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Meredith, Viki's only full sibling

The first illegitimate son of Victor Lord, Tony Lord

Pat Kendall, who had Tony's son, Brian

Tina, Viki's half-sister, Todd's full sister
via Victor Lord & Irene Manning

Todd and Viki in "Trading Places"


Other Relatives

Powell Lord (cousin)

Vinnie Woleck (cousin-in-law)


Larry Woleck (Brother-in-law to Viki, with 3rd wife, Karen to left and friend, Ed Hall to the right)




Kevin (on right with ex-wife Kassie and her then husband, Andrew)

Joey (with girlfriend/wife, Kelly)



Megan & husband, Jake

Latest known surprise twin daughter

Who married Viki's supposedly dead
archenemy, Mitch Laurence, who was
bizarrely, the father of Natalie's fraternal
twin sister, Jessica.  Whoa.



Joe Riley (photo on the left is with Wanda Webb, who ultimately married Vinnie the Cousin-in-law)

Steve Burke


Clint, Viki and next husband, Sloan Carpenter



Gina Russo, crime lord who gave Ben & Viki a hard time

Skye Chandler Davidson, ex-wife of Ben

Viki Goes to Heaven (l-r Meredith, Samantha (the first one, you'll recognize her from "Revenge of the Nerds,"
but probably won't admit it to anyone), Tony (the second one); pic on right with Joe
(evidently, you still age in Heaven, sadly)

The Eternia Adventure


Some of the alters


Jean Randolph

Niki Smith


Blair and Todd

The Buchanans


The Gannons

The Holdens

The Rappaports

Tina and Cord

The Vegas