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I used to have a long disclaimer here for the confused and manners-challenged people who don't know the difference between a "rumor" or "gossip" and an actual spoiler, but screw it.  Angry, bitter, small minded people will always talk their trash to compensate for their own 1st chakra frustrations and inadequacies. 

When you read those vicious people on the message boards, just shake your head and remember they aren't getting any play, so they're grumpy.  Pity them, then dismiss them.  This is a hate free zone.  Feel the luvvv, baby.


Note:  Due to the large volume of e-mail he receives, Sage regrets that he is unable to personally answer each e-mail.  He wants you to know that he reads each and every one (some 2-3 times) and greatly appreciates your communication.  Please DO NOT ask Sage for further info on what is going to happen on the shows.  Any information he has that he can share will be put into his column ASAP.

June 3, 2004
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Even More GH Spoilers

Yes, these are from the tried and true best ever source for GH, so it's for real.  This isn't off of any message board or other site.  I got these, like the ones earlier this week, straight off the set, so you can take them to the bank.

Yes, that's my peeved face. 

The reason is because you are about to see GH surpass itself in woman hatred. I thought we'd had more than enough woman bashing both on GH and around in general, but you're going to see what I think is a first in daytime history (I could be wrong about it).  You're going to see a man (Nico) actually punch a woman with a closed fist (Sam).  Eyewitnesses say that the scenes are extremely violent and disturbing, especially when it's considered that they are being perpetrated against a pregnant woman.

Carly, however, will shoot Nico (and not just in the sex brain).

Amazingly and astoundingly, GH has actually cast a (*gasp*) African American character named Trent.  He will be played by Trent Cameron (a genuine African American) and will be involved in the storyline that involves the L&B crew.  His first air date is June 29th.

Believe it or not, the were a plan in place to create a Dillon/Georgia/Lynn triangle, but when producers realized the only way it could work was to rewrite history and make Ned not be Brook Lynn's father, they nixed the idea.  (Good call).  One has to wonder if Lynn will be given actual lyrics or left with the "whoa whoa yeah yeah" bit.  Hell, even Juan got lyrics ("Seems like all of da time people chaaange their minds about what they think love should beeeee").

There are NO couples on the show that are assured right now except Jax and Courtney.  Casper is guaranteed into the Fall.  Everyone else is playing musical mates with no end of the shuffling in sight.

Heather Webber killed Ross and you'll see some flashbacks of that right away.  Robin Mattson's first scenes are with Skye.  She'll be renting a room above Kelly's and will also have scenes with Mike and (*gasp again*) Lesley and Lulu.

Skye and Courtney have an interesting scene where Courtney approaches Skye to make certain she has no residual feelings for Jax.  Skye assures Courtney that she doesn't and gives her blessing.  Weird, huh?

New Lucas has finally been cast after the folks at GH had pretty much given up.  Ryan Carnes will be the newest Lucas and will be chasing after Sage (no, not me, goof nugget, the fake Hispanic).  Listen, honestly, from what I hear, expect him to get about as much time as C.J. Thomason did in the role. 

Elizabeth's baby is named Cameron, after his grandfather.

If you are enjoying the banter between Ric and Alexis, look for even more fun scenes coming up between them.

That's all for me!  I'll be back on Monday with the regular column.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



June 2, 2004
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I wouldn't beg you up for money (Did you donate yet?  Hmmm?) without sliding some decent GH scoopage your way.  I haven't checked the net to see if anyone else has them, so I'm just tossing them out there for you.  It's VERY different info that what I was told before in some instances.

Sorry if you've already heard these.  Just want to make sure all the bases are covered.  (No, I'm serious.  These are for real, straight off the set from my most reliable source.  For all of those who are saying I'm wrong about these, hide and watch and remember who told you)

Sonny and Carly DO officially reunite in every sense of the word, but as soon as he finds out that Carly knew about Kristina's paternity, that's the end.  Forever.  Or until November sweeps.  Whichever comes first.

Remember when The Wub Queen told you that Guza said something to the effect of "whatever the internet says, we will do the opposite?"  Well, you're about to see that in action.  It was actually WRITTEN INTO SCRIPT, not just talked about, that Sam was going to miscarry, but when the writers learned  that the info was out there on the internet, they pulled a 180 and now it is known that Sam will deliver a little girl.  She is expected to deliver a premature baby who is in dire straits.  At this point, the impression I am getting is that the baby will not survive after birth.  :(  But hey, if they can turn around this late in the game, anything can happen.  Sam WILL give birth, however.

