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Since there is no AMC commentary by Sage unless tremendous sport is made of Ryan Lavery in some way, here is this week's offering.

Beyond how I amuse myself with this show, all I have to say in regard to it is:



  • Natalie gets on Evangeline’s case (and nerves), based on nothing more than incorrect assumptions, when she should’ve stepped off.

Oh girl, she gets on my nerves too.  That mouth just gets all kinds of out of control, contorting and bitching and flailing about while her eyes never change is all pretty scary to me.  I'm thinking, "Just shut...up...please...before you make an even bigger, fatter ass of yourself."

  • Cristian stares incredulously at pictures he supposedly drew of pyramids, lots of pictures. A strange note falls into his lap from a law book he’d been studying.

Is it from King Tut, who he also secretly lusts after and to whom he was married in another programmed life?

  • Cristian arrives at his own conclusion about Carlo’s role in his brainwashing. It’s a pivotal role, Cristian believes.

And may I just say that I LOVE the notion that Carlo was behind all of this.  Christopher Thom's performances have just been perfection and have reminded me of how much I adore him.  Although I know it's a temp return, I'm holding out for a more permanent presence.  If only...

  • Carlo rubs his hands with delicious anticipation for his next plan of attack, involving Cristian.

Meeee too!

  • Evangeline alerts John to the likely prospect that Cristian might face his Waterloo.

Ha!~  Cris' or John's?

  • Natalie and Rex make vows to move on with their love lives. Translation: Natalie is ready to let Cristian go, and maybe Rex is ready to let Jen stay dead.

I'll bet Jen is glad to hear that!  She'd make a funky zombie.

  • Viki issues John an, “I’m sorry.”

um, for WHAT?

  • Rex and John’s investigative work pays off for Antonio’s custody case. Their evidence enables the arrest of R.J.  As Rex combs through possible proof that R.J. engaged in criminal acts, and John shakes down the criminals attached to R.J., R.J. sits confident in his ability to procure sole custody of Jamie.  R.J. is taken into police custody by John, right in the middle of a custody case.  Custody, by default, goes to Antonio.

*blink*blink*  Uh... OK.  Anger Management Boy is back into full time parenting and only pummeling people on the side, I guess?

  • Lindsay doesn’t take it very well when Antonio shows up to assert his custodial rights.

No doubt!  I'm waiting for the sobbing, "YOU CAN'T TAKE MY DAUGHTER!" scene.

  • The custody issue taken care of, Antonio asks Layla to tag along while he hunts down Jessica. He leaves out the part about what’s driving Jessica/Tess, though.

Damn.  There went my "the only good thing about this..." line.  I hoped A would give her the boot once he got his kiddo back.

  • Bo and Nora engage in a bitter dispute until, Nora seemingly drops dead. Close enough.

Sadly, we're back to horseshoes and hand grenades.  Evidently, she lives.  >:<

  • Bo speeds Nora to the hospital, where Michael, then Spencer tend to her. Nora experiences a seizure while under Michael’s care, so Spencer is paged immediately.

Can we get a psychiatrist in there too?  Did the surgeons who operated on AMC's Jonathan throw the brain tumor out the window and into Nora's ear or something?

  • In the midst of their diagnosis, details arise: Nora has suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and could die if the doctors don’t go into emergency surgery now.

Wow.  She screamed herself to death.  Diggin' it.

  • Following the surgery, Spencer rocks Bo’s world with the dreaded prognosis. Nora survived the procedure, but she may never revive.

The operation was a success, but the patient died?

  • Bo’s emotions run the gamut from terror to guilt over Nora’s dire condition. He’s at Nora’s bedside in the hospital, afterwards, throwing himself upon her mercy.

It's easy to apologize to comatose people, but when they are in public screaming at you until your hair blows back and your face melts, apologize seem a bit trite.

  • Rachel, Nora’s oldest daughter, stays put beside a comatose Nora, too, during this time.

At least they show some form of realism.

  • Marcie and Hugh drop by. Nora’s coma inspires Marcie to continue penning her (preachy) memoirs.

How terrified were we all that Marcie would not write dumb preachy crap in her laptop any more?  Let me count the frickin ways...

  • Dorian waves the damning computer disk in front of Spencer’s face, insisting he back off surgery on Kelly, or else.  Dorian assumes Spencer will do as she orders.

Little does she realize with whom she is dealing here.

  • Paige seeks out David’s counsel and assistance on the matter of Spencer.

You know, one problem OLTL has had for decades is that they drag out stories until no one really much cares any more.  Let's just hear what the story is with Paige and Spencer and be done with it, already? 

