THE SPOOKY STORIES  By Katrina Rasbold and Others

As a lot of people know who read my columns, I'm a tremendous interest in metaphysics and exploration of the paranormal.  This fascination finds its way in to nearly every part of my life and has been a wonderful source of entertainment and spirituality for many, many years.  One of the things my group of friends does every year for the past four years is on the Full Moon prior to Halloween, we meet in a cemetery that has good character and energy to it.  My dear friend, Georgia, is an expert at ferreting these out and usually has one scouted by summer (this year she found it the beginning of Spring and we are fighting the urge to go early instead of waiting until October).  Georgia is an expert at cemetery locating.  After we commune with the dead for a while and meditate on the stories they have to tell and the lives they may have led, as well as tuning in more closely to what we would like OUR story to be if we happened to be laying there this time next year (helps us make changes in our own life), then we gather around the campfire and share the stories of ghostly and unexplained true stories that we have experienced in our lives.  We tell the same stories as the year before, share new ones and recalls ones not yet told.  It's a wonderful experience.  

Last Halloween, I decided to share some of those stories with our Eye on Soaps readers and to see if they had stories of their own to send to us (the only requirement is that they have to be true, preferably firsthand).  Although I was only able to get a couple of my stories posted, there were a few others submitted and the page was quite a success.  

As I was sitting here today, doing the GH spoiler commentary, I kept thinking about the spooky stories.  It's a little chilly this morning.  The air is a bit thick and I'm "feeling the ears" as Eric would say ("eerie" turned into it's "eary" out and the phrase was born from there), so I thought it would be a good idea to act on a labor of love that I promised my dear friend (I am blessed with many dear friends), Mary, who asked months ago if I would consider bringing back the spooky story section.  Consider it back.  After all, bringing a column back from the dead is kind of spooky in and of itself. 

Being open to the unexplainable allows one the opportunity to experience events and even without filters of "That can't be!"  I will now let you into a side of my life that people only hear about when sitting around the fire pit, iron torches lit, incense burning and the full moon high above us.  It's all true.  Graveyard true.

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By Katrina Rasbold 6/28

By Katrina Rasbold 6/22

By Katrina Rasbold 6/18

By Katrina Rasbold 6/2

By Katrina Rasbold  6/2

By Katrina Rasbold  10/19

By Georgia  10/19

By Katrina Rasbold  10/22

By Emma  10/22

By Denise  10/25

Got stories?  Want to share them?  Send them to me at:  PLEASE only send stories of which you have first hand, personal knowledge!  Gotta be true!