Think about this, though.  We've (again) got Jason taking care of a sick, premature baby as adopt-a-dad. Can they possibly mirror the Carly/Jason/AJ thing any more closely? The news is now that despite recent reports to the contrary, Jason and Sam WILL fall in love with each other, mind you, and there will be an uncomfortable triangle with the two of them and Sonny after Carly is out on her own following the split.  The Jason-Sonny-Chick triangle was first discussed as an idea when Brenda was in town and while some of the staff was eager to capitalize on the amazing energy between Steve Burton and Vanessa Marcil, other powers that be nixed the idea.  Now, it's moving forward, only with a different leading lady.  You might think that Carly will be immediately paired with Lorenzo, but NO!  Believe it or not, the rumors are true (at this point) and Lorenzo will be hooking up with LOIS!  Can Carly EVER be alone for any length of time?  Don't worry.  Carlybabes always lands on her feet.

The powers that be are pleased as punch with the feedback on Jax and Courtney and that is a go in every sense of the word.  GH is expecting them to be the new super couple.

"Soaps In Depth" is again mentioning Morgan's paternity being in question, but I'm still hearing that it's not the case at all.  So far, he's still Sonny's baby.

Get ready for the really ignorant stuff.  When Dillon and Georgie finally are able to consummate their relationship, the storyline is going to be that Dillon is now impotent.  Has the limp green thing been unseated by the limp teen thing?  Stupid, but true.

Anna Lee's death will result in the death of Lila Quartermaine as well.  Watch for Tracy to be at her bitchiest self in the wake of losing her mother.  Courtney will especially feel Tracy's wrath.  When Courtney threatens to go to Lila about Tracy's meddling in the foundation, Tracy shoots back, "White trash should never confuse good manners with genuine affection" and lets Courtney know that Lila only ever tolerated her because she was Jax's friend and Jason's wife.

Edward will not be involved much in the memorial service, but you will hear from Monica, Tracy and Allan.  I will have more about this soon.

If you enjoyed AMC's new opening credits, rest assured that GH will be revamping as well in the near future. 

OH!  I did forget one page of OLTL pictures in the retrospective!

Click here to see them!

Also, click here to read about the passing of a OLTL fave from the past.  :(

That's what I've got.  More coming on Monday!





I want to emphasize that these are not rumors I picked up from around the net or in the magazines.  These are direct rumors from excellent sources in GH studios.  You gotta know by now I'm not going to bullshit ya, folks!

Also, thanks to Soapboy for his welcome back.  That was really nice.  I deeply appreciate all of the kind words people have offered over the net and in my inbox.

Lois and Jax will be connecting when she asks him to invest in L&B since she doesn't want to ask Ned or the Q's for help.

Elizabeth has some words of warning about Ric after finding her in a close embrace with him.  Ric and Alexis have just had a deep conversation about fathers while together at The Cellar.  After a few drinks and a few tears, they have a close moment and on their way out, they run right smack into Liz and Baby.

Jax tries to use Lois to make Courtney jealous, even though Courtney calls him on it and insists it won't work.  Still, she bristles as she listens to Jax give his version of his history with Lois.

Despite all of this, Lois and Courtney will bond as buddies over the trials of being married to a Quartermaine.  Expect a really cute scene with this one.

Get ready for a REALLY awesome scene (the exact wording I heard was "Tyler Christopher was on FIRE) where Mary dreams that Emily told Connor the truth.  It's a very physical scene and Tyler really came through.  Gooood stuff!  My source said that it was reminiscent of the "Sonny finds out Brenda wore a wire" scene.  Remember, this is a dream sequence Mary has, so the scene is between Mary and Nikolas and how she imagines he would react to learning that she lied to him about who he really is.

As previously mentioned, Nik does make love with Emily when he doesn't know the truth, so in his mind, he's already cheating on Mary.  Afterwards, Mary almost drowns and Nik hurries to her.  She thinks he knows the truth and almost spills the beans herself.  Watch for Alcazar to have a vested interest in Connor staying Connor. 

This source also confirmed the Limp Teen Thing story.  Sorry folks, it's true.  But I mean, with Tracy as his mother and all that he lost with his first sexual experience, not to mention it being Georgie's first time and all he feels he has to make up to her... I mean, no pressure there!  The kid is already much more normal than he has any right to be!

I'll report more as I get it! 





