Table Tapping
By Emma

This story is the one that eventually led me to seriously reevaluate what ramifications Table Tapping* could have.

Six years ago, I joined friends for a dinner party. After many attempts, I was persuaded to do a table tapping. I had done table tapping for several years.  Sometimes, a "spooky" message would come through. At most, the ability to levitate (millimeters) and move the table was the most unsettling (and awesome) experience.

I gathered five people (two who had done this with me many times). Two to decode the message and three to join me at the table. I asked the hosts of the party to give a "question" for the table. The wife laughed and said "Tell me what our future is." She than turned and embraced her husband. After about half an hour, the table began to jump and move. When the message was decoded, I delivered it to the hosts, a couple who had been married five years. The message was as follows:

"The name of the angel of the Lord awaits your arms"

The couple stared at the three of us. The wife burst into tears and ran from the room. The husband, his face drained of all color did not move. We all looked at each other. After several minutes, the wife came back. The couple than told us that they had been trying for months to adopt a child. The couple had told no one--not even their families--of the adoption. The child's name was Gabriel.

The next day, the couple received a call. Gabriel was ready to be adopted.

*Table tapping is a form of communicating with spirits, ghosts, or whatever may be "out there." You must find a light, wooden table. Take at the very least three people. Two to join you at the table, one to decode the message. The hands of the individuals that join you at the table must be only millimeters above its surface, palms down, fingers slightly spread. Your hands cannot touch the surface. Before you begin, have a "code" ready. Most table tappers agree that: One tap equals "A" two taps equal "B" and so forth. A question is than asked. After some time, the table will begin to "Jump" or "jerk" under your hands. You might feel just the slightest vibrations, or the table might actually move off the floor. I have experienced both. It really depends on the people you tap with (they must be very open).