Bored with her total lack of screen time on AMC, our own Phoebe Wallingford has developed this mind stretching game for the AMC vets in the Eye on Soaps readership.  What you do is evaluate each Phun Phact that is given and decide which one DID NOT happen in the history of All My Children.  To read the correct answer and check yourself, use your mouse to highlight the box below each set of phacts.  (Stop thinking of the word "phallus" or you will offend our hostess)


1)  Hungry for the Hunter millions, Adam made Natalie his wife.

2)  Erica blackmailed Adam into remarrying her.

3)  Adam wasn't divorced from Erica when he wed Dixie, Brooke and Natalie.

4)  First came marriage, then came love for Adam and Liza.

2)  Erica never blackmailed Adam into marriage.

1)  With stolen artwork in hand, Palmer fled Pine Valley.

2)  "PC" was wife Daisy's affectionate nickname for Palmer.

3)  Palmer duped Dixie into believing Tad had cheated on her.

4)  Lanie was Palmer's illegitimate daughter.

4)  Lanie was Palmer's niece, Dixie's sister.

1) Scoundrel Jim was mortally wounded by Brooke.

2)  A promiscuous teen, Brooke seduced Dan Kennicott.

3)  Refusing to reveal a source, reporter Brooke went to jail.

4)  Pregnant Brooke lost her unborn child in an auto accident.

4)  Brooke never miscarried due to an auto accident.

1)  Liza fixed the Miss Junior Pine Valley contest so she would win.

2)  Liza falsely accused Jesse Hubbard of raping her.

3)  Tad broke Liza's heart when she was a teenager.

4)  Liza videotaped her second liaison with Tad years later.

4)  Liza did not videotape her fling with Tad.

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