Bored with her total lack of screen time on AMC, our own Phoebe Wallingford has developed this mind stretching game for the AMC vets in the Eye on Soaps readership.  What you do is evaluate each Phun Phact that is given and decide which one DID NOT happen in the history of All My Children.  To read the correct answer and check yourself, use your mouse to highlight the box below each set of phacts.  (Stop thinking of the word "phallus" or you will offend our hostess)


1)  A miscarriage left Maria believing she was barren.

2)  Maria's body was found in the wreckage of a plane crash.

3)  Erica delivered Maria's baby in a remote cabin.

4)  Edmund stopped Maria from fleeing the country with Sam.

The answer is #2

1)  Liza blackmailed Ryan into marrying Gillian.

2)  Kelsey slept with Ryan at the Sleepy Hollow Inn.

3)  Dimitri bribed Ryan to be a juror during Brooke's trial.

4)  Desperate for cash, Ryan donated to a sperm bank.

Lucky #2 again!

1) Young Brooke blackmailed me, her dear Aunt Phoebe.

2)  Adam made Brooke editor of "Tempo" magazine.

3)  After getting Brooke pregnant, Tad refused to marry her.

4)  Streetwise Laura Kirk was Brooke's adopted daughter.

Breaking a trend, the answer this time is #3

Now let's talk about me, shall we?

1) Cecily Davidson was my incorrigible granddaughter.

2)  Benny Sago was my chauffeur.

3)  I lost my license for driving while intoxicated.

4)  Donna (bitch) refused my cash offer to leave Chuck.

It's #1, darling!

More of Phoebe's Phabulous Phacts to Come!


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