  • Spencer shows his fangs to Ginger, when he interrupts her breaking, entering and riffling through his private property.

Oh yeah, bad Spencer for being testy about such things.

  • Tess lies to Jessica, in assuming the negative reaction of Antonio to the possibility of them carrying Nash’s unborn baby.

Well, admittedly, that's a real sticky mess.

  • Tess, for her part, keeps news of their unborn baby a top secret.

But how long can you have the flu without someone thinking you're either pregnant or dying?

  • Tess also plans to take care of the pregnant situation privately, via a trip to the family planning center.

That should be one very interesting power play.

  • Tess fends off the ghosts of her DID origins.

Once again, dragging out a story beyond the point of interest.  It's a fine line, OLTL, a fine line.

  • Nash struggles with his own ghosts.

Like he knows problems compared to the whole J/Tess thing.

  • Todd will only allow that Margaret is with child, but nothing else, when discussing the issue with Viki. He leaves out the part about a missing Margaret after the boat incident.

or Margaret missing the boat after getting booted into the water?

  • A tabloid article pisses Blair off, because she’s the star in it.

and I'll bet it's not about the Lost Company of Melador!

  • Todd reassures Blair about a permanently MIA Margaret.

And someone must truly start to wonder how he can be so sure.

  • Cut to the lake and the floating corpse bobbing around in it.

Especially now.

  • Blair suspects Todd of something, possibly heinous. And endeavors to exact details, no matter the cost to her sanity.

Well, that comes cheap from what I've seen.

  • Todd and Blair figure they can just pick up where they left off, pre-Margaret.

Because they don't seem to be very bright, really, when it comes down to it.

  • Still seething from Adriana’s betrayal with Rex, Duke presses his lips to Ginger’s.

I just threw up in my mouth a little.  I'll bet Duke did too when he was kissing Ginger.

  • Duke relays the juicy details of his tiff with Adriana, to his dad Kevin.

I'm picturing a little barking, yappy dog here.

  • Duke gives Adriana the cold shoulder.

That's OK, Rex's shoulder is plenty warm.

  • Kevin thinks Adriana should let Duke off her hook already, as in, sever ties.

Meeee too.

  • Next week:  Rex watches, transfixed, by the lake… John and Bo stumble upon a most terrible sight (might be the corpse of Margaret with the tiny corpse inside her)… Tess decides to save herself by killing her unborn baby… Cristian rocks Evangeline’s world by sharing his theory with her… Antonio and Nash get to know one another. Duck!

Ha!  More like "goose!"



  • Carly didn’t exactly jam a sickle through Emily’s vital organs. But somehow Emily tripped on the sickle and injured herself anyway.

Here, I'll give Carly a hand with the strategic sickle placement process.  I have an effigy of Emily that I've practiced killing about 5000 times.

  • Nikolas comes upon the grisly scene, summons an ambulance, accompanies Emily to GH, watches helplessly as his wife faints dead away in the transport.

It's an Emilysickle!

  • Nikolas tattles to Lucky about Carly’s part in Emily’s injury, with John Durant inconveniently listening in.

How dare he tell the truth that Frickin Lunatic Carly skewered Emily!

  • The latest incident, which nearly killed Emily, finally convinces Sonny to stop kidding himself and haul Carly to a mental facility.

Well, it's about damned time.

  • Before Sonny can say, “straitjacket,” Carly pleads with Sonny not to leave her alone to fend for herself.

God forbid she had to do that in her life.

  • Durant arrives to put Carly in police custody for trying to kill Emily. At the sight of Durant, Carly flees and then tries to commit suicide.

The words "doing his job" come into my mind.

  • Sonny saves Carly from dooming herself in the nick of time.

As long as he doesn't trip on his cape and fall on a sickle...

  • Reese intervenes for Sonny and Carly, by talking Durant out of cuffing his own daughter and putting her through the legal chains of conviction.

Cuffs... chains...  six of one, half a dozen of the other...

  • Sonny goes back on his word, doing the hardest thing he’s ever had to do, let Carly go and put her in the Rose Lawn Sanitarium, so she can get well. Despite feeling overwhelmed with his own ineptitude and second thoughts, Sonny waves good-bye and leaves. His parting with her is worth five hankies.

"See, Carly, I promised I'd never, ever put you in Ferncliff... FERNCLIFF... this is ROSE LAWN... so technically, I'm not breaking a promise to you.

  • Javier will not forget the murder of his brother Manny. Or forgive. He will go through Ric and Jason if he has to, to avenge.

Manny should be the one avenging his parents for giving Javier the cool name and saddling him with "Manny."

