Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All…You See A Little More

Really, I tried.  By 7:42, kids were fed and busy, no pressing tasks awaited me.  Time to relax, catch the last few minutes of Emmy preshow hype and enjoy the Emmy’s.  I flipped to SoapNet only to see Linda Dano with a death grip on some poor lady’s arm, standing way too close, with her face taking up all the space in the shot.  My first Emmy thought was, “Sure hope she just ate a breath mint.”  After a minute of fluff discussion on who designed the dress and a missed cue by Walt Willey I decided that I could find something more enjoyable to do until the Emmy’s actually began, like clean a toilet. 

The dresses fascinated me this year.  There seemed to be two types of dressers – those who showed some skin in an effort to look their best and those whose goal was to show as much skin as possible.  Admittedly, I am ABC biased so I paid more attention to their dresses.  No men showed up in 70’s ponchos, Matrix coats, or bare chested so I called ‘em handsome and watched them go by. 

There were the classy, “I know who I am and I like myself.” dressers.


And then there were the “Look at me!  Look at me!  I’d rather be naked.” dressers.


And some were a category onto themselves.


If you look at her from the top down, she started out wanting to be daring and naked

but then she changed her mind.

Gorgeous as always, I loved that she didn’t allow her dialogue to be

prewritten in a fake, nonVanessa style. 

Note to Lisa Rinna:

If you can’t control your nipples, please leave them at home

or wear a dress with sturdier material. 

This is more Lisa than I ever wanted to see. 

Rick Hearst, Supporting Actor, is a class act.  Carolyn tells me I have a crush on him, but it’s more of an admiration for him.  Thanking everyone, his wasn’t a quickie speech and I liked him anyway.  Plus, he looked good.  I have to talk nice about him while I have the opportunity because Monday he’ll be IckRic again. 

Kathy Brier, Ilene Kristen, Kathy Brier, Ilene Kristen – I chanted but it didn’t work.  I was certain that any ABC actor nominated would win the category.  Maybe because I only know the actors from ABC soaps but why should that stop them from cleaning house at the Emmys?


After serious reflection and a couple years of Sesame Street vacation, I’ve reached the conclusion that I still enjoy Grover, Big Bird and Cookie Monster, but Elmo’s scratchy high voice hits me like fingernails on a chalkboard.   

Congratulations to Ty Treadway and his wife, Monica, on the upcoming birth of their child.   

How come Tyler Christopher still looks and acts like an arrogant Cassadine when he’s Tyler Christopher?  If there isn’t a no gun chewing while presenting rule, there should be!  Why did he wear his wedding ring on the wrong finger?

At least he wasn’t blowing bubbles. 

Yaayyyy! Chad Brannon won Younger Actor.  So there, GH.  They should have kept him and the fans knew it.  How cool of him to thank Jesus Christ and mention salvation.  He kinda took a deep breathe and put his faith out there.  I find it ironic that a person can acceptably thank friends, family, coworkers, and myriads of others.  They can thank Ghandi, Allah, Mother Teresa, and the Ghost of Christmas Past and people will smile with tolerance.  When did thanking God become an uncomfortable eye roll?

My husband says if he ever wins an award,

he wants to dress like Scott Clifton. 

Jennifer Finnigan for Younger Actress?  Where did she come from and how could she possibly emote better than Eden Riegel?  Even when I don’t like Bianca, I pay attention to the character.  Granted, I am far from expert regarding AMC, but Bianca seems like a barometer of sanity for the show.  As much as I love my GH, I hoped Eden Riegel would win. 

Why does the camera keep panning to Martha Stewart?  Do I need to see her bland reaction to soap category winners?  Last year Brian Frons kept showing up.  Oh, there he is, smack in the middle of the GH cast.  I wonder if Mr. Frons knows he’s in charge of two other soaps as well as GH?

Help!  I’m choking on all the remarks running through my head!

“Wanna buy some stocks?” 

I like the Lifetime Achievement Awards.  It’s appropriate to honor and acknowledge the folks that have walked the rough plank of soapy stardom before and smoothed it with their hard work. 

Suze Orman, Service Show Host, is possibly one of the coolest ladies on the planet.  She used to be a waitress; she worked on Wall Street; she decided to change her attitude and way of dealing with money.  Finding success, she wrote a book, another book, and ended up on TV teaching people about attitudes and dollars.  She’s the Dr. Phil of Finance. 


I know, I know, I am totally biased.  Pfft!  Tamara Braun should have won Lead Actress.  I bet no one else got shot in their sex brain and lived to act out their fantasies with Lorenzo Alcazar.  Michelle Stafford can thank who she wants but the question drifts through my mind wondering if her win was influenced by the snafu from last year. 


Anthony Geary, Lead Actor, I salute you.  You are the coolest, most interesting, influencing, standard setting guy on Soaps.  OK, already!  I know I am ABC biased.  I don’t care if his hair isn’t done, I’m happy he won the Emmy. 

Anyone know what he said in Dutch in his acceptance speech?

All in all, an interesting show that moved along quickly.  I’ve been sitting here debating over some of the pictures I saved because they made me laugh, in a snarky way.  However, I find myself kind of snarkied out and unwilling to make fun of breast tape, dresses that came out of the strawberry patch, dresses bought from a peacock farm or stolen from a watercolor painting gone bad.  I’ll let you figure out where to apply those remarks.


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