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Hallo Meine Lieblinge!

How awesome it is to be back here in the warm embrace of my wonderful soap friends!  I have been harvesting like mad in the past two weeks and I have already tagged the gigungian punkin that will be my jack-o-lantern this year.  Zucchini and gourds and cucumbers and all kinds of things are coming in now, as well as the late beans, corn and usual garden stuffs.  I have found homes for the surplus and I've been well into "putting food by" both in the freezer and into canning jars.  This is the first year that I have done it completely by myself (that I can recall anyway) and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be; just time consuming.  It's still a work in progress and will be for a few weeks yet.  Soon, it will be time for making the blackberry wine and apple cider for the year as well.  So with the atmosphere of abundance, prosperity and gratitude for all the harvest has yielded, let us now dive into the warm and inviting pool of ABC soaps! 


You know, honestly, I don't have much to say about AMC this week, so I think I'll just be a smart ass for a bit instead:

Why do you look for me here, Lily? I am dead. 
You're seeing a ghost.  G-H-O-S-T 

Jonathan Lavery, come forth!  Even though already you
stinketh, even I can redeem your character from eternal
damnation!  Come forth from your coma and make full
sentences and do not freaketh me out with funky,
disjointed speak.  Come forth and be made whole so that
I might ride triumphantly back into Pine Valley!  I need
an ass upon which to ride and you, you son, are that ass!


(I hate Ryan more every time I see him)


  • John knows. Evangeline knows. Layla sure knows. Probably the entire town will know Cristian’s alive and in the pen before Natalie does. Doesn’t look like John or Evangeline will change that status this week.

That sounds about right. 

  • Evangeline hassles John about what he knows and chooses to withhold from Nat.

Something tells me that there's going to be a whole lotta hassling and not a lot of revealing going on this week.

  • But just what does Natalie stumble onto that has her gasping for air?

A land mine?  Can it be a land mine?  Huh, cannit?

  • Cristian works hard at getting out of the pen and winning Natalie’s hand again, leaving John in the dust. Whatever it takes.

Sounds like as good of an ambition as any, overall.

  • Guilt and paranoia threaten to overcome Todd, following his part in Margaret’s demise, if any.

It doesn't look like we are going to know any time soon whether or not he is the one who actually did the deed.  I'm voting no, but if bad intent is prosecutable, he likely should hang.

  • Nash inches closer to the real Jessica/Tess, secret by secret. Well, one of them anyway. His friend Bruce comes up with the part about Tess really being Jessica.

He's so damned bitter, isn't he?  The only part I've ever liked about Tess (other than her taste in clothing) is her reaction to finding Bruce at their door.

  • While irritated at being kept in the dark by Tess, Nash doesn’t bother to tell Tess what he now knows.

Or what Bruce suspects?

  • Nash’s first conclusion about Bruce’s revelation strays far from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), but to something far more simple. He assumes that Jessica has been pretending to be Tess to hide from her life.

Whatever gets him through the day, you know?

  • Both Carlotta and Layla counsel Antonio to drop Jessica.

Carlotta definitely has trouble standing up for any of her daughters-in-law or son suitors, that's for sure.

  • Jessica breaks through Tess’s guardrails to e-mail an SOS missive to Antonio. The missive enables Antonio to start making headway in the hunt for Jessica.

Well praise the Lord and thank Bill Gates.

  • Jessica’s electronic SOS renders Carlotta’s and Layla’s counsel moot for Antonio.

Yeah, well, it's not like he ever takes any of them seriously anyway.

  • Antonio sends an e-mail back to Jessica, who is able to surface long enough to see it.

Why don't they just IM and be done with it?  Get a (chat) room, already, you too cuhrazy kids!

  • Nash interrupts the Jess/Antonio e-mail exchange, throwing Jess off-kilter and confounding himself with this strange woman who doesn’t act like Tess. But then Tess fights for control, long enough to be truthful with Nash for once. She confirms that Tess doesn’t exist.

And is just a user name in computer land?

  • Before Nash can explore this outburst further, Tess bails on him.

It's definitely her #1 problem solving method.