  • The jackals circle, closing in on Sonny and his territory, with power and vengeance on their minds.

Why am I picturing Bonzai, Shatzi and Ed from the Lion King here?

  • Jason rejects Ric’s generosity, his offer to be a shield from the mob storm.

While "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah" plays in the background.

  • Also, Jason gives back the loaded weapon to Ric, a symbolic gesture.

"Here, you're the muscle now.  Go with God... I mean Sonny."

  • Javier gives Jason a chance to work for them, the Miami mob. Jason, however, says no way.

Unless he thinks they say "Mop" instead of "Mob."  Meanwhile, he's back to his job of yanking AJ's crane around.

  • Try as he may, but there’s no place far enough for Jason to flee from what and who he used to be.

Well, not when you stay in the same town, dingbat."

  • Jason and Sam try to reinvent themselves and their lives in a brand, new setting, the paradise of Hawaii, closer to Sam’s brother Danny.

Now THAT makes sense!

  • Prior to boarding a flight over to Hawaii, Jason sees how Emily is doing at the hospital.

She should be better than ever if she's been there more than 4 minutes.

  • Emily learns of Jason’s imminent plans to change residences, and attempts to keep him home.

Because of course, it's all about HER.

  • Jason insists he must say good-bye to Port Charles for good, in order to live again.

Wise move!

  • Deep inside, though, Jason harbors nagging doubts, and the pull of loyalty toward those about to face evil.

Sucks to be the good guy when you're the bad guy, I guess.

  • Javier closes in to execute Jason, but he’s late by a few minutes. Jason’s done gone surfing in Hawaii.

Note to Javier, "Do NOT stop for Starbucks on the way to an execution."

  • Hawaii’s not that far for the Miami mob.

One could say it's a whole continent away.

  • Alexis waves her ultimatum around at Ric: He can be a fully involved parent to their child, in a legal arrangement, provided he steer clear of Sonny. Ric scoffs at such an ultimatum.

Always with the control issues... no guns, no mob, no Sonny... such a fuddy duddy.

  • Courtney almost tells Nikolas the truth about her miracle pregnancy, but she sees him otherwise occupied with Emily, and backs off.

And who can compete with Emily on a Stick?

  • In the name of nobility and sacrifice, Courtney manipulates the situation so that Nikolas will be with Emily again, like he used to.

I'll bet she has one hell of a time driving in the last nail when she pounds herself onto that cross.

  • Courtney confides about her miracle pregnancy to Jason, and later, to Mike.

And to anyone else who will listen EXCEPT the two potential fathers.

  • Jason and Mike advise Courtney to be forthcoming with both potential fathers. But Courtney doesn’t listen to either of them in the end.

So did she tell them just to tell them since she has no interest in what they have to say?

  • Courtney and Jax make peace and almost arrive at a sort of reunion. But they must table all reunion discussion for now when a third party arrives.

Like either is in the mood for a party!

  • Mike grows even more perturbed about Courtney when she discloses her intention to be a single mother.

Especially when she can have two rich guys fighting over custody!

  • Elizabeth sets Jax straight about her procreating duties. They stop short of surrogacy and remain firmly entrenched with Lucky only.

"No more babies for YOU, rich guy #1!"

  • Lorenzo shares his theory with Skye, about Skye and her behavior lately: In his opinion, the reason she’s eager for Luke to come back to Port Charles, is to avoid thinking about the possibility that she’s now hot for Lorenzo.

And who wouldn't be?  He hasn't left town for more than 5 minutes in 2 years but Luke blows out every few weeks!

  • Skye suspects that she might have located Luke’s whereabouts, and closing in.

Who wants a guy who has to wear a navigational unit to have a relationship?

  • Luke happened upon an intriguing mystery of his own along the way home.

They do just happen to find Mr. Spencer!

  • Not even Tracy’s SOS will transform him into some kind of hero. Not Luke.

Because he is, by definition, the anti-hero's hero.

Next week, and beyond:  October 12, cameras focus on the back of Kimberly McCullough’s Robin Scorpio, in Paris, France, a nurse greets the back as a doctor, final scene, fade to black… Robin celebrates her birthday solo, but manages to chat with her uncle Mac by phone before the call is cut short… Later this month, Sam locates Robin at a medical convention in New York City, and asks the good doctor to return to Port Charles for Jason, for Jason’s in big trouble medically, so Robin agrees… Courtney’s rebuff seems to work in Nikolas’ and Emily’s favor.

And there was peace, love and harmony throughout Port Charles.

Hope some makes it to you!

Lovin YOU!

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