February 22, 2005

If you are looking for a way to voice your frustration over the current state of ABC soaps, The Soap Scope has started a post card campaign to write to Anne Sweeney, President of Disney/ABC Cable Networks and the Disney Channel.  She is, essentially, Brian Frons' boss.  If you would like to participate, it only takes a moment of your time and the cost of a stamp.  For more information on how to become involved, click here.  Since in 2004, Anne Sweeney was listed by Forbes as the 27th most powerful woman in the world, who knows?  It could work.

February 19, 2005

From the Greg Vaughan event in Dallas, Texas!

Tony Geary fought hard against the scenes in which Luke wants to pull the plug on Lucky, but was stonewalled.  He did, however, write the entire sequence in which Luke talks to Lucky and sings, "Don't Fence Me In."  GV was so moved by it that he cried during the scene.

A change that has been made at the behest of Tony Geary is that Luke and Lucky will no longer be butting heads and will be close again.

Liz and Lucky are definitely a go but no wedding any time soon and no babies.

Connor is really dead.  There was a scene that was edited out in which Lucky actually buried the body.

When asked what he would change about GH if he could, he said that the lighting crew are really great people, but that GH has the worst lighting ever.

The cast is giving GV the snub.  Why?  Because he gets to sleep though his scenes and still get paid.

Lucky does wake up next week and true to "miracle hospital," he has the fastest healing time ever.  He also does a dead on impression of Steve Burton.

Lucky will be facing some legal issues later on.

Tyler Christopher came back from his movie filming with a full beard, which is being kept.

GV said he is growing his hair long, "the rebel look," and then will shave his head completely.

Several new girls are being auditioned.

February 19, 2005

From the Ted King event in Dallas, Texas!

It is first essential to report that Kelly was kissed on the neck by Rick Hearst.  She's now heavily medicated and resting comfortably.

Diego and Lorenzo will have a role reversal in an upcoming episode in which Diego actually saves Lorenzo.

Lorenzo will be comforting Carly, really going the distance above and beyond to the point of working with the police (who do not take him seriously).

There is quite a faction of fans who are enthralled with Ted King simply for the way he says, "Corinthos."

Maria will continue to be a presence in Lorenzo's life.

When asked who CarLo was given another go, King immediately replied that it was because of fan response.

He also said that he felt it was time for Carly to be pursuing Lorenzo for awhile instead of the other way around!

Kelly and Kathy are currently front and center at the Greg Vaughan Event which started about 15 minutes ago!  More from them later!

From the Rick Hearst Event in Dallas, Texas!

Kathy and Kelly are live at the Rick Hearst Event in Dallas and report the following:

There is a major scene coming up between Ric and Sonny where a great deal is resolved.  In a scene were Faith holds Ric at gunpoint, she tells him it was actually SHE who pushed Liz down the stairs, causing her miscarriage.  Ric's head reels as he considers the repercussions of his belief all this time that Sonny was responsibly, right down to Carly's kidnapping! 

When asked who he would like to work with more, he said, "Robin Christopher" and then said, to the puzzlement of the audience and fueling fires of her departure, "I would have liked to have worked with Tamara Braun more."  Whether than means she's leaving or just that in the past, he would have liked to have worked more with her is unknown because he quickly glossed it over.

He told an interesting story about the actor who played the judge in Nikolas' trial.  At one point, he became immersed in the scene to the point that he banged the gavel, adjourned the court and walked off the set.  The problem was, that wasn't in the script!  :)  The actors stood around thinking, "WTF?"

More from Kelly and Kathy later!