May 31, 2004
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Since this is the first week of the month, I asked Katrina how the kitty was looking and if we were going to make it through for June.  She laughed and said, "When pigs fly."  I told her she had not see SAGE'S fans at work donating in a LONG time and that she needed to step aside and let the professionals handle it.  Now watch those little swine wings flap, baby!  We'll have airborne pork chops in nuthin flat!

No worries, Katrina!  SUPERSAGE is here to save the day!  I didn't come back here to watch EOS go up in smoke, so I'm rattling the cages (and the change purses) of my darlings out there and asking that you toss a few bucks our way to keep EOS on the net for this month.  I'm really thrilled to be back, so let's kick it into gear and make sure EOS stays on the net so I can keep on dishing the soaps with my pals!  One thing I know is that Sage will NEVER work anywhere but EOS and if it goes, I'm gone too!

Something I do want to point out is that sites that are out there bragging that they will NEVER get in your face asking for donations do not have anywhere near the traffic that we get each month.  It's easy to make big claims when you're not looking down the barrel of that kind of traffic and we'd rather ask you folks for help than just go away and cease to offer the wonderful commentary this site provides!  I have just checked the stats for the site and for May, we had almost 7,000,000 hits!  That's right, MILLION.  May was our busiest month in EOS recorded HISTORY with this past March and April being our LOWEST ever, so you folks have REALLY bounced back and brought your friends with you!  Welcome!!  Pull out a chair, get a drink and stay a while!  We're glad you're here!

I've taken a good deal of time to re-acquaint myself with EOS since my return and I have to say that the writing staff has distilled down to what is by far the best soap and off-topic writing on the internet.  With a broad variety of voices, there is absolutely something for everybody.  With a dynamic staff like ours, it would be the height of absurdity to pigeonhole them and tell them they can only write about soaps!  I have always admired the encouragement Katrina gives her writers to entertain our readers with thoughts on any subject. 

If you have not yet found our Recent Updates page, it's at www.eyeonsoaps.com/announcements.htm.   Here, you will find the most recent columns and information posted for Eye on Soaps and can easily access it outside of the frames page if you go directly to it.  The off topic material is clearly marked so those of you who are here for soap info only can easily find what you are looking for.  Columns with spoiler content are also identified for those unspoiled folks in our readership.  Easy load time is a priority for us as well. 

We are so pleased to see such an incredible jump in our hits for May and all of us are thrilled that you are here.  This is a place where you can come and relax, knowing that our writers firmly understand that if you go the distance and produce quality material, it speaks for itself.  I am deeply honored to be in company with these wonderful ladies and I know that you will enjoy all that they have to offer in the coming months for your reading pleasure.  Carolyn, Kathy, Coggie, Sarah, Kate, Dayna, Sherry, JenJen and especially Katrina, ladies, I salute you. You're a class act.

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Now, on with the column. 

Did you catch my commentary column, "Sage Uncensored?"  What a hoot THAT was to write!  I'll be updating it probably once a month or so as the mood hits me.  I get my writing jollies out here for the most part, but honey, sometimes something's gotta be said that just doesn't fit in my little gossip column and that's the place where I'll be saying it.

Before I get into our ABC soaps, I want to take a moment to pay tribute to a wonderful actor who passed away this week, Richard Biggs, formerly of "Days of Our Lives" (NBC) where he played Dr Marcus Hunter, "Guiding Light" (CBS) where he played Clayton Boudreaux and "Babylon 5," where he played Dr Stephen Franklin.  Mr. Biggs was a graduate of the USC theater program and taught acting classes in Los Angeles.  He also had guest appearances on shows such as "ER," "NYPD Blue" and "Crossing Jordan."  Mr. Biggs collapsed at his Los Angeles home on May 22nd of an apparent stroke.  He is survived by his wife, Lori Gerber, and two children, Richard and Hunter.  He was 44-years-old.  Go in peace, dear friend.  Go in peace.

As you've probably heard, two of MY favorite AMC actresses are finding homes on other soaps.  Robin Mattson (Janet From Another Planet - right) will be returning to General Hospital to bring crazy Heather Webber back to life, a role she played from 1980-1983 (she was the third Heather).  Collen Dion, (Looney Leslie Coulson who so delightfully terrorized Tad- left), who will return to her soap roots by reprising the role of Felicia Forrester for "Bold and Beautiful," which she originated in 1990.