  • Then, Tess heads back to Nash to fill in the blanks on her dual personality.

I hope she fills them in with the right words instead of treating it like a romantic ad libs form.

  • Tess and Nash resolve to maintain an open-book policy.

Like either of them picks up a book... ever.  Pfft.

  • While Jessica has taken over, she experiences what feel like pregnancy symptoms. Jessica then informs Tess of their delicate condition.

That should shut her up for a bit.  I'll bet she bails on Jessica for at least 43 weeks or so.

  • Antonio remembers his best friend John following his e-mail exchange with Jessica… enough to ask for an SOS of his own.

Oh yeah, that guy!  I'll bet he can do something for me!

  • Antonio has a chance for full disclosure with Viki, but passes. Instead, Antonio covers by telling Jessica’s mother that her daughter went to California. Nothing about the DID.

Viki's going to be pissed when she finds out that Natalie isn't the only one who is the last to know.

  • Rex’s sleuthing pays off in paydirt against R.J., for Antonio’s case.

He's just a regular little Columbo these days, isn't he?

  • Antonio then requests that John jump on what Rex uncovered about R.J. Rex?! The mere mention of that guy’s name puts doubt as to the advisability of Antonio’s request in John’s head.

Rex has accomplished more in two months than the LPD has in over a year, so I think maybe they might want to all take him a little more seriously.

  • Lindsay issues a borderline-obsessive declaration to Rex about Jamie; she will not give up her “daughter” under any circumstances, law or no law.

Yep, she's rounded that ol' familiar crazy bend again.

  • Nora and Bo raise voices, engaging in an awful mess until… Nora drops to the floor.

Works every time to avoid conflict.

  • Next week:  Nora could die, it’s touch and go there for a while… Bo’s beset with guilt over Nora’s near-fatal condition… Tess is like a vault, with Nash on the outskirts and no combination, regarding her personal business… Tess is unable to shake the nightmare of her origins with Jessica… Todd and Blair try to recover from Margaret and build for their future together… Spencer, don’t mess with Dorian, she’ll win in the end; well, she will win this round…

Just a big old bucket of fun propped on top of every door we open, isn't it?



  • Courtney thought she couldn’t have children the old-fashioned way. Whoops!

Never underestimate the power of nature and a good who's the daddy story!

  • Instead of being honest, straightforward and above-board (this is a soap after all), Courtney does everything wrong once she confirms for herself that the stork will arrive on time.

Go away!  I must avoid you for our own good!

  • Courtney should inform the biological father, whether he is Nikolas or Jax. And, she’s had plenty of chances to. Even when she goes and blabs to Jason, he strongly encourages her to do the right thing. Mike says the same, but still, Courtney hesitates. Her choices at this crucial hour will determine the fates of several lives, including that of Nikolas, Jax and Emily.

So I will follow the OLTL creed of telling everyone BUT the people who really, really need to know.  (sigh)

  • Courtney is faced also with a call for help, that will affect Nikolas, Jax and Emily.

Give your fetus to St Emily to be blessed, then we'll jam it into Elizabeth's uterus and it can be Jax's baby!

  • Carly loses all grip on reality.

Like about three weeks ago.  You'd almost think she was someone else entirely.  (tongue out of cheek now)

  • Stairs and Carly do not mix well. She does it again, taking yet another tumble after running away from someone she thinks is Faith.

What?  And she wasn't pregnant? I thought only pregnant people fell down the stairs!

  • Carly’s increasing delusions of persecution result in possible peril for Emily.

Well, yeah, fully understandable.  I've had the same motivation.

  • As a result of her tussle with psychotic Carly, Emily’s laid out at the hospital.

Don't worry, Emily.  You'll be healed in seconds.  Just don't MARRY anyone this time, OK?

  • Nikolas rushes to Emily’s side, the two of them the picture of resolved intimacy.

Oh lord.

  • Courtney glimpses this appearance of intimacy, feeling left out and unsure as to whether she should break that bond by announcing an unexpected pregnancy.

Yeah, well, the word "Whaaaa" comes to mind.

