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August 8, 2005

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IMPORTANT NOTICE!  Our sweet, succulent and oh so deeeeelicious Sherry Mercurio is stepping down from her esteemed position as GH Spoiler Commentary Diva.  I jumped at the chance, so starting next week, I will be sitting in the hot seat, giving you my dishy, squishy commentary to the GH spoilers provided by our own Carol Banks Weber.  The GH Spoiler Commentary page is here and will update Sunday or Monday of each week.  An off-topic "Sage's True Confessions" column is also in the works to catch you up on the Life o' Sage.  Now, you don't really want to miss all of that just because EOS went off the grid, do you??


I spent the morning (talk about wasted motion) creating a marvelous power point slide show of Ryan shaving his pointed little noggin, but neither Katrina nor I are having any luck getting it to upload properly, so I will have to give it to you in a nonanimated state:


Is anyone other than me and my beloved Kate finding Garrett's obsession with Dani a little on the altogether ookie side?  I swear, I feel like any minute, he's going to start putting the moves on her in that scary almost stepdaddy way.  Ew.

That's Connie Fletcher, a total newcomer, playing Erin Lavery, redeemer of The Ryan.

Julia's return to Pine Valley, presumably as a spoiler between the Kendall-Zach noncouple, has only created wrinkles in my brow so far.  I have watched with interest since I truly enjoy both Sydney Penney and Thorston Kaye.  Their interaction has been quite good, but so far, it's nothing more than two days of, well, nothing.  Noah is presumably dead (since she seems under that impression) and she has found that the witness protection program is not the mecca of safety she was promised it would be (I'm sure the dead husband was her first clue).  Now, if only Keith Hamilton Cobb would show up as the very not dead Noah and really shake things up, that would be GREAT!  So far, there's just a load of "You're going to kill me," "No I'm not," "I'm going to kill you," "OK, whatever."  Let's get this story off the stick already!


David Fumero is back on Sept 1 as Cris.  I wish he'd been the partner in the Killing Club murders.  *pout*  These people just lack so much creativity and boldness! 

LOVED the scene between Viki and Hayes where she dug in and brought up her Jean Randallness.  She was definitely balls to the wall and that's when Erika Slezak is at her very best.

How is this possible?!  I totally dig seeing Michael and John playing siblings every inch of the way in these hung-over-John scenes.  Nicely done!

Sigh.  I've put it off as long as possible.  I have tried for too long to blame it on the character and now I am going to pretend that it is something skin to individual preference.  I individually prefer that Tina Sumpter not play the role of Layla.   In fact, I individually prefer that Tina Sumpter immediately win a coveted role in a Broadway stage production where her grandiose and extravagant emoting and gesturing will achieve it's greatest (and far more appropriate) impact. 


If you weren't able to make the GH Fan Club Weekend, keep checking our recap page where the updates are still coming in!

New beefcake alert (Katrina tells me that Kelly wanted to charge you to look at this - smile)!  This is Justin Melvey (DOOL) who will be playing the part of Andrew, new guy who mistakes Sam for his dancing fiancee.  His first air date is slated for August 11th.

A day before he shows, up, we'll get to ensure the Guza home makes its mortgage for the month (I know a lot of you were sweating that one) when we find that Bob's wife, Meg Bennet, has been given the role of Allegra, who is also tied in with the Andrew-Sam story.  Here is the story ala Carol:

Allegra takes Sam captive. Allegra is the cruel, money-starved mother of Samís lookalike, Alicia Montenegro, a semi-famous dancer. Allegra wants Alicia to marry up, but Alicia wonít marry anybody she doesnít want to. So Allegra figures she can get Sam, who resembles Alicia, to go along with the marriage planóby force. In order to pull off the marriage for money, Allegra must successfully pass off Sam as Alicia, complete with the dance moves. Alicia puts Sam through the paces of becoming a dance star. Kelly Monaco plays the dual roles of bad girl Alicia and nice girl Sam.

Hmm.  Wonder what gave them that brilliant idea?

At least KM will get a double paycheck for a while.

You know, even with Tony Geary gone, I can still see that Tracy and Luke are in heated competition with David and Dorian for the happiest married couple in ABC daytime.  I imagine this was one of those "throw it against the wall and see if it sticks" things that actually stuck.  Nice!

The big cupple shuffle will be going on with a heated game of musical beds.  Who knows who will land where?  I think the powers that be are pulling names out of a hat and just going with it!

I keep hearing about Sonny's descent into madness, but doesn't it look like Carly might actually be paving the way for him?  Seems to me that she might reach rock bottom before he does with the loss of her marriage, loss of her father's respectable image, loss of her son, realizing of Reese's secret, loss of Lorenzo, loss of her home and loss of her mind if things keep going as they are!  Not a good year for Carly!

Robin Christopher gets to wear the coolest clothes EVER!  I so completely   her.

 And that, my sweet darlings, is that for this week!  See you with the commentaries next week!

All my lovins,