“The phone books are here!  The phone books are here!”  Remember that line from the old Steve Martin movie, “The Jerk”?  That’s what I think whenever Reese or Sonny show up in a scene together.  It’s not that I don’t like them together.  Goodness knows, Sonny’s wand of love hasn’t seen much action lately and arrogant as Sonny is, he’s still sexy in a love scene.  But their scenes seem so…..inane and pointless.  First, Reese ran back and forth across the park searching for or caring for Michael.  She’d show up at the police station to argue with Ric or Durant and then run back to Sonny’s for no apparent reason.  I laughed when Reese followed Durant through the park and 10 minutes later Durant followed Reese through the park.  See?  “The phone books are here!  The phone books are here!”  Now Sonny burns up shoe leather between his house and Reese’s hotel room or, now, the hospital.  Why?  Heck if I know.  It’s certainly not to discuss his “purpose in life” because Sonny found that a long time ago.  It’s to populate Port Charles with as many little mobsters and mobsterettes as possible. 

Up until Sonny cast his love spell over Reese, I enjoyed her character.  She should have held out for longer.  Like a couple years maybe so I could respect her in the morning.  Now, sadly, she’s just another of Sonny’s women for him to throw over for Carly after she breaks Lorenzo’s heart.  Wouldn’t it be great if Carly *gasp* actually fell for Lorenzo?  Sonny could spend years yearning for his one true love that he let slip through his fingers because he couldn’t resist the razzle dazzle of the lower parts of his anatomy.  And speaking of little mobsters, let me just note for future storytelling the Reese slept with both Ric and Sonny within a day’s time so she’s prime baby sprout material. 

Anyone else notice that when Michael pitches his fits, Jason and Sam run after him while Carly and Sonny barely glance up to see which direction he’s headed?  Sonny and Carly don’t know what to do now that Michael’s real therapist and nanny (Jason) is telling them Michael needs professional counseling.  I think the audience understands that Michael is a mixed up, murderous little boy but the writers seem to believe that if they have Sonny and Carly say, “We love you” enough times, Michael will be fine.  I think they told him 13 times in one episode last week.    

So Lucky and Liz are facing extreme poverty?  I am enjoying the Liz and Lucky scenes, they click in a good way, but not finding much empathy with their debt issues.  C’mon, he’s a policeman and she’s a nurse.  Definitely, they can be overextended, but they both hold professional positions.  It’s not like they’re selling hotdogs on the corner or working for minimum wage.  Pfft!  My advice to them is to call 1-800-Payment-Plan and find another avenue to build a storyline. 

Suddenly there’s a plethora of happy on GH.  Jason and Sam (my personal favorites) Jax and Courtney, Lucky and Liz, and Carly and Lorenzo for a couple minutes.  If I had my way Spanky Buns and Buck would’ve lasted a looooot longer, arguing and maneuvering with Skye and Luke.  I admit to replaying those scenes, laughing all the way through. 

Anyone catch Kelly Monaco on the Wednesday night dance show?  Sounds like fun.  If I could slow down I’d love to watch it.


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