Rumors continue to fly that Terri Ivens (Simone) will soon be written off the show.  Ivens has barely had a story since the fabulous Mark Pinter (Roger Smythe) was killed off abruptly two years ago, being used primarily as furniture in the many Kendall and Greenlee brawls.  Ivens is expecting her first child in October and is engaged to new love, Mark Osgood.  The pregnancy will not be written into the show (big surprise - what a SHAME too!  It would have been wonderful to give Tad a baby and watch him deal with an unexpected pregnancy!  I'm just shaking my head at this missed opportunity). 

Ivens' counterpart, Amelia Heinle, will last air on June 14th.  Like Ivens, she was never really given a story after her fiancÚ, Jake Martin, left town.  I guess Fusion really was the kiss of death for these women as both were reduced to propping up others or chasing men rather than being tried out in any story of substance.  It's sad they were never used, but if they aren't going to be used, it's more honorable that they be let go rather than being forced to stand around like ornamentation.

Never thought I could miss a bit soap actor quite so much.  God, my head hurts.  John Archdeacon has been filling in as Aidan Devane while Aiden Turner is tending to some home business.  (hurry)

NuLily is on the way.  Levin Ramblin airs this week as Jackson's autistic daughter.  It's a contract role, so look for Lily to be joining the Montgomery fold in person rather than just in reference.  Expect adjustments for both Lily and Reggie as they adjust to having siblings.  Ramblin is a newcomer to acting.

Handsome Jeff Branson, another newcomer to acting, has been hired (tentatively) as another brother for Ryan.  His first airdate is June 14th. 

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, where have I been all my life??  Braden Matthews, former Travis Malloy of "Days of Our Lives," has been hired to play Ron Fitzgerald, an acquaintance of Babe and Krystal's.  June 11th is just too far away for HIS first appearance!  YES, his picture is bigger than everyone else's and if you have functioning eyeballs, I don't have to explain why.  Sage's Raiders!  Prep a new room at the Sage Brush Ranch!  Company's coming, ladies.  Hoooo Waaah.

With this new influx of beefcake into the show, one has to wonder if Trey will be getting out of prison any time soon?  Hmmmm?

Erica's half-brother, Mark Dalton (played again by Mark LaMura), will be returning to Pine Valley in early July for a brief period of time.  LaMura is shown to the right with Julia Barr (Brooke).  Mark is the son of Eric Kane and his secretary, Maureen Dalton.  Erica learned he was her half-brother when Mama Mona threw a bucket of cold water on their burgeoning romantic relationship with the news.  In 1987, Erica helped Mark beat a drug addiction, so we can guess what his return to Pine Valley will mean for Desiree Dubois and her bottomless bottle.  LaMura played Mark Dalton off and on from 1976-1995.

Kick that leg, Mon vieux danseur minuscule.  Kick it with all yo' might.

Just don't break a hip and land on your cancan, baby.

I really, really do wish I had some mind blowing, amazing news to share with you about OLTL, but it's just going to be the same ol', same ol'. 

Paul causing trouble for everyone, blah blah blah.

Todd and Blair have close moments, then blah blah blah.

Kevin is suspicious of blah, blah, blah.

Viki has a miracle recovery.

A few interesting tidbits:

Nigel agrees when Roxanne asks to move in with him!

Nora gets in a couple of good lines.

To Kevin:  "Your wife had some unusual involvement with Todd during the, shall we say, temporary death of her brother."

To Kevin again:  "Maybe Todd didn't steal the documents!"  (Wow!  Someone's thinking objectively here instead of the usual biased ramblings??)

To Evangeline:  "What?  Back up, back up?  You kissed John McBain??"

Antonio ends up getting fired... by John!  At least that's what Jessica hears!

For those poor unfortunate souls like myself who do not get SoapNet, here are some bits and pieces Katrina provided from Robert S. Woods' interview on Soap Talk:

The "S" is for Sosebee, his mother's maiden name.

He originally auditioned for the role of Richard Abbott on OLTL and wanted it badly, but also agreed to try out for the role of "the cowboy," Bo Buchanan.  He remembered at the time marveling to Michael Storm (Dr Larry Woleck) that he'd played the same role for 10 years straight.  Woods has now played Bo for 25 years. 

He laughed about how he and his son, Tanner, like to drop rubber snakes, rats and such on Phil Carey (Asa). 

The dancing you see between Bo and Nora comes natural to Woods.  He's a gifted dancer who loves to cut a rug.

In addition to the info that was discussed on Soap Talk, reader might be interested in knowing that Woods was a Green Beret in Vietnam.  He married to Loyita Chapel ("Dallas," Clint's girlfriend from London, who appeared at Asa's "funeral") 27 years ago.  After 8 years, they divorced for four years.  They have been remarried for 15 years now.  In 1990, Loyita gave birth to twin sons, Tanner and Dylan.  Dylan died at the age of one month. 

