Bored with her total lack of screen time on AMC, our own Phoebe Wallingford has developed this mind stretching game for the AMC vets in the Eye on Soaps readership.  What you do is evaluate each Phun Phact that is given and decide which one DID NOT happen in the history of All My Children.  To read the correct answer and check yourself, use your mouse to highlight the box below each set of phacts.  (Stop thinking of the word "phallus" or you will offend our hostess)

Darlings!  Phoebe is feeling phrisky lately and to wit, I thought we would check your knowledge of those dashing Pine Valley men who have warmed our hearts in days gone by.  Can you tell me which of the four (in each section) statements is NOT true?


1)  Stuart adopted Scott Chandler after the death of his mother, Cindy.

2)  Gillian Andrassy pursued Scott for his inheritance.

3)  Scott was found to be HIV positive.

4)  Kelsey plotted to win Scott's affection.

The answer is #3

1)  Dr Chuck Tyler was raised by his grandparents, myself and Charles.

2)  At the altar with Tara, Chuck collapsed from kidney failure.

3)  Chuck and Donna actually took three trips down the aisle.

4)  Chuck and Donna's baby boy was killed in a fire.

The answer is again #3

1) Purebred Greg Nelson fell for working class girl, Jenny Gardner.

2) To spare Jenny, a paralyzed Greg set her free.

3)  Greg and Tad saved Jenny from a deadly jet ski explosion.

4)  During Jenny and Tony's wedding, Greg charged to the altar to reclaim his love.

Lucky #3 wins again!

1) As a Texas co-ed, Del Henry got Maria pregnant.

2)  Palmer bribed Del to leave town.

3)  Seabone Hunkle was the proud father of both Del and Dixie.

4)  Del and Kendall Hart left Pine Valley together for the Sunshine State.

The answer is #2 this time

More of Phoebe's Phabulous Phacts to Come!


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