I hope all of you enjoy these pictures and GH's rich and vibrant history, recent and far past, as much as I have.  There is no agenda here, no promotion of one character over another or intentional ignoring of other characters.  I just missed the old shows and put together what I consider to be some of the most memorable moments.

They are only very, very loosely organized.  Any comments as to "where is _____?" and "why didn't you _____?" will be ignored and dismissed as utterly ungrateful bastardry.  I busted my butt on this and used the material I had on hand.  I simply did not have time to go through the internet trolling for missing pictures.  If your favorite isn't here, it was not a personal attack on you or that person.  It was merely a matter of me not having a quality picture of that person in my collection.  Don't be hatin'!

The pictures with blue frames are thumbnails you can click for a bigger picture.  Give each page a few minutes to load.

Much Love,

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