they're presenting shows?  Home Improvement?  Somehow Suze Orman wins.  Snoooooze on The Whatevers of Money.  Service Show Host....that's the category.  Pfft. 

10:34 - Michelle Stafford gets Best Actress.  I can't say that I'm sorry Tamara Braun didn't win.  Everyone was sure acting like she was a shoe-in.  Wish it was NLG.  *sniff* 

10:40 - Uh, Kassie DePaiva looks like she dressed for the Grand Ole Opry.  All she needs is the Minnie Pearl hat with a tag.  That ruffly  collar is just...1974 or so.  Trevor St. John looks gooood in black. 

The one Young and the Restless chick is wearing a feathered headdress.  Yikes. 

10:43 - Best Actor...Maurice Benard's scene in the white Panama Jack getup that he wore when he seduced Sam on the island.  He looked hot, but it ain't enough for me.  Go Luke...  

10:44 -  YAAAAY!  He wins.  Go Luke, Go Luke...Drink Bacardi like ish your birthday...  He says "Maurice, you was robbed" and speaks in...Spanish?  He's flabbergasted and thanks us very much.  I'm really glad it wasn't Sonny so as to excuse another year of Sonnyvision, ahem.   

Vanessa presents Anna Lee's Lifetime Achievement Award to her son, Jeffrey Byron.  She sounds like she's gonna cry.  *sniff* 

10:52 - This is it - Outstanding Drama Series.  The Emmy goes to... The Young and the Restless!  It wasn't GH, It wasn't GH!  Can we just launch directly into Judas Priest's "Some Heads Are Gonna Roll"? or am I being premature? 

Wow - I couldn't have asked for things to go more my way unless Nancy Lee Grahn would have won.  Hopefully these Awards will help shed light on the fact that GH doesn't really have the best writers.  That they let go of great potential in a character and storyline (Zander, his relationships with not only Emily but Liz, Alexis, Cameron, Sonny, Lorenzo...) and that, basically they aren't exactly right on in continuing to milk the beast that is Sonny and Carly.  'Twas a good show with the only real eye popping behavior being Alicia Minshew's gown.  Hope you enjoyed it as I did and with that, I'm flicking over to the Oriole game and falling asleep on the couch.  Thanks for reading!!! 

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