Woods is known for wearing his trademark Hawaiian shirts and when he told of a yogurt related accident that caused him to have to wear an "ordinary" shirt, a crew member gave him his shirt to make him feel more comfortable.  Woods had a good laugh over the gesture and was most appreciative.

Since I'm light on OLTL info this week, here's a OLTL retrospective in pictures to go with the GH one from last week.  (Nope, there won't be an AMC one.  Those pics are tough to come by!)




He might (rightfully so) be dubbed "Jaxass" on GH for his treatment of women from Sam to Courtney (although there's a big fat green light for a Jax and Courtney romance, full out, pull out all the stops) to Skye to Chloe to Carly, but he's a busy man in front of other cameras as well. 

Ingo Rademacher will be starring as "Steve" (the lead character) in the Stephen King movie, "Lunch at the Gotham Cafe."  You can find more information on this and other projects at ingorademacher.com.

The secret of Kristina's paternity is ready to break.  Look for a strong scene in early June where Sonny is actually holding Kristina.  Rumors of anyone but Sonny being her father are false.  Sonny also learns that Carly knew the truth and that will square up with Carly learning that she has been duped about Sam's baby.  It's going to be a bumpy ride, folks!

Sam ends up in the hospital after she is beaten by her psycho stalker ex-boyfriend, Nico (played by Ryan Alosio - left - who first airs June 10th) and requires surgery.  This is thought to be when she will actually miscarry.

Who calls the GH comment lines the most?  #1 place goes to the Carly and Lorenzo fans (who will be disappointed to hear that there are very few Lorenzo scenes planned in the near future other than his brief agreement to allow Sage to return to L&B records).  Second place goes to the Courtney and Jason, which is nearly tied with Courtney and Jax fans.  Next comes the Sam and Sonny fanbase, followed by Sonny and Carly folks. 

OH and wouldn't it be interesting if the blonde person who is setting up Luke and Skye happened to be... Faith?  The powers that be might just have a twist up their wretched little sleeves!  That's Cynthia Preston to the left with GH alumni and fun gal, Brittany Powell (ex-Summer) at the "Raising Helen" premier in LA on Wednesday, May 26th!  What I wouldn't give to be with those two at a big table with bottomless drinks!  They're having too much fun!

As the promos suggest, things won't be as we expect, even after Nikolas learns the truth about his "real" life.  Brother Lucky will be around to pick up Emily's broken pieces.

More info will be coming later this week on GH.  One of my best sources is checking on some things and is getting back to me.

Maurice Benard is on a short vacation, although viewers won't see a huge break in his air time.  Tamara Braun, Ingo Rademacher and Alicia Leigh Willis have been having a blast, goofing on the physical comedy parts of their scenes, including the scene in which Carly dumps an ice bucket on Jax's head.  Braun, who excels at slapstick, dumped the bucket earlier than planned, causing Ingo to have to sit in cold water longer than expected.  He took it in good spirits, even when the trio couldn't stop laughing and the scene had to be reshot.

Let's do this again:  rumors of Cynthia Preston being fired are absolutely false!

June 17th!  Just because Ric and Alexis are going to be getting closer doesn't mean Liz will be sitting in a corner simpering!  With baby in hand, she'll be coming back strong and Ric will still be in love with her, but Liz wants nothing to do with him!   Even though it's well known that Nancy Lee Grahn and Rick Hearst are having a grand time working together, LiRic is NOT down for the count.  The couple still has support from members of the writing team and despite the negative comments you may be hearing, it's NOT a lost cause.  In fact, right now, it's all up in the air about who will end up with whom.  Sonny and Carly will likely have a reunion, but it's not in stone.  Jason and Sam are likely not going to be a couple, but will be in a weird quad with Jax and Courtney for a while.  Jax and Courtney will have a wonderful romance, but there is still a strong push for a Journey reunion.  Sam and Sonny are not expected to last as a couple, but important players are still pulling for them.  Even Liason still has legs and I was told that when Liz returns, there's no telling WHO she will end up with!  The powers that be had the plan of shaking up every couple on the canvas, which has definitely happened.  The question is where (and in what bed) everyone will land!

In case you missed it, here's the:


That's it for Monday for me!  If all goes well, I'll be back later in the week with more GH news! 

Stay cool, folks & don't forget to donate to EOS this month! 

All My Love,

How Many Darlings?