Bored with her total lack of screen time on AMC, our own Phoebe Wallingford has developed this mind stretching game for the AMC vets in the Eye on Soaps readership.  What you do is evaluate each Phun Phact that is given and decide which one DID NOT happen in the history of All My Children.  To read the correct answer and check yourself, use your mouse to highlight the box below each set of phacts.  (Stop thinking of the word "phallus" or you will offend our hostess)


1)  Her face scarred from an accident, Julia sought refuge with Noah.

2)  Drug dealer Louis Grecco brutally attacked Julia

3)  After testifying against a mobster, Julia fled Pine Valley with Noah.

4)  A tornado blew through Noah and Julia's whirlwind wedding.

4)  A tornado did not blow through Noah and Julia's wedding.

1)  Myra was not only Palmer's maid, she was also his mother.

2)  At Natalie and Jeremy's nuptials, Palmer suffered a heart attack.

3)  Palmer married Cynthia and adopted her son, Andrew

4)  In an effort to keep his daughter and Cliff apart, Palmer told Nina she would never regain her sight

1)  Myra was not Palmer's mother, but she was his maid.

1) Myrtle was a destitute, ex-carnival worker when she arrived in Pine Valley.

2)  I hired Myrtle to keep Linc and Kitty apart.

3)  When Santa Claus took a room in her boarding house, Myrtle fell in love.

4)  Myrtle had hip replacement surgery.

4)  Myrtle has never had hip replacement surgery.

1)  Following his accidental "death," Erica buried Dr Jonathan Kinder in her garden.

2)  To woo Jack, Erica dressed as Corinne, a sexy French maid.

3)  Erica was once the editor-in-chief of "Tempo" magazine.

4)  Erica married Brandon Kingsley after his divorce became final.

4)  Erica did not marry Brandon Kingsley, they only had a fling.

More of Phoebe's Phabulous Phacts to Come!


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