  • Nikolas expresses his opinion on progeny, as in, he doesn’t want any of his own cursed with the Cassadine shadow. This admission clinches the deal for Courtney, who had been on the edge of telling him that he might be the father of her zygote. No more.

Nothing like timing, right?

  • Upon arriving back in town from their vacation in paradise, Courtney and Nikolas react with sorrow for the loss of Jax and Elizabeth’s unborn baby. Everybody involved pretty much acts with sensitivity and maturity.

That's different, huh?

  • It is incredibly difficult for Jax to witness Lucky and Elizabeth bonding over the loss, while he remains the odd man out. Jax leans on Courtney for that comfort, but alas, comfort is all she can give him. Her heart belongs to Nikolas.  Nikolas, however, walks in just at the moment that Courtney embraces Jax in the name of platonic comfort, and thinks he’s seeing something possibly deeper.

Oh isn't just everyone all feeling sorry for themselves here?  I feel for their tragedy and loss, but this whole "and sees ____ in what they think is an intimate embrace" only works on maybe a person or two at a time.  The whole town going with one feeling is a bit contrived.

  • Jax and Lucky each suffer in their own way over Elizabeth’s loss and for the pain she’s enduring. They also feel pangs of discomfort as each tends to Elizabeth’s pain in their own way.

Where was all of this intense empathic suffering when Courtney lost her baby?  She pretty much got, "Pfft, sucks to be you" from everyone.  I'm glad that GH has lent a little sympathy to miscarriage, I just wish they would diversify the reactions a little more.

  • Both Jax and Lucky think the miscarriage was their doing. Jax goes to Dr. Meadows for a medical reassurance for Elizabeth, and receives it; Elizabeth’s plumbing still works, if she chooses to procreate further.

And Jax's wheels start turning, knowing she's good breeding stock.

  • Lucky’s solution is to love even more on Elizabeth and immerse himself in the loving glow of his friends.

All about the Luvvvv, that Lucky is.

  • Lucky gets rid of the baby stuff before Elizabeth has to face it after being discharged from the hospital.

I can see that coming back to bite him in the ass.

  • Jax chauffeurs Elizabeth back home from the hospital, where she and Lucky mourn and commiserate.

I feel a voyeur moment coming on.

  • Loneliness permeates as Jax watches Elizabeth and Lucky be a loving but saddened couple together.


  • Lucky’s jealous reflex twitches a tad, when he watches Elizabeth and Jax in an embrace too.

Everybody's hugging and everybody has a problem with it, it seems.

  • Jax and Lucky get over themselves for the sake of Elizabeth.

I hope it's contagious and an epidemic of "getting over oneself" sweeps Port Charles.

  • While Lucky has to tend to cop duties, Jax and Elizabeth mourn a little before a tree they planted in honor of their unborn baby.

If that tree dies, they're going to be really bummed.

  • Lucky and Elizabeth let Jax know that they are no longer in the surrogacy business.

Watch out for that next pap smear, Liz.  Jax has MAD money and who knows what could happen?

  • Sonny comes as close to a declaration of undying love for Jason as he’ll ever come on ABC Daytime: The mobster misses the security blanket of his Enforcer; in the face of this Miami mess, Jason would know what to do.

I'm going to crack up if they are looking out the window at the rain while "All By Myself" plays.  ("Friends" reference)

  • Sonny rages on, his rage falling down on Jason.

Someone call up the glassware manufacturer and send a new shipment to Casa Corinthos.

  • Mac feels he has no other recourse but to put the cuffs on Dillon.

You always got choices, Mac!

  • Next week:  Sonny feels he has no choice but to go back on his word and commit Carly to the insane asylum… Jason and Sam arrive at the same departure-related conclusion… Jason may try to shut the last chapter of his life, the violent one, but it’s not done with him yet… Courtney thinks about dumping Nikolas, for his own good (of course).

It all sounds great to me!  Count me in!!

And count me as ended for this week!  I think it's about time we dissected another song or two, so watch for another edition of "Sage Faces the Music" coming up soon!

Lovin YOU!

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