Bored with her total lack of screen time on AMC, our own Phoebe Wallingford has developed this mind stretching game for the AMC vets in the Eye on Soaps readership.  What you do is evaluate each Phun Phact that is given and decide which one DID NOT happen in the history of All My Children.  To read the correct answer and check yourself, use your mouse to highlight the box below each set of phacts.  (Stop thinking of the word "phallus" or you will offend our hostess)


Erica, Erica, Erica!


Darlings, show me what you know
about Pine Valley's own
resident diva!


1)  Erica had the first abortion on TV when she terminated Jeff's baby.

2)  Erica went into a coma induced by toxemia before giving birth to Bianca.

3) Erica trapped Tom Cudahy into marriage with the old soap pregnancy routine.

4)  Erica was raped by matinee idol Richard Fields at the age of 14.

The answer is #3

1)  Erica married Mike Roy on his deathbed.

2)  Erica was once trapped in a landslide in Canada.

3)  Jeremy Hunter married Erica while she was behind bars.

4)  Erica lied to her husband, Tom Cudahy, and took birth control pills behind his back.

The answer is #3 again!

1) After stabbing Dimitri, Erica was put in jail.

2)  Erica was treated at the Betty Ford Clinic for drug addiction.

3)  Erica accidentally dated her half brother.

4)  "An America Beauty," Erica was the Sensuelle Cosmetics model.

The answer is #1

Now let's talk about me, shall we?

1) Erica had an autobiography written in 1983 called "Raising Kane."

2)  Erica once stared down a lion.

3)  Sally, Erica's alter ego, was a Sea City waitress hiding from Travis.

4)  Papa Eric Kane was a prominent film director.

The answer is #2

More of Phoebe's Phabulous Phacts to Come!


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